Explaining my trolling motor canoe (p.2)

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Explaining my trolling motor canoe (p.2)

So regardless though that’s kind of my gist. And I mean like if you’re going full boar and you wanna turn this thing we can get turning pretty good. So it’s a really simple setup. If you had a battery charger you can get into it less than I. But the battery was 85 bucks and the trolling motor was $109 so 200 dollars if you had a battery charger, $250 if you need a battery charger. And you’re in this for really cheap setup. Now there is some limitations but overall you’re not gonna get from point A to point B very fast but you’re gonna get there and you’re gonna conserve your energy from paddling. Like I was on the other side of this bigger lake here and I went up this little creek but it was super weedy. So I just raised the trim, if you will, I just tilted this and started paddling. And that’s the great part about it.

You’re not gonna win any speed contests but it’s utterly silent. As I was going earlier this morning when the sun was just coming up and the fish were just kind of sitting near the surface, they would be right near me, you’d see the swirls. And you don’t really get that effect quite as close, you could almost have a net and scoop these fish up. That’s how silent, I mean you can just think of how quiet it is. So, yeah, that’s my take from this is I think it was I spent $250 because I got a new battery charger on this whole system. And it’s a beautiful setup. And you can fish all day now. I don’t know if you’d wanna do a multi fishing trip without charging that motor battery. But you could probably get three batteries, heck you could put 10 batteries in if your canoe is big enough.

It’s just a different way of doing it and I honestly think that when I was cruising the shore line, those people in the big boats, they were kind of looking like, “Dang that’s a good idea.” So I think that it’s good. You don’t have to bank fish and you don’t need to buy a 20000 dollars. And you can go fishing every weekend. So yeah, that’s kind of my take from it. Like I said I haven’t done a speed test. I have been meaning to, maybe I’ll get around to it today but, yeah it’s an awesome time. Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you later.

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