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Inflatables (Blow Up, Inflatable Kayaks, Canoes)

Inflatable kayaks or canoes are game-changers for water enthusiasts, offering the perfect blend of portability and performance. Crafted from durable materials like PVC or Hypalon, these vessels can be inflated quickly, transforming into fully functional watercraft. Their lightweight design makes them easily transportable, fitting into a compact carry bag when deflated. Don’t be fooled by their portability; inflatable kayaks and canoes deliver impressive stability and buoyancy, suitable for various water conditions, from calm lakes to gentle rivers. Easy setup, minimal storage requirements, and the ability to take them on adventures far and wide are some of the key reasons adventurers and outdoor lovers opt for inflatable kayaks or canoes, allowing you to explore nature without the limitations of a traditional bulky vessel.

All models of blow-up kayaks or canoes can be divided into some types by unique features:

  • standart inflatable kayaks for one person or for 2 person;
  • for heavy/large/tall person (plus size big guy);
  • kayaks good and sutable for paddling with dogs.

By appointment:

  • blow-up kayaks or canoes for fishing or hunting;
  • for touring, for trekking;
  • ultralight kayaks or canoes for backpacking or hiking.

For certain places:

  • inflatable canoes and kayaks for lake, for river;
  • for sea, for ocean;
  • for waves, for rapids;
  • for whitewater, for flatwater.

By paddler type:

  • pump-up kayaks or canoes for children, kids, babies;
  • for beginners, for teenagers, for youth;
  • for adults, for families.

What to look for in a blow-up kayak or canoe if you want to buy one?

The ultimate determination for what kind of kayak or canoe you will get will depend on what your budget is and how often you’re intending to use it. If you’re really not using your boat all that often it really kind of doesn’t matter how good it is. If you’re only going on the lake and maybe not paddling more than a mile it doesn’t really matter if your kayak or canoe is not particularly fast. However if you’re intending to paddle all the time you will probably want to spend more money and get something that will please you every time you use it. An important thing to understand about inflatable kayaks is that they’re not as fast as hardshell kayaks. Generally hardshell kayaks are significantly faster but potentially with some exceptions. However inflatable kayaks as a group will be also more stable than hardshell kayaks. So if you’re worried about tipping over, most inflatable kayaks might really be a great solution for you. Some of these kayaks would probably really hard to tip over even intentionally.
The way I like to think about inflatable kayaks is I break them down into three groups. The cheapest group will where canoe or kayak will cost about hundred dollars. They made of a really thin and cheap material – it’s vinyl. You probably might puncture it pretty easily so I would not take those kayaks out on extended trips, however the price is pretty amazing.
If you only intending to paddle once in a while and not for long distances that is more kayak per dollar than any other kayak that I’ve seen. They are also pretty easy to dry.
The second category of kayaks and this is probably the biggest category that you might encounter is same material kayaks but then closed in protective fabric. Which means that there’s so much harder to puncture and this specific kayak is the one that I’ve probably kayak in the most I’ve taken this boat on a multi-day camping trips. And it didn’t lose any ear and I was not worried about puncturing.
Then the third category the kayaks that are fully made out of thicker PVC or hypalon plastics and rubbers. These ones are so thick that they don’t need to have a protective fabric. And they’re really durable. I had one of these kayaks it was a NRS Pike it was probably the most durable boat I’ve ever owned. I went whitewater kayaking with that and after rubbing against the rocks I could barely even see any signs of scratches on that material, it’s so durable.
And in the same category but really the future of inflatable kayaks now is fully drop stitch kayaks. I imagine that this is where we were headed and going forward, we will probably have more and more kayaks like that. So these kayaks have all the advantages of hardshell kayaks but they’re significantly easier to transport. The way they make them so streamlined and fast is instead of these round balloons. They figured out the way to put a whole bunch of strings inside those balloons and make them flat. So your canoe or kayak are not as fast which means that it’s not quite as stable but at the same time it’s significantly faster, when it comes to speed they’re about us fast less hardshells.
Most common brands for the first group of kayaks would be probably Intex, they have this yellow one which is Explorer and they have a green one that you will see a lot that’s probably the cheapest kind of you can get.
Next category will probably most common brand, will be Advanced Elements. Most whitewater kayaks will be in this category. They’re really durable, they have this very durable exterior shell, but on the inside they have the same same type of final balloons. Aqua Black one of my favorite brands. Sea Eagle is a big player too and paddlers really appreciate their products visually. Hobie I11 and maybe some other models of theirs are also would be in this category.
So when we’re looking at the prices of this kayaks, the first group will cost you not much. So if money is a big concern group number one might certainly be your way. And I would say that they are pretty horrible at tracking, they’re pretty bad at doing almost everything and they’re annoying. But if you just want to get on the water and you don’t have much money I would say go and get one of kayaks of group number one, it’s better to be on the water and, you know, not be super fast then not enjoy the water at all. A lot of people ask me about brands of kayaks. And I would say that most major brands of kayaks are perfectly good and you can’t really go wrong with one exception. In my personal experience there is one brand that I’ve seen couple of really abysmal kayaks from, and that brand is similar, so if you stick with grants like Advanced Elements, Air, Sea Eagle, I don’t think you can go wrong. However several or seems to suck.
One major thing that you probably have not thought about before you owned a blow-up canoe or kayak – is drying. And this is this is a major thing once you actually own one. So you’re going to water, you enjoy the water, and then you want to go home, but you end up with a wet kayak. So with a group number or group number three you can pretty easily wipe it off and it will probably dry within 10 minutes on a sunny day. However thr group number two, which if you remember is the most popular group of kayaks, are a pain to dry, because that fabric absorbs a lot of water and it’s really difficult to dry it thoroughly. You have to usually take the floor out and ideally let it sit on the sun for an hours. So if you if you are having a picnic afterwards and it’s a sunny beautiful day and you have some daylight – great. But a lot of times you probably don’t have a lot of storage space and place to dry a kayak. It can start rotting and if you don’t dry it well. And for that reason if you’re considering buying one of these kayaks, you may consider just investing few more hundred dollars and getting one of these kayaks which will not give you such trouble. If you were thinking between a really cheap inflatable canoe or kayak or trying to get one of these, I’ll maybe get a really cheap one, at least they’re easier to dry. Some people wonder whether they should buy a tandem one or a single one. Well, this definitely depends on what you’re intending to use it for. If you have two people in a kayak and one person is paddling, let’s say you’re going at 3 miles an hour with just one person paddling, adding a second person to the equation having two people paddled will get you going at about 4 miles an hour. So it doesn’t double the speed with the doubling of effort. So in longer trips it actually makes sense for one person to paddle at a time. So I love tandem kayaks also for the fact that they’re so much more efficient and you can really save a lot of energy and enjoy time together. But it can also be a relationship tester. I’ve heard of couples who almost broke up they’ve discovered that that they’re incompatible in paddling together in inflatable kayaks.


