Best Trolling Motor Batteries (Lithium Deep Cycle Small/Lightweight 48/24/12-Volt)

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Marine Trolling Motor Batteries

Trolling motor batteries are the silent powerhouse behind your boating adventures, providing the essential energy needed to power electric trolling motors. These specialized batteries are designed to deliver reliable and consistent performance, ensuring your trolling motor runs smoothly while extending your time on the water. Key points to consider include battery capacity, as it determines how long you can use your motor before recharging, and voltage, which influences the motor’s thrust. It’s crucial to select a battery with sufficient capacity and voltage to match your trolling motor’s requirements. Deep-cycle trolling motor batteries are the preferred choice, designed to handle frequent discharging and recharging without compromising longevity. Investing in a high-quality trolling motor battery ensures efficiency, durability, and uninterrupted hours of leisurely or productive boating.

The most of modern boats today use electrical energy. You can also use rechargeable trolling motor batteries for convenience. Thanks to advanced technology, high output trolling motor batteries for canoes, kayaks, or fishing boats with relatively light weight in a compact design are now available. High output rechargeable batteries gives the boating industry a more echo friendly alternative to noisy and high emission emitting diesel or gasoline engines while simultaneously operating quietly.

A great advantage of quiet electric motors is for fishing and hunting because an electric motor does not generate harsh combustion acoustic vibrations, but rather a smooth and nearly silent hum from its armature, which allows any outdoors enthusiast to travel without startling potential game in or out of the water. But to keep your electric motors operating for the longest time possible, and get the great distance, you need reliable high output batteries. We have selected a number of batteries which feature all these characteristics for optimal electric motor performance, and reliability. These are water proof and have a completely sealed housing so that they can be used in a wide range of weather conditions.

Additionally, AGM; absorbed glass mat, technology allows the battery’s internal cells to distribute electrons evenly, and can do so in any mounting position: even completely upside down, and with absolutely no operator maintenance. High performance, reliability, and a long service life characterize all of the batteries on our website. For the best choice in leading edge technology and maintenance free operation, AGM batteries are the top tier choice for trolling motors, as well as for any other mobile heavy equipment application.

Batteries Types

It is very important to relate to its type when choosing. This determines the application, capacity, method of charging, maximum loads and current output, and other parameters. There are many different types of trolling motor batteries today:

  • lead-acid;
  • gel electrolite;
  • lithium, etc.

But the acid-lead ones are still the most common. They account for about 80% of the total number of batteries used. It is fair to say that different technologies can also be used to produce such batteries. For you, we have chosen batteries which are produced using the latest technology, the so-called AGM batteries. This technology increases the battery life significantly and also allows you to distribute the liquid (electrolyte) within the battery evenly, making it more efficient. Such batteries can be placed at any angle, even upside down. They also have an increased capacity.
In addition, there are SLA trolling motor batteries. These are traditional lead-acid batteries with minor differences. And the most important difference is the presence of a valve that can relieve the overpressure that can occur within the battery as a result of overheating and overloading. This technology is used in all sealed lead-acid batteries. We have selected for you only the best, reliable and safest batteries with longer service life. Check out the options and make the right choice.

Marine Batteries Voltage is an important parameter

Another important parameter for any battery is its voltage. This also affects which equipment can be connected to the battery. It is important here that the battery output voltage coincides with the equipment requirements. We have selected 12 V voltage batteries for you. They have a wide range of applications, however, these batteries are most often used to troll electric motors on inflatable boats and kayaks. Such batteries are relatively small in mass and compact in size, so they can be placed even in small rubber boats. Remember, the first thing to look at when choosing is the voltage the battery can deliver.

Capacity of Battery for Trolling Motor as one of the most important factors

Battery capacity is also one of the most important factors. Naturally, this does not affect the application as much as it does, but the capacity determines how long a particular device is powered by the battery. And there’s always a clear rule – the bigger the capacity, the longer the battery holds the charge and the longer the equipment can be powered. However, you need to know that, as the capacity increases, the battery size and its weight also increase. It is thus important to select a capacity that is sufficient and that at the same time you are satisfied with the battery weight and size. We have therefore selected several trolling motor battery models for you, with various specifications, capacity, size, and weight. Explore the proposed model and choose the best one to meet your requirements.

