Kayak Manufacturers (Companies)

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There are too many kayak makers to mention in this article One of the common kayak makers are P&H kayakers. They make specialty kayaks. There are several other kayak makers and all of them have special niches within the field.
One of the makers located in Oregon is Pacific Wave Kayaks. They primarily retail online. Other kayak makers that retail online or have used ones for sale would include Colorado kayaks. Sea Eagle also ships directly to the consumer, as do some others who retail online.

Paddlepoint is Virginia based. They a distribution point for Point 65 N kayak products. Paddle Yak is a manufacturer of hybrid sit on boards. There are other makers of sit on board as well, some of the other makers of these types of boards are Perception and Prijon,and Pyranaha/Impex International. Prijon makes a number of plastic touring and whitewater kayaks as well.

Paddling Perfection is a non recreational boater kayak.They are one of the larger distributors of kayak products, and are based in New Zealand. They specialize in kevlar kayaks and racing kayaks and folding kayaks. Other kayak makers that make kevlar products are Peregrine and Paddling Perfection.

There are other kayak manufacturers that strictly make inflatable kayaks. These would include: Sea Eagle, high end products, Soar., and Qayak. These are quality products made to withstand rapids.

Other manufacturers include those who make folding kayaks for use with the traveling kayaker. These includePouchboats, and Seda kayaks, as well as Whalekraft.

Some of the makers of wooden kayaks are: Pygmy boats, Shearwater boats, River City Kayaks, and Roy Folland, which contain wooden kayak kits. There are also makers of sea kayaks as well.

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