How to Store Kayak or Canoe Outdoors — (p.2)

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How to Store Kayak or Canoe Outdoors — (p.2)

If you have a sit inside kayak, it might be good investment, some type of hatch cover or just make sure you’re keeping that area with some type of improvised tarp over top of it. Again, if you’re going to keep your kayak stored outside, try to do what you can to keep the direct sunlight off of it. It’s going to possibly warp and dry rot and fade out the hull of the boat. Also, you got a lot of other little elements too.

Then, of course, possibly the most important thing to keep in mind, you’ve seen it in some of the videos too, if you’re going to store them outside, especially for an extended period of time, invest in a good cable lock and lock that kayak up. You don’t want to go out to get your kayak the next time you want to hit the water, and it won’t be there. Don’t have that happen to you. Invest in some type of locking mechanism, so you can protect your valuable kayak.

Bottom line, again just to rehash on it, try to keep your kayak under some type of covered area if you can. If you don’t have that option, invest a few dollars in some type of tarp. Keep a tarp on it, don’t leave straps on it for an extended period of time and try to keep it out of the direct sunlight, direct heat, extreme cold, things like that. Try to protect it, because you protect a kayak, it’s going to last you for a long time.

best comparison is think about how your car is, where you park your car, what kind of damage do the elements do on your car? You probably take your car through car washes, pull a hose out on it regularly and clean them up or put some polish on it and some wax on it. You don’t always do that to your kayak. Put a little bit of love and care into your kayak, and it’ll last you a whole lot longer and it’ll look a lot better too. Thanks for watching, and we’ll catch you on the water. is a source where the post How to Store Kayak or Canoe Outdoors — (p.2) appeared first.

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