Battery’s Moisture Protection

Most batteries are not moisture-protected and are therefore fitted in the safest places. However, if the battery is used in boats to power the trolling motor, conventional batteries will not be suitable. We have picked up for you models of moisture-proof accumulators, which can be used with electric motors on boats and kayaks. Furthermore, these batteries are ideal for use both on land transport and on different equipment. Explore the options and choose the most suitable universal trolling motor battery with a wide range of applications.

Types of Connection Terminals

There are many different types of connection terminals today:

  • screws;
  • clamp terminals;
  • lug terminals, etc.

We have selected different battery types for you with different terminal types, from terminal screws to clamp terminals. It stands to mention that clamp terminals are universal as they themselves are designed for clamping wires. You do not need to select the appropriate diameter lugs. We have picked up for you several types of batteries with different types of terminals, from clamping screws to terminals for clamps. Look at the proposed options and choose the most suitable type of terminals.

Marine Battery’s Weight and Aimensions

One of the important parameters when choosing a battery is its dimensions and weight. It is very important that weight and dimensions are minimized as much as possible so that when placed in inflatable boats or kayaks, the battery doesn’t create further problems. Moreover, when installing and carrying the battery, the weight and dimensions affect the convenience. Modern technology can significantly increase the trolling motor battery’s efficiency and capacity without increasing weight and dimensions. We picked up such models of batteries, which are relatively small in weight and size. Check out the options and choose the model that best meets your requirements.

How to Choose Trolling Motor Battery

In this section we’ll be talking about selecting the correct battery for use with your MinnKota electric fishing motor or a motor by another company. First of all, we have a couple of different choices that we can actually choose from:

  • gel cell type battery,
  • AGM type battery,
  • flooded lead-acid battery.

Well, how do those three types differ?

Main difference between gel cell, AGM and flooded lead-acid batteries

First of all, in the gel cell, the liquid electrolyte is jelled by adding silica to the electrolyte so that it becomes immobile.

In the case of the AGM battery, the only electrolyte that’s held in that battery cell is the electrolyte that’s actually held in suspension in a fiberglass matting material that’s actually positioned between the cell plates. In the case of the AGM battery, the only electrolyte that’s in the individual cells is that that’s held in suspension in the fiberglass matting material that’s actually between the cell plates. So in the process of making an AGM battery, they fill each individual cell with the acid and then pour off the excess. So the only acid that’s there… electrolyte that is actually there is that that’s actually held in between the plates by that fiberglass matting material.

In the case of the flooded lead acid battery like this, we can actually pop the cell caps off and monitor the electrolyte level and add distilled water if necessary, if the electrolyte level drops below a certain point. And so that’s actually one of the benefits of having flooded lead acid, is that you can do some battery maintenance. other types are completely sealed and so there is no chance of adding electrolyte to either a gel cell or an AGM type battery.

One of the other things about the deep-cycle battery is that it’s heavy. individual cell plate construction is such that the battery is built to withstand a greater number of discharge recharge cycles. So this happens to be a Group 29 size battery with an amp hour rating of about 110 amp hours. And that’s the other thing that we really want to look for when choosing a battery for use with your fishing trolling motor.

The AMP hour rating can be liken to the gallons of gas that you have in your fuel tank. more gallons of gas you have, the farther that you can go. In this case, the more amp hours that you have, the longer that electric motor will run. So always look at that. Be sure to take a good close look at the amp hour rating. Oftentimes when you go to look at purchasing a battery, you can spend a lot of money on batteries, but oftentimes those batteries don’t have the highest amp hour rating.

Marine Starting Battery

The other type of battery that we have up here on the bench top is an example of a marine starting battery. This one happens to be a Group 24 battery and it is designed to start an engine. What does that mean? Well, it simply means that the individual cells are constructed with a higher number of individual plates stacked up in kind of a sandwich style so that this battery can deliver high amperage for a relatively short period of time. Where our deep-cycle battery is designed to deliver relatively low amperage for a longer period of time. So in this case, more plates, thinner plates. It’s designed to deliver a lot of power to start an engine and then immediately as soon as the engine is started, this battery is being recharged by the engine driven alternator.

So two different types, but the thing to remember when choosing a battery for electric motor, always buy a deep-cycle battery. Look at the amp hour rating, and the amp hour rating, the higher the better. And you’ll have a battery that’s going to perform up to your expectations and the motor will certainly perform much better as well.

