Explaining my trolling motor canoe

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Last Updated September 1, 2021
Explaining my trolling motor canoe

So what’s my set up here? First of all this is a 17-foot canoe, and the reason I want to make this post is there really isn’t a lot of information on doing a set up like this, and it’s so simple and so useful. So, I’ll just go over what I have. This here is Minn Kota 30 pound thrust, has five speeds.


This also telescopes out, and I’m running that with jumper cables that are connected right here, and it runs up to the motor battery which is just mid boat, and that is a 27 group size, so your common what’s look to be like a car batter in size that’s a 24, so that Fleet Farm battery there which is a marine RV deep cycle, that’s a 27 so it’s just a little bit bigger than average. Since I thought I’m probably not gonna run two batteries because I’m not gonna be out all day. But for my, so far for what I’m been using it for, this thing works great.


You can see we’re just putting along here. This is the first little notch on this. Oh that log looks like a good fishing spot. So anyways, I haven’t done a speed test but I will go through the gears. So it has five forward gears and three reverse. So this here is the first gear, and this is good for what I was using it just heading down the shoreline and casting in and it just keeps you putting along at a decent clip. Another gear are much faster than a person could paddle too! And for me to troll I get it at about three maybe four. Just about this speed, just kind of a nice little troll. And it works wonders for that.

So I was out yesterday and I charged up this battery and I’ve been out today. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a full reading from a full battery. But yesterday I was out for a couple hours and the battery read 11 point, I think it was seven eight on my multimeter. So today I’ve done definitely more. I’ve went, kind of show you hear. boat landing is kind of way, way on that side so I went through this channel made a loop around the big lake and now I came back on the smaller lake. Now someone asked, “Are you able to turn very good?” answer is yeah I can turn great. My boat has a keel, I believe it’s called, down the whole middle so it does track really well. And when you’re turning to your right it works great because you have nothing but open water.


But when you turn to your left it does kind of push against the boat, the thrust. But you still do turn, you just have to kind of turn it a little harder and it’s not as responsive. But I mean you can bring this boat right sideways, look at this. So I mean if you’re gonna get into a dock, say this is in reverse, I mean look at us, we’re going completely sideways right now.

So definitely and awesome set up if you’re looking to get in. I was on the other side of this. This is kind of like a little pointy island. But I was on the other side of this point of land and there’s some people there with some bigger boats and these people are about 100 yards off shore. Because there’s thick weeds and it get shallow in some spots. Well, I don’t have to worry about that because I can go really shallow with this thing because I can just raise it up if I have too and paddle. And I can get right in there. That’s something that those dudes in those big boats can’t do. So with that being said I think this is a sunflower seed thing. With that being said I’m fishing like the shoreline if you will and they’re out fishing the rock line.

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