When selecting a blow-up boat, kayak or canoe, its material must be considered first. This determines its durability, reliability, longevity, load capacity, puncture and cut resistance and much more. It is better to select more expensive but durable models, made of multi-layer material with puncture protection. Especially, in turbulent rivers with rapids and shallow lakes and streams. These models have a further bottom protective layer in addition to the damage-resistant multi-layer PVC. Inflatable kayaks, canoes and boats are produced in various types of materials today:

  • multi-layer PVC;
  • polyester;
  • contemporary Duratex material.

bottom of certain models is reinforced with tarpaulin. It is also important to understand that the strength and thickness of these materials vary. We’ve chosen several different options for you. From 600D to 1100D. Therefore, you can choose the desired strength and protection level. It should also be understood that the stronger and thicker the material, the heavier the weight of the model. strength required must be considered, when choosing the optimum weight to strength ratio.


Certain models of inflatable canoes, kayaks and boats, still have several rigid components, stiffeners, hard floors, etc. These additional features increase the boat’s strength and stability. Thus creating an optimal shape for comfortable rowing and gliding on water. We have chosen several different models of inflatables from which you can choose from. Including, lightweight models with no rigid elements and versions, with stiffeners and fins on the bottom for enhanced stability and maneuverability. Enjoy looking through our models and make the choice that is right for you. All models have good qualities and can function for as long as possible.


Traditionally, canoeor kayak has a special seat inside. That is the user gets inside the boat. In our day, however, several models are far from common. We have selected different models for you that allow you to select the most convenient boarding option. This website offers models with the top seats, where you will be placed on top of the deck; and traditional deep-seated options for more aggressive rowing are available too. Furthermore, there is a change in seats: with or without backrest. website has various models of seats for kayaks and canoes:

  • a soft EVA backrest seat creating a thermal barrier for you to sail under any conditions;
  • inflatable seats with backs;
  • kayaks without seats, but with an inflatable back;
  • marine plywood bench.

