Best Portable 12-Volt DC/AC Electric Air Pumps/Inflators Tested and Reviewed

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12-Volt Electric Air Pumps

Boat Air Pumps Brands

The market is dominated by some manufacturers such as: Airhead, Okpow, Intex, WOW Sport, O'Brien, Seamax, Sevylor, SereneLife.

Inflatable Boat/Dinghy/Kayak/SUP/Towables Pump (Compressor), 12v [Airhead]

High-volume portable model inflates and deflates quickly and effectively. Universal valve fittings fit all popular valves. The cigarette lighter plug is equipped with a 5 ft. long power cord.

12V DC Electric Portable Air Pump to Blow Up Inflatable Dinghy, Kayak, SUP [Okpow]

Compatible with your car's power outlets. Takes less then 2 minutes to fill up a full size air mattress. Extremely easy-to-use model.

Quick-Fill DC Electric Air Boat/Kayak/SUP Pump (Inflator/Deflator), 12V Car Plug [Intex]

Includes three interconnecting nozzles. Inflates even the largest of inflatables in no time. Sleek, compact design fits perfectly in the palm of your hand.

Portable High Pressure Air Pump to Blow Up,12V for Boat, Kayak, Dinghy, SUP [Airhead]

Hooks to your car, truck, or boat battery with the alligator clips and 10-foot power cord. Adapters included for Stem, Boston, Leafield, Bravo, Hulkey Roberts, and more. Draws 28 amps; 90-day warranty.

12v DC Air Pump to Blow Up Inflatables (Boat, Kayak, SUP, Dinghy) [WOW Sport]

Plugs into car, boat, or RV vehicle for fast inflation and deflation. Comes with 3 universal valve adapters; 1-year warranty. Comes with an extended power cord with DC adapter for great convenience.

AC High Pressure 12V Inflator/Pump for Inflatable Dinghy, SUP, Kayak, Boat [O'Brien]

Wide selection of nozzles included. Inflates and deflates large volume inflatables. Powerful high volume inflates and deflates quickly.

Small DC Electric Air Pump for Inflatable Paddle Board (SUP), Kayak, Boat, Towables [Seamax]

Digital pressure LCD screen. Easy to reach high pressure 4 additional universal valve adaptors.

Small Portable 15-PSI DC Electric Pump, 12V to Blow Up Dinghy/SUP/Kayak/Boat [Sevylor]

12V portable air pump is great to keep on a boat or in the car. Adjustable auto-shutoff stops the pump once the selected pressure is reached. Low-pressure extension hose and adapters included for low-pressure inflatables.

Small Digital Electric Air Pump/Compressor (Inflator/Deflator) with LCD, 0-20 PSI [SereneLife]

Simple electric plug-in design with an integrated, heavy duty wired power cable. Digital LCD display and button controls for easy operation. Adjustable PSI air pressure settings.

Portable AC Air Pump for Inflatables to Blow Up Dinghy, Kayak, SUP, Towables [Airhead]

Made using the highest quality materials. 10 Foot Power Cord with Alligator Clips. 4 adapters for the most popular air valves are included. is a source where the post 12-Volt Electric Air Pumps appeared first.

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