Best All-weather 10-18ft Jon Boat Covers Tested & Fully Reviewed

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10-18ft Jon Boat Covers
Jon boat cover is also known as fishing aluminum boat cover keeps your jon boat out of extreme elements. It's perfect for boat storage, mooring, and trailering for maximum protection against rain, dust, dirt, sand, sun, snow, UV, and birds. It's also waterproof, tear-resistant, UV-resistant and perfect outdoor storage for boats during summer or winter.

What is a jon boat cover?

A Jon boat cover is a protective fabric product with elastic and has tie-down straps that provide protection for your jon boat from extreme elements. They're are made of waterproof, mildew resistant material to keep out rain, dirt, sand, snow, or dust. They also protect against sun damage and UV rays which can accelerate rot on the fiberglass hulls and make them more susceptible to breakage during trailering. Aluminum boat covers are a valuable accessory for the avid outdoorsman who wants to protect their investment from any of these elements.

How to use jon boat covers?

Jon boats should always have a cover for jon boats installed before storing them outdoors, and they will last much longer with this protection against extreme elements such as rain and sun damage. It's easy to install because some models come with elastic cords which allow you to attach any side or front corner tightly around the vessel without having to tie knots every time!

How do I benefit from an aluminum boat cover?

  • The jon boat cover is perfect for protecting your jon boat when not in use.
  • It can be used to store the Jon boat at home, moor it onshore, or trailer it during transport.
  • It provides excellent coverage of both sides of the hull and decks that are exposed when your Jon Boat isn't in use.
  • Additionally, many stores will also offer custom covers thanks to their customizer.
  • They're also popular with many people because they look good and present the product in a different way than it would be if you left it out to dry on its own.
  • No matter what size of Jon boat you own, there are flat bottom boat covers available to accommodate it as long as the measurements fit within their guidelines.

What are the drawbacks of covers for jon boats?

  • For some models, the tie-down rope can be a little thin and slightly costlier than others.
  • Some can be not suitable for prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions or for trailering under very harsh weather conditions.
  • Thinner material (150D) can be not long-lasting.
  • Tie-Down Straps can be sold separately.

Types of jon boat covers

Universal Standard jon boat covers

The standard model comes in lengths from 15 feet up to 30 feet long for those who want more coverage than what's offered by a smaller size.  It also helps protect against dirt, dust, and bugs when not in use.

Elastic Jon boat cover

An elastic aluminum boat cover takes less time because there are no straps to tie down. It's a good option if you only need occasional protection for your Jon Boat and don't want the hassle of tying it down with bungee cords or ropes every time.

Standard Jon boat cover vs Elastic Jonboat Cover

A standard jon boat cover is made from one piece, so there are no seams that might split when put under pressure. The elastic models on the other hand have four pieces that can be pulled tight around the edges using adjustable straps so any gaps will not result in water getting into your boat while it sits outside awaiting use next season. This increased security comes at an additional cost however because these models tend to come at higher prices than their counterparts who require simpler techniques like tying them off with bungee cords.

Trailerable jon boat cover

A trailerable jon boat cover is designed to fit over your Jon Boat and connect to the tie-down points on either side of the Jon Boat. Some trailers have a tongue at one end which you can use to attach it securely with bungee cords or ropes, while other trailers may only be able to accommodate an elastic strap that will hold its front loaders in place.

Custom Jon boat covers

Custom covers for jon boats are made from a variety of materials. The most popular material is canvas, which can be water-resistant or fully waterproof depending on the type and strength of fabric you select. They also come in many different colors that will perfectly match your Jon Boat's paint job to keep it protected year-round.

12ft jon boat cover

It's a smaller model so it can be great for people who don't have a lot of storage space. Some models can also offer protection for the Jon Boat's motor and trailer, making them perfect for boats with motors or trailers that are stored outside during bad weather. It comes in both 12ft and 14ft sizes so it'll fit almost any Jon boat just fine!

14ft jon boat cover

It's an average size of jon boat cover, so it's perfect for people who have a little more storage space and want to keep their boats protected year-round. It comes in many different colors that will perfectly match your Jon Boat's paint job to protect the boat from sun damage!