Choose the right type of boarding and seat, depending on the task. After all, it’s your comfort. Get familiar with the options and choose the most convenient model for your needs. Don’t forget to find information about how to row it right and safety, especially in you are a beginner.

Puncture Protection

Most modern models of inflable boats are made of modern, durable, multi-layered materials to prevent punching and cutting or even breaking (plastic or fiberglass kayaks). However, it is important to realize that this is not 100% puncture proof, but merely a reduced likelihood of cuts. You should nevertheless choose a kayak that meets your needs. There is no need for additional protection when fishing or tripping on a calm deep lake, as the risk of cuts or percussion in such places is minimum. If you use the kayak on rivers with shallow banks and lower rapids (up to 4th deep), then models with better protection should be chosen. But even here it is important to choose the right protection level, because the thicker and stronger the material, the heavier the kayak is. So, it is important to find the best kayak in terms of weight and strength.

Number of Seats in Boat

Kayaks are traditionally single seat. Additionally, there are tandem models available for two people. And conoes – are usually double seats. Modern materials allow for the creation of lightweight, but medium to heavy loaded boats. We’ve picked up several models of kayaks, canoes or boats for you, from single-seat versions to options for a small family of three. This type of boat is designed to give a separate seat for each user. And for a three-seat model, two seats with a backrest for adults and one inflatable cushion for a child are provided. Consider the proposed options and choose the most appropriate model, with the right number of seats and payloads.

Additional Equipment Attachment Points

Today, kayaks are often used in fishing. For every fisherman, it is important to have enough space for your equipment and baggage. In addition, you can find kayaks fitted with rod holders and several other eyelets for the attachment of safety slings (for active sports and recreation) and extra rigging among other models presented on the website. This website also displays a model with a motor mount transom. It’s the best fishing choice. Feel free to browse these options and choose the one that is right for you.

Choosing Between an Inflatable Boat and a Rigid Hull Boat

Sport of kayaking has been popular for many years. This popularity has continued to increase as more styles of kayaks have been introduced to the population. Kayaks are useful for many different activities. These activities include white water rafting, fishing, camping in remote areas and more. Deciding which activities to do with a kayak is the easy part. hard part is deciding what type, or style, of kayak to purchase.

There are two main types of kayaks, canoes or boats to choose from. You can choose between inflatable model and the rigid hull model. Each of these types have different styles, so it is important to know what type you are looking for first. Each type of boat models has it’s advantages and disadvantages.

The biggest difference in these types of kayaks and canoes is that, obviously, one type is inflatable while the other is not. An inflatable model will be lighter than a rigid hull one. This means that it will be easier to load, unload, and maneuver to the water. It will also require less room in, or on, your vehicle while transporting.

Both types of models, inflatable and rigid hulled, come in a variety of styles. These styles can transport one, two, or even three people at a time on the water. And price range for these different styles of boats are also very similar to each other.

There are some downsides to purchasing an inflatable model, however the advantages often outweigh the downsides. When determining which style to purchase you should consider the type of vehicle you intend to transport it with. This is probably the biggest factor since the prices tend to be comparable and they can be used for the same purposes.

How can I extend the life of inflatable kayak?

Extending the life of your inflatable kayak is important to ensure you get the most out of your investment. Here are some tips for ensuring your inflatable kayak lasts as long as possible:

  • Proper Storage: Store your kayak in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight when not in use. Avoid storing it in extreme temperatures or damp areas that could cause mold or mildew to develop.
  • Regular Cleaning: Rinse your kayak with fresh water after each use to remove salt or other debris that could damage the material. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasives that could cause damage to the kayak material.
  • Proper Inflation: Make sure to inflate your kayak to the correct PSI level recommended by the manufacturer. Over-inflation can cause the material to stretch and weaken, while under-inflation can cause damage from rubbing against rocks or other objects.
  • Avoid Sharp Objects: Be careful to avoid sharp objects like rocks or branches when paddling, and avoid dragging the kayak over rough surfaces like concrete or asphalt.
  • Use a Protective Cover: If you need to transport your kayak on a roof rack or in the back of a truck, use a protective cover to prevent damage from road debris or other hazards.
  • Repair Any Damage Promptly: If you notice any punctures or tears in your kayak, repair them promptly to prevent further damage. Most inflatable kayaks come with repair kits or patches that can be used to fix small holes or tears.

