What color of paddle boards is the most popular?

Posted by Author David Lee

When it comes to inflatable stand up paddle boards (iSUPs), there’s a clear color favorite among paddlers: Red. This vibrant hue has become the go-to choice for many paddle boarders, and its popularity continues to rise. But what makes red inflatable paddle boards so popular?


First and foremost, red is a highly visible color. In the context of paddle boarding, this means that a red board will stand out on the water, making it easier for other water users to spot you. This can be particularly important for safety reasons, especially in busy waterways or when paddling in low light conditions.


From an aesthetic perspective, red is a bold and energetic color that often appeals to those looking for a board that matches their adventurous spirit. It’s a color that stands out, not just on the water, but also in photos – making it a great choice for anyone who likes to document their paddling adventures on social media.


Some of the most popular iSUP brands have chosen red as a key color in their design palette. This has helped to establish a strong visual identity for these brands and has likely contributed to the popularity of red iSUPs.

Psychological Impact

Colors can evoke certain feelings and emotions. Red is often associated with energy, passion, and action – all traits that align well with the dynamic nature of paddle boarding.

In conclusion, while the color of an inflatable paddle board may not affect its performance, it can certainly influence its appeal. And for many paddlers, red is the color that captures the essence of their sport: vibrant, exciting, and full of energy.

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