Tips to care about trolling motor battery

  1. Charge the battery after each use: Be sure to recharge your trolling motor battery after each use to ensure that it is fully charged and ready for the next trip.
  2. Store the battery in a cool, dry place: Avoid storing your battery in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, as this can cause damage to the battery and reduce its lifespan.
  3. Avoid overcharging or discharging the battery: Overcharging or completely discharging your battery can cause damage and shorten its lifespan. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for charging your battery to ensure you don’t overdo it.
  4. Check the water levels regularly: If you have a lead-acid battery, be sure to check the water levels regularly and add distilled water if necessary. This will help prevent damage caused by low water levels.
  5. Keep the battery clean: Dirt and debris can cause damage to your battery, so be sure to keep it clean and free of any debris. Wipe it down with a damp cloth as needed.
  6. Monitor the battery’s health: Keep an eye on the battery’s health by checking its voltage and overall condition periodically. If you notice any signs of damage or deterioration, replace the battery promptly to avoid further issues.

Is using of trolling motor batteries legal?

Yes, using trolling motor batteries is legal. Trolling motor batteries are a common power source for electric trolling motors on boats and are widely used by anglers and boaters alike. However, it’s important to use the battery in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and to follow any applicable safety regulations when operating a boat or motor. Be sure to check your local regulations to ensure that you are following all applicable laws related to boating and electric motors.

How can I extend the life of my trolling motor battery?

There are a few things you can do to extend the life of your trolling motor battery:

  • Store the battery in a cool, dry place when not in use.
  • Keep the terminals clean and free of corrosion.
  • Avoid overcharging the battery.
  • Don’t discharge the battery below 50%.


Lithium trolling motor battery by Vmax

is a good model, if you’re looking to replace a faulty one. It’s a 12 Volt 18 Amp 20-hr sealed deep cycle trolling motor battery, made of non-conductive ABS plastic. Installation is super easy. This is the best deep cycle battery for trolling motor designed for kayak, canoe, boat. This model is rechargeable and uses modern materials and chemical formulas to increase the capacity of the battery without gaining greater weight and size. model uses an innovative VMAX electrolyte suspension system that fills the interior with special porous materials to hold the electrolyte. This allows you to install the battery in any position, even upside down. Heavy-duty lead-tin alloy plates are also used. This significantly extends battery life and the number of recharge cycles. battery is designed for 12 V motors. It has 100 Ah capacity. This is more than enough for long voyages, fishing, lake outing, etc. peculiarity of this model is the terminals, which are made in the form of screws. This makes it easy and fast to connect almost any motor, with or without terminals. For easy carrying, the battery is equipped with a convenient and durable handle. It is also fully leak- and water-proof. Therefore, it can be used in all conditions.

Marine Small Lithium Trolling Motor Battery by Mighty Max

is best 12 volt trolling motor battery for Minn Kota motor is an SLA-type lead-acid battery with extended service life. It has a large capacity of 100 Ah, which is more than sufficient for most needs. It will allow you to sail continuously on a trolling motor boat for a long time without having to recharge. battery also has a sealed housing so that it can be fixed at different angles. It is also protected from moisture, so it can be used in waterborne and wet areas. This battery is maintenance-free, high quality and reliable. It is the best choice for fishing inflatable boats, kayaks, and other trolling water vehicles. battery has soft carrying handles for convenience. This model’s peculiarity is the extended service life and the ability to restore over-discharge. It’s also suitable for a wide range of applications: land and water transport; various medical equipment; farm machinery; lighting; uninterruptible power supply systems and so on.

Lightweight Small Marine Lithium Trolling Motor Battery by Universal Power Group

is the best reliable and durable 12 volt universal battery for kayak, canoe or boat trolling motor. It’s made from the latest technology. electrolyte’s new chemical formula offers higher capacity levels with a more compact size and lighter weight. All this allows more charge to be accumulated by the battery, so you can use the electric motor for longer. It also has moisture protection, which allows you to use it in almost any conditions, on boats, kayaks with electric motors, etc. In addition, this battery can be placed in any position, so it can always be arranged in the most convenient position. battery is equipped with a soft handle for easy carrying.

Marine Lithium Battery for Trolling Motor by Optima

is excellent solution. It is made with modern technologies that boost the battery capacity significantly without increasing mass and weight. In addition, this model can be installed in any position, even upside down. This battery can hold a charge longer than its analogs due to modern materials and a new chemical formula. battery is also not susceptible to vibrations and has an enhanced service life. unique design of the housing and terminals prevents the battery from overheating and allows you to use it for a long time even under heavy loads. This model is perfect for slow-moving boats, kayaks, and fishing inflatable boats with trolling motors.

