Moisture Retention in Military Sleeping Bag: What to do?

Posted by Author David Lee

Here are some tips for troubleshooting moisture retention in a military sleeping bag:

  1. Keep the sleeping bag dry: Military sleeping bags are known to retain moisture, which can reduce their insulation properties. To prevent moisture retention, you can try airing out your sleeping bag regularly and storing it in a dry place.
  2. Use a vapor barrier liner: A vapor barrier liner (VBL) can help prevent moisture from entering your sleeping bag. A VBL is a waterproof layer that you wear between your skin and your sleeping bag. It traps moisture and prevents it from entering the sleeping bag, keeping you and your sleeping bag dry.
  3. Assess the situation: If your sleeping bag gets wet, assess the situation to determine the extent of the damage. If the wetness is through and through a significant portion of your sleeping bag because you fell in a river or a mini flash flood blew through your tent, things are a little bit more serious.
  4. Squeeze out moisture: If your sleeping bag gets wet, squeeze (but don’t ring) as much moisture out as possible. Next, hang up your bag and let it drip dry further while keeping the dry parts from becoming wet.
  5. Avoid campfires: Don’t dry your sleeping bag by a campfire, as this can melt or destroy the fabric that holds it together.
  6. Upgrade your sleeping pad: Make sure you’re using a sleeping pad with a high enough R-value to protect you from heat loss as temperatures get colder. If your sleeping pad has a low R-value, upgrading to a pad with a substantially higher R-value should increase your comfort level.

Remember, moisture retention can be a serious problem for military sleeping bags, as it can reduce their insulation properties and make them less effective at keeping you warm. By taking steps to keep your sleeping bag dry and prevent moisture from entering it, you can help ensure that it provides the insulation you need to stay comfortable in harsh conditions. is a source where the post Moisture Retention in Military Sleeping Bag: What to do appeared first.

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