What are the different types of inflatable kayaks?

Inatable kayaks come in a variety of styles and sizes, each designed with a specific purpose in mind. Here are some of the different types of inflatable kayaks you may find:

  1. Recreational Inflatable Kayaks: These are the most common type of inflatable kayaks, perfect for casual use on calm water such as lakes, ponds, or slow-moving rivers. They are typically wider and more stable than other types of kayaks, making them ideal for beginners or those who want a more relaxed paddling experience.
  2. Whitewater Inflatable Kayaks: Designed for navigating fast-moving whitewater rapids and other challenging water conditions, these inflatable kayaks tend to be smaller and more maneuverable. They are often made from reinforced materials to withstand the rigors of whitewater paddling.
  3. Touring Inflatable Kayaks: These kayaks are designed for longer trips and open-water paddling, with features like tracking fins and long hulls that make them faster and more efficient. They are typically longer and narrower than recreational kayaks, making them better-suited for more experienced paddlers.
  4. Fishing Inflatable Kayaks: These kayaks are specifically designed for fishing, with features like built-in rod holders, storage compartments, and comfortable seating. They may be wider and more stable than other types of kayaks, allowing for easy casting and reeling in of fish.
  5. Tandem Inflatable Kayaks: These kayaks are designed for two people to paddle together, making them great for couples or friends who want to enjoy the water together. They come in a range of sizes and styles, from recreational to touring, and may include features like adjustable seats or footrests.
  6. Self-Bailing Inflatable Kayaks: These kayaks have small holes or drains that allow water to flow out of the kayak, making them ideal for whitewater paddling or other situations where the kayak is likely to take on water.


Sevylor Inflatable Kayaks

This is a unique, inflatable canoe/kayak with high durability and reliability. It is made of high-strength PVC material that protects against punctures and cuts. Its sides are made of high-strength, multi-layer PVC. This kayak is ultimate in stability and reliability. Small and light weight. kit includes soft, adjustable, back-supports, removable seats for maximum comfort. seats are made of modern EVA material, which perfectly cushions and creates a thermal barrier that ensures maximum comfort under all conditions. This product has a hard floor, with a large pressure drop to increase stability and maneuverability. There is also a removable fin on the bottom, for enhanced stability and maneuverability even in rough waters. This kayak is therefore perfect not only for quiet lakes but also for middle-size rivers with rapids of 3 and 4 levels. At the same time, there are several eyelets on the sides, stern and bow for securing deck lines and for additional rigging. This boat can be deflated quickly and easily placed in a compact bag for storage and carrying. Another model by Sevylor is Quikpak K5 Kayak. This is a solo skating inflatable kayak. It features unique aspects that make it stand out from the crowd. This model is easily and quickly assembled into a small, easy-to-carry backpack. backpack itself can be shaped in a unique manner that not only carries the kayak, but it also serves as a seat for comfortable back-supported sailing. kayak itself is made of durable 24-gauge PVC material. bottom is reinforced with a tarpaulin that offers reliable protection against punctures and cuts. This boat is intended for use only in freshwater lakes and calm rivers. design consists of several air chambers. So that even if there is a cut or puncture, the kayak still stays afloat and allows you to get to shore for repairs. There are also points in the structure to attach extra equipment or fishing gear. This kayak is an excellent choice for solo sailing, fishing and water activities.

Aquaglide Blow Up Kayaks

Tandem Inflatable Canoe/Kayak is a highly durable and reliable boat. It is equipped with robust cast handles for carrying in the inflated state. This product also features integrated rod holders, so it is an excellent choice for fishing (solo and with a partner). kayak is made of modern polyester multi-layer material. This material is very strong, and it provides protection against punctures and cuts. Thus, increasing service life, thanks to the multilayer technology. seats are soft and sturdy for comfort. This product is made using a patented unique technology that provides protection against UV light and other adverse effects. Due to its lengthened shape and flat rocker, it achieves excellent glide and maneuverability on the water. Even long distances can be covered with this kayak without much effort. Thanks to these unique features, this kayak is ideal for water trips and recreation, as well as for fishing and travel. This boat comes prepacked in a compact bag for transport and storage.