12-Volt Lithium Trolling Motor Battery by Interstate Batteries

is the best canoe/kayak electric trolling motor battery (AGM type of lead-acid battery that has a fully sealed housing). It can, therefore, be placed in any position. It is designed for small and medium-sized boats with trolling motors. It has 35 Ah capacity. This capacity is sufficient for sailing on lakes and temperate rivers. This model has a convenient carrying handle. voltage is 12 volts. battery’s range is quite broad: medical equipment; lighting; boats with electric motors; farm machinery, etc. This product has a long service life and moisture protection, so it can be used for both land and floating activities. It is an excellent take over choice, combining high reliability, durability and reasonable cost.

Deep Cycle Battery for Trolling Motor by ExpertPower

is the best small and lightest battery for kayak, canoe or boat. It is made using advanced technology. This is a 12 V lead-acid battery with a capacity of 18 Ah. This product has a fully sealed housing enabling you to use it not only on ground vehicles but also on water transport. This battery is ideal for use with electric trolling motors in boats and kayaks. battery has L-shaped screw terminals. nuts and screws are included in the set. This battery is assembled using AGM technology. It also has a wide temperature range that allows you to use it in a variety of conditions for a long time. This battery is an excellent candidate as it is made from the latest high-quality materials. It has a wide variety of applications: home security systems; uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems; land and water transport; medical equipment; farm machinery; lighting, etc. This is one of the most tried and tested, and reliable batteries. It is featured by a perfect great price and quality combination.

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  1. I bought the Vmax MR127 motor battery and there was no information about its dimension. Now I have a brochure and would like to report the dimension is 7x9x12 inches. I hope it’ll be useful for someone.

  2. Victor H. says:

    12 volt MightyMax battery. Pleased with my purchase for my Minn Kota 50 Endura Max electric motor. About six hours out yesterday on the river trolling all the time and almost no downtime where we didn’t use the motor. Great work of the battery. I’m very impressed. Only one con — it’s very heavy but worth it!

  3. fourth battery on this list, not entirely sure what the real and set name is for it. But, it has lasted me quite a while with my kayak. I used to have problems with overheating in the battery of my kayak but not anymore! This has been a godsend because of the hassle I have put in with other battery brands.

  4. I just recently got the Mighty Max Battery and I think it is holding up very well. It was pretty easy to hook up and I’m glad it has a one year warranty because I have had bad luck with things breaking on me within the year. Only had to go and buy the mounting equipment but that wasn’t too bad.

  5. Marine Trolling Motor Battery by Newport Vessels. A maintenance-free battery is super convenient. This one’s a 12 volts battery, needs to be charged once before installation. The battery fits great and lasts for a while. WHAT WE LIKE: The ACDelco ACDB24R batteries are great for replacing faulty car batteries, especially if you own a Prius. It’s made to fit easily. The battery life is reliable, so you can drive without worries. If your current battery is failing you, consider this one.

  6. The model by Mighty Max Battery is rechargeable battery that has wide operating temperatures and can be mounted in any position and resists shocks and vibration. Nice sealed battery with long service life. Fantastic batt but very heavy (that’s great for a large trolling motor) and slow recharge rate.

  7. What is the best place for trolling motor batter in a boat?

    1. David Lee says:

      The place for a trolling motor battery in a boat is towards the center or stern of the vessel, as this provides better weight distribution and stability while you’re fishing.

  8. My review about Trolling Motor Smart Battery Box Power Center with USB and DC Ports. The quality of this product is outstanding. It is sturdy and well-built, with no cheap components. I particularly love how it fits my 20 amp charge controller perfectly on top of the box. The side handles are also a great addition. I appreciate the built-in fuses, which are ideal for my 600 watt inverter. I recommend it.

  9. David N. Walkenhorst says:

    Fantastic battery box! I have Newport Trolling Motor Smart Battery Box for my portable solar-powered off-grid power supply. It has exceeded my expectations! The build quality is top-notch, and the 2 fuses engineered into the box are perfect for my 600-watt inverter. The box also fits my 100 AH LiFe battery perfectly, making it a great choice for building your own power station. Highly recommended! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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