How to Dry Out a Wet Sleeping Bag

Posted by Author David Lee

Here are some tips for drying out a wet sleeping bag:

  1. Massage away clumps: As the sleeping bag dries, use your hands to gently break up any clumps inside, which speeds up the drying process.
  2. Hang the sleeping bag out to dry: Hang your sleeping bag out to dry each morning to prevent moisture from building up in the bag. Unzip the bag and fold it over a line strung between two trees, keeping it off the ground. Wind will speed evaporation, but your bag could take from several hours up to two days to dry completely.
  3. Use a commercial-size dryer: If possible, use a commercial-size dryer to dry your sleeping bag. Set the dryer on low heat to avoid melting delicate nylon fabrics. Run as many cycles as needed to completely dry the sleeping bag.
  4. Add tennis balls or sneakers: When a down sleeping bag is nearly dry, add two or three clean tennis balls (or a lightweight pair of clean sneakers) to the dryer. This will help break up any clumps of down and restore the loft of the sleeping bag.
  5. Wear extra layers: If your sleeping bag is just damp, you might need to wear some extra layers at night, but your body heat should help dry it out.
  6. Avoid campfires: Don’t dry your sleeping bag by a campfire, as this can melt or destroy the fabric that holds it together.

Remember, a wet sleeping bag can put a real damper on your trip, and even put you at risk for hypothermia. By taking steps to dry out your sleeping bag, you can help ensure that it provides the insulation you need to stay warm and comfortable in harsh conditions. is a source where the post How to Dry Out a Wet Sleeping Bag appeared first.

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