Advanced Elements Inflatable Canoes & Kayaks

This inflatable kayak is made of a special three-layer material that is very durable and light-weight at the same time. Therefore, it’s resistant to punctures and cuts. kit includes two removable and adjustable, back-supporting soft seats for comfortable rowing. Aluminium stiffeners forming the bow and stern. As a result, the boat is more maneuverable and water resistant. Packed and folded into a small carrier and storage bag if necessary. kit includes an efficient manual inflation pump. Maximum load is 550 lbs (249 kg). A removable canopy on top, can turn the kayak into a comfortable boat for pleasant sailing. Another model by Advanced Elements is AdvancedFrame Kayak. It is solo Inflatable (Blow Up) Kayak (for one paddler), ideal for gliding along the lake, river rafting and other types of water activities. This model has certain features that distinguish it from the mass of competitors. It can be folded quickly and easily into a small bag, that is comfortable to carry and takes little space while it is stored. kayak is also very easy to unfold and ready to use. kit contains an efficient manual pump that can inflate all the air chambers quickly. Built with integrated ribs that form the stern and bow. This improves the control of the boat and keeps it on the water. ribs are made of aluminium that is lightweight and durable and corrosion resistant. This model is made of three-layer, durable material that provides protection against punctures and cuts. An adjustable supporting soft seat with back support, is provided for increased comfort. kayak consists of several air chambers so that the boat stays on the float, even if it becomes cut or punctured in another section.

Bris Blow Up Canoes & Kayaks

This product is a fishing kayak. Consisting of two pontoons and it looks like a boat. This kayak has a motor mounting transom. Pontoons are made of high-strength multilayer PVC 1100 D. This material is significantly superior to the technical performance of the weaker PVC. Multi-layer PVC is characterized by high strength and resistance to tears, cuts, and punctures. In addition, this material has polyester support that makes it resistant to stretching and holds its shape well. material joints have strong welds that can withstand heavy loads. Such welds, like the material itself, can withstand not only fresh but also saltwater environments. Thus, giving you the option of being used in seas and oceans. joints of this boat have a fourfold overlap and thus resistant to decay, UV light and high humidity. This product has an inflatable floor that withstands high pressure, which creates enough rigidity for comfortable boarding and stays in the boat. kayak is packed in a compact bag for carrying and storage. kit includes two marine plywood benches, the boat itself, a repair kit, two aluminium paddles, an efficient hand pump, and a carrier bag.

Intex Inflatable Boats, Kayaks, Canoes

Portable 2-Persons Inflatable Vinyl Canoe with Seats (Backrest) is an inflatable kayak that is made from durable 30-gauge vinyl. This guarantee provides maintaining high strength and reliability. You can deflate the kayak easily and roll it in a small bag for carrying and storage. This model is for two people. This model is equipped for comfortable rowing with two inflatable seats with backrest. kit also has a powerful manual pump and two paddles. This product is intended for lakes and temperate rivers swimming. kayak comprises of several air compartments. Plus, two pontoons forms the sides and an inflatable bottom. Thanks to this design, even if there is a puncture or cut, you can remain afloat long enough to sail to the coast. This product is a great choice for joint water activities. Another model by Intex is Challenger K1 Kayak. This model is lightweight, yet extremely durable kayak. Boasting reinforced long-lasting welds. Moreover, there are several air chambers in the kayak. Thanks to this, even with a puncture and a cut, the boat is still remains afloat so that you can get to the shore. inflatable kayak is designed for calm lakes and temperate rivers. set includes an inflatable seat with a backrest to enhance comfort. There is also a cargo net on the bow, under which additional loads and equipment can be placed. At the bottom of the boat, there is a small keel, which makes it more stable and maneuverable. kayak is for one user. It comprises an efficient hand pump, a paddle, a kayak itself and an inflatable seat, as well as a carrier bag. This product folds into a small bag for carrying and storage. And if necessary, it can be prepared for operation in just 5 minutes.

Oldzon Blow Up Boats, Canoes, Kayaks

Single-Person Inflatable Canoe Boat with Pump, is a single-seater inflatable boat for calm rivers and lakes. This design makes it optimum for fishing, tripping and water activities. It consists of several separate air chambers which are isolated from each other. This means that even if one of the chambers is damaged, the boat will still stay afloat and allow you to get to the shore for repairs. This model weighs only 18 lb And for carrying and storage, the kayak is rolled in a small bag. boat is made of advanced durable PVC material. Maximum cargo carrying weight is 176 lb kit includes a lightweight and efficient inflation hand pump made of aluminum alloy. bottom has a fin holder, which gives the kayak better stability and maneuverability. Through these features and its unique design, it glides perfectly on water so that you can cruise at a fairly high speed. For higher comfort, an inflatable backrest is included.

