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It is always necessary to keep in mind a few important items while choosing the best electric trolling motor namely the way it is mounted to the boat or kayak, its weight, diving depth and others. In order to save your time we made the review and guide of the best trolling motors and presented them on our website with detailed description. You should study all the features and characteristics of models we offer in details before making up your mind and buying trolling motor for your boat.

Kayaks and canoes like all other boats require certain maintenance. One of the main point while taking care of your boat is protecting it from ultraviolet rays. Modern light material such as plastic, plexiglas, leather and composite materials (e.g. glass fiber, carbon fiber etc.) really require protection against UV rays. There are the best facilities for boat protection on our website. Protectant (wax) 303 as other tools placed on the site can not only make canoe presentable but also provide you an excellent protection against UV.

Those who prefer outdoor activities, especially kayaking and canoeing, know that comfort comes first. Seat Cushions can offer you as much comfort as possible. But before making right decision it is necessary to study available models and characteristics of seat cushions. We selected the best cushions which can not only amortize strikes but also provide perfect thermal insulation giving you maximum comfort.

Choosing a rubber boat is a rather complicated and tedious task, as it is important to consider a lot of factors and find the best compromise. To make it easy for you, we've selected the Top-10 inflatable boats for everything from family vacations to professional sports. For the sake of clarity, there is a comparison table with the main parameters on the page. Only the best boats from proven brands, of the highest quality and durability, are included in the list. Many of them have protection against cuts and punctures. Explore the options and make the right choice.

In addition, protecting yourself and your family during fishing and recreation from the sunlight is important. After all, being in the sun for too long has a lot of negative consequences. We have chosen universal tents for kayaks and canoes to create shade and the most comfortable conditions on the water; they are also good for inflatable boats and boats with a rigid frame. Check out the options and choose the most suitable tent for your boat.

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