How to Store Kayak or Canoe Outdoors

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Last Updated June 1, 2023

Remember, think about your car. Does your car stay outside in the sun a lot? Think about the plastic, so the bumpers and plastic trim. You often see that kind of dry rotting where you can scratch into it, or the outer coating will crack off, or it’ll simply fade. Think, your kayak can go through the same type of elements.

Try to keep it inside: in a garage or a shed, under a carport. If nothing else, put a tarp over top of it. 15 bucks or so, you can ride to your local store, pick up a tarp, whatever size you want. Use battery straps, things like that. Put some type of cover over it.

Another couple of things you need to think about if you’re going to have your kayak stored for pretty long period of time outside in the elements, try not to leave, especially like in last video, ratchet straps on it. If it gets really hot, really cold, think about the boat and the strap are going to expand and contract. Also, if it’s really hot, your kayak itself can get a little bit softer. If you have it really cranked down with ratchet straps, can do some real damage to the hull of the boat.

If you’re going to leave it outside, try to put a tarp over it. For an extended period of time, don’t leave straps on it because it can cause some serious damage. Some other elements you need to think about too, what about trees? Do you have it under some sappy pine trees or under really leafy trees? Think about it. Those leaves are going to fall off the trees. They’re going to sit in the kayak. It’s going to rain, it’s going to have condensation on it. They can cause pretty nasty brown stains all over your kayak that aren’t always that easy to get out.

How to Store Kayak or Canoe Outdoors

How to Store Kayak or Canoe Outdoors Correctly

Then, the sap, what about sappy trees? You ever tried to get pine sap off the top of your car? Takes a lot of effort. What about birds? What about bugs? Things like that. If you have a sit inside kayak, you may have another option there, another thing you’re going to see too, a lot of us have seen that, where rats and squirrels and mice and stuff will like to come up inside your kayak, especially during the winter. You might find creepy crawlies hibernating in it. So, look at our top storage racks for indoor and outdoor boat storage. is a source where the post How to Store Kayak or Canoe Outdoors appeared first.

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