Driftsun Rover Inflatables

This is a single-seat inflatable kayak/canoe, which has its own unique features. It is made of robust PVC material for ultimate durability and is suitable for fresh water only. inflatable structure has several separate compartments so that the kayak is still afloat even if one part is damaged. In addition, this product has a reinforced tarpaulin bottom that protects against cuts and punctures in shallow water. It is very important to note, that this model is easy to setup and get into the water within 5 minutes. kit includes a manual inflation pump that is highly efficient. For convenient carrying and storage, the kayak is packaged in a small backpack, which can also be used as a kayak seat. It is comfortable. A practical and trustworthy kayak for one person.


How strong is the material of these models of inflatables and their puncture protection?

Reliability and protection level depends on material thickness. The thicker the PVC, the more durable it is. It should be noted, that it is still an inflatable kayak and even the thickest PVC can be cut. For example, by sharp stones on the shore, and that the likelihood of cutting even the thickest PVC 1100D is high when heavily loaded.

Can I keep a kayak inflated for a few months?

Yes, you can. But before use, the kayak will still need to be pumped up a bit as the air pressure drops slightly over time. Even the strongest material lets in air molecules. Kayak or canoe, of course, will stay on the water, but it has to be well inflated with 12-volt pump for effective rowing stability.

How to store inflatable (blow up) kayak or canoe?

When you store your inflatable kayak or canoe, away keep it in a dry and cool place. Do not leave it exposed to the sun, rain or freezing weather. If you want to leave your kayak stored outside make sure it is covered with a kayak cover to protect it from falling debris and the elements.

Is blow up kayak worth it?

The bottom line of good blow up kayaks and canoes is indeed safe, durable, reliable, and just as good as many traditional kayaks, especially as inflatable technology continues to improve and innovate.

Are inflatable kayaks and canoes safe in the sea?

With tough materials and comfortable seating, inflatable canoes or kayaks are just about as safe and easy to use as any other boats. But you should always use caution when paddling, especially in one of these boats. Remember that even though problems like leaks and punctures are uncommon, they can still happen.

What is the best inflatable kayak for whitewater?

To find this type, check the products number 6 in our chart, please.

How to dry inflatable kayak or canoe?

Empty the air out of the floor of your kayak and turn it upside down to get rid of any excess water. If you feel like tipping the inflatable is too much work, just flip it sideways and you will still get the job done. Grab your towels again and dry out any remaining water.

How to fold inflatable kayak for storage?

You need to wipe out all water, dry it, deflate it and fold for storage.

Are inflatable kayaks good for fishing?

An blow up fishing kayak is a “specialty” kayak. It’s one of the above types of kayaks that’s highly customized for fishing. Typically, most fishing kayaks have higher seating positions, stability to allow standing, swivel seats and an optional trolling motor mount — among other features.

Are inflatable canoes and kayaks durable and stable?

Blow up kayaks or canoes are designed specifically to withstand knocks and bumps. They bounce off rocks and hard surfaces in the event of a collision. Inflatable kayaks are therefore generally more durable than hardshell kayaks.

Where to use inflatable kayak or canoe

Blow up kayaks can be used for just about any use that a hard shelled kayak can be used for:

  • Fishing or hunting;
  • General Recreation;
  • Surfing;
  • Touring;
  • Camping;
  • Whitewater;
  • etc.

Can I use blow up kayak in ocean or waves?

Inflatable canoes or kayaks, despite what a lot of people think, are actually incredibly durable. These days they’re built to withstand tough conditions. You can take them on flat water, rivers, or even out on the ocean without fear of them popping and sinking.

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  1. I was always so worried about getting an inflatable kayak because of the risk of popping, but unless you have some real accident-prone kids, these things will hold up pretty well. We have had our for a whole year now and use it at least a few times a month and it is still going strong. The material is pretty thick and it makes storage a lot easier.

  2. Gerard Bell says:

    Bris Blow Up Kayak is much heavier than advertised, making it difficult to transport and handle. Also it wobbles so much in the water that I don’t feel safe paddling it in anything but the calmest conditions. Even in mild waves or wind, it feels like it could tip over at any moment, which is not only frustrating but also dangerous.

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