About David Lee

Hi, my name is David Lee and I’m a kayak enthusiast. I got into kayaking at 10 years old with my first kayak. I love my first kayak. I remember the day I got it. It was so long ago, but I can still remember how excited we all were. My brother and sister and me, there we were in the back of our parents’ family van. We had been on a shopping trip for school supplies and they surprised us with new gear to get us started on kayaking at camp that summer when we came home!

I have been on the water ever since.

Professional Summary and Work Experience

As a professional boating instructor, I have the knowledge and experience necessary to teach beginners and intermediates how to kayak and SUP. I am also experienced in teaching children about safety rules while on the water. My background in sailing, canoeing, and kayaking ensures that I can answer any questions you may have about these topics.

My love for being outdoors led me to study Outdoor Recreation Management at Penn State University. I got my certification from the American Canoe Association to teach kayak and SUP lessons. I also became a Tour Guide with the ACA so that he could lead tours around various waterways throughout North America.

On top of all that, I have obtained certifications from both Red Cross CPR and First Aid courses!

Welcome to TheSandShore.com

David Lee is a kayaking enthusiast and the founder of TheSandShore.com. He started his website to share his past experience and knowledge with others in the hope that he can help more people become better kayakers.

In addition, David provides valuable advice to visitors on paddling techniques and safety procedures, as well as writing great articles about different aspects of paddle sports such as best practices for beginners, how to choose a kayak or tips for river running.