Best Inflatable Paddle Boards (iSUPs)

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Inflatable Paddle Boards (iSUPs)
These models of iSUPs are designed for fishing, touring, snorkeling, spear fishing, or recreational paddling, good for rivers, lakes, oceans, streams, family and pet friendly and ideal for all skill levels (for kids, teenagers and adults) and for all water conditions (saltwater or freshwater). Models come with D-rings for secure leash or for kayak seat and rope.

How to Choose Inflatable Paddle Board iSup to Buy

When it comes to buying your first iSUP, many of you out there do find the choice a little bit overwhelming. And that's completely understandable with many top brands producing 50 to 60 balls their name where do you start - all round, cruising, touring, exploring, racing, family fun, fishing. In this review, we're going to give you some advice on how to pick the best type of SUP to suit you and your paddling needs. To find out what board suits you best you've got to ask yourself three questions: what do you want to use the board for, what is your paddling ability, and what is the construction you're gonna prefer - inflatable or hard. With all of these questions, you've got to be realistic and honest to yourself, because you're the one gonna be paddling the board at the end of the day.

What do you want to use the iSUP board for?

The best way to work this out is in percentages - surf 50 percent, cruise 50 percent, race 80 percent, touring 20 percent. Think about how much you're going to go paddling throughout the year and what discipline you're going to do the most and work them out in percentages. So there's no point in having a full-on performance Surf's Up if 99% of the time you paddle on a flatwater canal. It's going to be harder to paddle and it's gonna look in the back of your car but actually you're not going to get anything out of it. So really be realistic with yourself about what you're gonna paddle and where you gonna paddle it. So for instance if somebody said I'm gonna go surfing twenty percent of the year, maybe I'm gonna do a bit of family fun, thirty percent of the year and the other fifty percent I'm just gonna cruise down the river. Then obviously a general good all-around SUP will suit you best. If you were looking at maybe racing forty-fifty percent of the time, but actually I'm not sure I might want to do a bit of fishing ten percent of the time and a bit of family fun forty percent of the time, then you could be looking at a sort of wider based all-around race up or a faster touring SUP. There are so many boards out there to suit you and your needs and there really is a combination of boards to suit every single paddler out there. And bear in mind this is a really big one here just because the catalog or the internet says this borders a hundred percent serve doesn't mean you can't paddle it on flat water. Be realistic about what disciplines you're going to do but then also bear in mind that some other boards will do other disciplines like you can catch a wave on a race board. It might be a bit more tippy, it might find the tail a bit harder to stand on, then an all-round sort of surf sup, but you can catch a wave. So bear in mind that if you are going to do a certain discipline maybe two or three times a year, don't always buy a board just to cover that time you might go SUP surfing or you might go fishing. Get a board that you're going to do most of your paddling with and you'll find that it will be able to cross over onto the other disciplines as well.

What's your paddling ability?

Now, this is the one you are going to have to answer more honest than any of the other questions. There is no point in you buying an 85-liter performance surf SUP if you can't even stand on an 85-liter performance surf SUP. It might look epic and be so light and goes in a mini but it completely irrelevant if you can't even use it. If you are really open and honest with yourself about your ability, I'm an intermediate paddler away 90 kilograms I want a board that's relatively wide and super stable to get out and have all-round family fun, then you are going to get the board that suits you best. Yes, it's definitely good to have a board to grow into and pick a race on to especially if you're going to go down a certain discipline like racing or surfing. For general fat board paddling why'd you need a super small board, just get a board that suits you really well has loads of float and you're going to get you on the water doing the paddling you want to do out of it.

Hard vs Inflatable Paddle Board (iSup)

Many of you going to know the answer to this before you've even worked out what type of boards you're going to go for. You can ask yourselves — how you're going to transport it, where you're going to store, it and are you going to look after it, do you want a board that's pretty much indestructible.

In iSUP there two different sorts of constructions that most brands offering now as well with a lighter weight more performance base board and also a slightly cheaper, heavier, not so performance-based iSUP up as well. So if you're living in a mid-terraced house with no garden no garage and you've got a small car, then our research indicates that you're going to be looking for an iSUP.

Mainly looking at hard subs you're going to be looking at having to obviously store it somewhere, it's got to go on a roof rack or in a van, but the hard SUP 99% at the time, it's going to give you more performance than an inflatable ould do. Through our trial and error, we discovered that they have more rail shape, they have more rocker lines, the tails are generally way better shape to release the water, they become faster, they're better at the surfing.

So if you're looking at a more performance base SUP, let's say you want to go surfing, you want to go racing and you have got the space then really I've been looking towards a harder base board. That doesn't mean that a iSUP isn't gonna race, and it doesn't mean a iSUP isn't going to surf well, it just means comparing it to the two, you are always generally going to get more performance out of a hard board. Which all comes back to your ability and what type of board you want.

If you are gonna really focus on racing and you want a challenge for the podium then maybe you should be looking at a hard race SUP. If you want to get into racing but you're still just finding your feet and you just want to go for the social and stick towards the inflatables there's nothing wrong with that.

Many board brands offer multiple constructions in one type of board. And really that all comes down to performance and being realistic about your ability, again carbon lightweight boards are gonna perform faster lighter and more reactive on a wave then a heavier cheaper epoxy base board id better choice. When you've worked out what type of board you're after you're then gonna have to understand and work out what best width and volume suits you. Generally remember – the wider the board, the more stable it is; the narrower the board, the more performance base it is.

