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Kayak Types

Recreational Kayaks: For calm, inland waters. Very comfortable. Shorter, wider and more stable. Perfect for day trips. Sit-in, sit-on-top and inflatable options.

Inflatable Kayaks: Most pack down to suitcase size. Easy to transport — no roof racks needed. Usually 7-17 kg (15-37 lbs).

Hybrid Kayaks: Kayak-canoe or SUP-kayak hybrids are usually more stable than traditional kayaks. Commonly used by fishing kayakers.

SUP Types

All Around SUP boards: The most popular and versatile type of paddleboard.

Fishing SUP: Wide and stable. Large deck for gear. Available as hard composite boards or inflatables.

Inflatable Paddle Boards or iSUP: Inflatable paddle boards are the most popularhey Easy to transport and are compact for storage.