Best Car (Pickup, SUV, Truck) Roof Kayak Carrier Racks

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Paddleboard/Canoe/Kayak Roof Racks for Track, Car, SUV

Kayak carrier racks for cars offer a secure and convenient solution to transport your kayaks to waterways. Designed to fit most vehicles, these racks ensure your kayak reaches its destination safely. Key features include adjustable straps and padded cradles to prevent scratches or damage during transit. Easy installation means you can quickly load and unload your kayak, making your outdoor adventures hassle-free. Whether you’re an avid kayaker or a weekend explorer, these racks expand your horizons by enabling you to carry your kayak wherever your journey takes you, without compromising space inside the vehicle. Enjoy the freedom and ease of kayak transportation with these versatile racks.

Key facts for kayak carrier racks


Choosing any type of fastening the first thing you should pay attention to is the material a product is made of. It defines such important things as maximum carrying capacity, a way of fastening to the car, durability, weight and quality

Fastening method

All car holders can be divided according to the fixation method. It can be either metal or plastic holder to the car roof rails or tow bar. There are also flexible fastenings on the roof without rails. way of fixation depends on whether a car has some additional equipment namely roof rails or tow bar. Reliability of fixation also depends on fastening method. It is necessary to keep in mind – the more rigid the structure the more reliable fastening is – but the weight of construction will also increase.


Kayak car holders can be of various designs providing you reliable fixation of different types of boats. Nevertheless, there are some universal holders that are adjustable to the gradient angle of its retainer. These kinds of holders are suitable for any types of kayaks, canoes and small boats.

Kayak Securing Method

When choosing a car mount for a kayak or canoe, it is important to keep the boat locked. After all, the movement creates a fairly strong air stream that can simply blow the canoe off. kayak may also come off its mount when it decelerates or starts moving. It must therefore be additionally fixed in its fasteners. There are different fixing options:

  • latches;
  • pins;
  • securing with clamping bolts, etc.

All these solutions have advantages and disadvantages, but using slings for securing purposes is a versatile way out. This securing method is the best choice as it combines the advantages of all fixing types. Slings are easy to use, they allow to secure boats of different sizes, they are easy to pull and hold the canoe securely to the landing place. Our kayak mounts are reliable and durable for you, and a set of slings is included for additional canoe fixation. They are made of modern materials which are highly resistant and durable. Take a look at the models proposed and make your choice.

Car Roof Kayak Carrier Racks Installing Steps

Here are some general steps to install car roof kayak carrier racks:

  1. Determine the type of kayak rack you have and how it attaches to your vehicle’s roof rack. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for any specific guidelines.
  2. Assemble any necessary components, such as the crossbars or brackets, according to the instructions.
  3. Place the kayak carrier racks onto the crossbars or brackets and adjust them to the desired width for your kayak.
  4. Secure the kayak carrier racks to the crossbars or brackets using the hardware provided. Make sure to tighten the bolts firmly but not so tight that they damage the racks or crossbars.
  5. Place padding on the carrier racks to protect your kayak from scratches or dents.
  6. Lift your kayak onto the carrier racks and center it between the two racks. Make sure the kayak is centered and balanced so it doesn’t shift while driving.
  7. Strap down the kayak using the straps or ropes provided with the carrier racks. Tighten the straps or ropes securely so the kayak doesn’t move.
  8. Double-check all connections and make sure everything is secure and properly fastened before driving.

Always consult the manufacturer’s instructions for specific details related to your particular kayak carrier rack and vehicle.

How much do kayak carrier racks cost?

In general, they can range in price from around $50 to $200 or more. Ultimately, the cost of a particular kayak carrier rack will depend on factors such as its features, size, and brand. Some kayak carrier racks are designed for specific types of kayaks, so it’s important to choose one that is compatible with your kayak. For example, a sit-on-top kayak will require a different type of carrier than a standard kayak.


Kayak Roof Top Carrier J Rack for Car SUV Crossbar

Quick on/off hardware ensures fast installation and removal. Heavy Duty Steel Framing with adjustable padding. All Mounting hardware & fastening straps are included. Kayak racks for track can be hard to load, but with bigger space between kayaks, this rack has more space than any other car racks. The ratcheting straps and anti-sway cradles help prevent bike contact.
Very spacious (lots of space between each bike), lightweight, anti-sway elements, locking hitch, quick installation & removal.