Feature Hard Paddle Board Inflatable Paddle Board
Portability Less portable and more difficult to transport due to weight and size Highly portable and easy to transport due to lightweight and compact design
Durability More durable and resistant to damage from rocks, bumps, or scratches Less durable and more prone to punctures or leaks if not handled properly or stored correctly
Performance Offers better performance on the water, with better speed, tracking, and maneuverability Slightly less stable and responsive in the water, but still provides a good experience for most recreational paddlers
Storage Requires more storage space due to its size and weight, usually stored on a rack or wall mount Requires very little storage space when deflated, can be stored in a small bag or backpack
Cost Generally more expensive due to the higher quality materials and construction Typically more affordable than hard paddle boards due to lower production costs and materials
Maintenance Requires occasional maintenance such as waxing, cleaning, and repair work Requires minimal maintenance, typically just inflating and deflating as needed

iSUP Paddle Boards Brands

The market is dominated by some manufacturers such as: FreeinSUP, Bestway, TUSY, SereneLife, Roc, Blackfin, Body Glove, Leader Accessories.

Non-Slip Wide Blow Up Inflatable Paddle Board iSup for Beginners [Roc]

It has no slip soft top that cushions your fall when slips or accidents occur. Outfitted with triple bottom panel fins. Includes coiled ankle cuff safety leash, aluminum paddle, manual air pump, storage bag.

Ultra-Light Inflatable Paddle Board iSup by Body Glove for All Skill Levels by [Roc]

It has additional PVC layer to add extra durability. Amazing balance ability. Paddle, high pressure pump, travel backpack, coil leash, waterproof bag, 3 removable fins included.

Blow Up Inflatable Paddle Board iSup Kit [Blackfin]

This model has extra stability, sporty shape for fast tracking experience. Floating fiberglass paddle. Easy to use single chamber hand pump. Extra comfy EVA deck pad that keeps feet from getting sore and can double as a yoga mat.

Inflatable Paddle Board iSup with Seat, Paddle for All Skill Levels [Roc]

This model has stability and balance; good for kids, adults, beginners, and experts. Smooth and stable ride, high maneuverability and lightness make this model ideal for adventures in the ocean, lake, or rivers with flat water and small wave conditions. Drop stitch material for strength, stability, and durability that compares with hard surface or fiber glass SUPs.

Durable Lightweight Touring Inflatable Paddle Board iSup with Stable Wide Stance [Blackfin]

Puncture-resistant tough outer shell for paddling in all weather conditions. Extra-wide stance ensures a stable and sturdy position. Paddle, coil leash, high pressure pump, fin, waterproof phone case; carry backpack included. Military grade PVC (40% lighter than comparable models coming in at a mere 21 lbs). Paddle with nylon blade, detachable extra durable removable fin compatible with most fin boxes.Fully wrapped with second layer of PVC material to create a stiff, rigid and sturdy model.

Yoga & Fitness Thick Non-Slip Surface Inflatable Paddle Board iSup [Roc]

It’s stable platform for exercise in both fresh and saltwater. Takes just 5-7 minutes to inflate by hand with included pump and set-up instruction. Good for rivers, lakes, oceans and streams.

Inflatable Paddle Board iSup with Carry Bag (Youth & Adult Standing Boat) [Body Glove]

It has the triple bottom panel fins help board improve overall speed, handling and steering for easier use by kids, teens and adults. Coiled ankle cuff safety leash, oar pedal, manual air pump, patch repair accessory kit, storage bag included. Ideal model for the lake, river, ocean.

Adjustable Inflatable Paddle Board iSup for All Skill Levels with Pump, Backpack, Leash, Shoulder Strap [Leader Accessories]

It is is ultra portable model, stable and great for all skill levels and conditions. It has rigid design and it’s feels very similar to a hard board and made of Military Ultra Light PVC Drop Stitch Fabric. Board, Fully adjustable aluminum paddle measures from 65-82inches long, navigator ISUP travel backpack, shoulder strap, coiled leash, TPU waterproof bag, removable fin and double action pump in kit. is a source where the post Inflatable Paddle Boards (iSUPs) appeared first.

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  1. Red paddle board by Body Glove is the best model with extra wide bottom for improved stability and balance while standing. Highest quality military grade material (non-slip EVA foam). It’s ideal for all skill levels for less accidents or injuries should you fall.

  2. Stephan Knowles says:

    The Freein board is incredibly stable and easy to maneuver, making it perfect for both beginners and experienced riders. The kayak seat is a great addition and provides excellent balance and stability. When I want a more thrilling experience, I can simply remove the seat and enjoy stand-up paddling. The paddle is adjustable and comfortable to use, and the measurement marks on the paddle make it easy to switch between different lengths. Overall, I’m extremely satisfied with this paddleboard and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an exciting and versatile water adventure.

  3. I took a leap of faith with the Freein SUP and it blew me away! From tranquil paddling to thrilling adventures, this board does it all. Its sturdy construction and perfect dimensions provided exceptional stability and buoyancy, allowing me to bring along my furry friend. The added bonus of a GoPro mount captured unforgettable moments on the water. With top-notch materials and comprehensive accessories, this SUP board exceeded my expectations. It’s an investment that promises endless fun and cherished memories. Highly recommended!🏄‍♂️🏄‍♂️🏄‍♂️

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