Universal Car Roof Rack for Car SUV Minivan

The model provides additional space between each kayak! Ratcheting straps are narrow and pliable – easy to move out. Accommodates long kayaks, canoe, or SUP paddleboard. Anti-sway cradles help reduce kayak contact. Lightweight – easy to take on and off the car. Tool-free installation and integrated hitch locking system (no separate bolt that can get lost). CONS – Like with any hanging rack, more difficult to load and configure than a platform rack. Suitable for most car rooftops rack’s soft top ensures that the cargo will remain undamaged. Easy to inflate.

Roof Mounted J Rack for Track, Car, SUV

Solid and stable design. installation doesn’t require the use of any tools. cradle is suitable for the cargo of various shapes. Compact and affordable model. If you don’t have a hitch, a trunk rack is a way to go. And for the price, nobody beats the quality and budget-friendly designs of this kayak rack for trucks. Comes in one or two kayaks capacity. Easy and quick to set up, fits a wide range of vehicles, patented tie-down system for stability and security.

Paddleboard/Canoe/Kayak Carrier Rack for Track, Car, SUV

More affordable than similar products. Can fit large and heavy boats and kayaks. Allows for easy loading/unloading. Budget-friendly model that fits a wide range of cars or tracks, including sedans, SUVs, and minivans. Individual tie-downs for each kayak or paddleboard. Easy to install. CONS – Kayaks or SUPs can hit each other during transport.

Track Car Carrier Rack for Kayak, Paddleboard, Canoe

3-year warranty. Easy-to-install on all large SUV’s. One person will be capable of loading a mid-sized kayak. Great design for the price. For families on a budget, this kayak j rack is an incredible bang for your buck. Solidly built and very lightweight, it’s also incredibly easy to take on and off your car. Super lightweight, locking hitch, quick installation & removal, anti-wobble hitch system.

Roof Rack for Car (SUV, Truck) with Straps

Easily compatible with most rack systems. Extra strong nylon straps. Adjustable saddle system that allows for transporting kayaks of an unconventional design. A fraction of the cost of higher-end brands, but good-quality build. Lightweight – one person can easily install this roof carrier. No additional tools needed to secure your kayak, canoe, or paddleboard into the receiver, and the tightening knob eliminates any wobble.

Car/Truck Roof Rack for 2 or 3 Kayaks

CONS – Kayaks are spaced pretty close together, so initially figuring out the best configuration can be a challenge. Kayaks are easily scratched or damaged due to their closeness, and they bang into each other during the drive.


How can I know if holders suit my car (there are roof rails on it)?

All the holders are universal so they fit any vehicle. The width between rails and their type is not important, as all the holders have an adjustable fixation and are installed separately on each rail.

Can I install two canoe mounts on my rails (Ford Explorer car)?

Everything depends on the canoe’s type and size. But, in most cases, yes, two kayaks or canoes can be placed on the car roof. Two canoe anchorages are therefore attached to the rails. is a source where the post Paddleboard/Canoe/Kayak Roof Racks for Track, Car, SUV appeared first.

Comments to Review

  1. I often travel to various water bodies by car. I purchased a special rooftop carrier racks for canoe to always bring a canoe. They fit my rails perfectly, hold the canoe firmly and securely on the roof. fasteners’ quality is quite satisfactory, and canoes can be easily installed and fixed while keeping them safe. fasteners are metal; I don’t know what metal they’re from, but it’s light and tough.

  2. Alina Madin says:

    I purchased Canoe and Kayak Rack on a tow bar. It’s convenient, and most importantly it’s securely mounted on the towbar, so the trunk lid is free. The canoe’s installation and fastening is also pretty easy and simple, and the fastening is very reliable — I checked it personally.

  3. Can a kayak carrier rack fit on any car roof?

    1. No, not all kayak carrier racks can fit on any car roof. It’s important to check the compatibility of the rack with your vehicle’s roof type and size before purchasing.

  4. RAD Sportz Double Kayak Storage Rack has been a game-changer for my kayak storage needs. The rack is incredibly sturdy and well-built, providing a safe and secure space for my two kayaks. I love that it allows me to stack the kayaks vertically, maximizing my storage space. The foam-coated steel arms protect my boats from scratches while docking and undocking. Setting up the rack was a breeze, and I appreciate that it doesn’t require any permanent mounting hardware.

  5. Chad Barnett says:

    Based on my firsthand experience, The Yakima DeckHand Roof Mounted Boat Rack is an impressive and reliable solution for carrying your kayak on your vehicle. With its felt-padded saddles, it provides a secure and gentle grip on your boat, ensuring it stays in place during transportation. The universal mount fits most roof racks, and the tool-free installation makes it convenient to attach. I love how the DeckHand conforms to the shape of my kayak, offering full-contact support. The added SKS Lock Core capability provides an extra layer of security. It’s a must-have for any kayaking enthusiaston the go.

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