16ft jon boat cover

It's the most popular size of aluminum boat cover and will do the best job at protecting Jon boats that are stored outside in bad weather. This size is also perfect for people who want to store their boat inside where it's safe and sound from sun damage! Most models are made of nylon with polyester tricot lining to protect the boat's finish from sun damage.

What is the best type of jon boat cover?

All types of jon boat covers are designed to keep your Jon Boat safe from elements, debris, or other items which could cause harm or damage while you’re not using your Jon Boat. The best type depends on what you need it for as well as how often you use your Jon Boat during harsh conditions like rain, snow, ice or heat exposure. If you only take out your Jonboat once seasonally then a lightweight slipcover might be perfect because they can be stored more easily than their heavier counterparts. However, if weather protection is a priority, then heavy-duty models are recommended.

What size of flat bottom boat cover do I need?

They're come in a variety of sizes and colors to suit your needs and depend on the parameters of your boat. Standard sizes are 16ft, 14ft, and 12 ft jon boat covers. So to do the right choice you need to know the length and beam width of your boat.

What materials do jon boat covers come in?

There are a variety of materials that vary from heavy-duty canvas to lightweight polyester. The most popular is the breathable fabric because it offers superior protection with lower maintenance, but for an added cost. Polyester Jon boat covers are the lightest. They can be folded up to a small size for easy storage, but they do not provide any protection from fading or UV damage because they have no breathability. So they should only be used with boats that will stay in one location all season long as if you put them on and then take them off, the cover will have to be re-stretched every time. Their advantage is that they are lightweight and waterproof but with no breathability - if you do not want your boat's paint job to fade, it would be best to get another material. Canvas Jon boat covers are a heavier weight than polyester, and also more waterproof. They provide protection from fading and UV damage but they do not breathe so condensation will build up inside the cover - which can lead to mildew or mold. If you get canvas models then it is best if your boating season lasts less than six months as these products need to be taken off every few weeks for airing out (and because of this, they should only be used with boats that stay in one location all time).

Polyester Jon Boat Covers VS Canvas Jon Boat Covers

Aluminum boat covers usually come in two types: polyester and canvas. The difference between them is that while canvas models are more lightweight, they aren't as durable or waterproof. Polyester models provide great protection from the elements and they also repel water which means that it won't get inside your cover if you're using a polyurethane-coated fabric. But they may not be so breathable - meaning condensation will build up inside it and produce mildew or mold unless you have an air vent on top of the cover (which helps prevent this). Canvas models don't offer as much protection because they are lighter in weight but the canvas is stronger than cotton cloth and better at resisting damage by UV light.

What is the best material for aluminum boat cover?

It depends on the size of your Jon boat. If you are looking for a model that is easy to store and remove, then go with a lightweight slipcover because it can be stored more easily than its heavier counterparts. If weather protection is important to you, heavy-duty models may be better suited for your needs. They are heavy and expensive but will protect your Jon boat from everything the elements can throw at it. Tip: Good model should be big enough to cover both sides of the boat.

Is flat bottom boat cover worth it?

It's worth it if you are looking for a lightweight slipcover. Heavy-duty covers for jon boat will protect the vessel from the elements and give your Jon boat an extra layer of protection, but they can be pricey. Tip: It should be big enough to cover both sides of the boat with some excess at either end so that when folded back over one side of the Jon Boat make sure there is no chance for water or debris to enter underneath them while stored on top.

Installing cover for jon boat

If your Jon boat is in good condition, then you will probably be able to install the jon boat cover yourself. It's worth checking out installation instructions first before starting so that you know what tools and materials are needed for the job.

What do you need to consider when buying jon boat cover?

Quality of construction

Reinforcement panels under bow, windshield, stern, and other strength stress points allow to last for many years. Rear air vents at both sides are great to reduce water condensation and wind pressure during trailering, storms, or other bad weather conditions. Heavy-duty elastic cord is sewn in around hemline for secure and snug fit.


Some of the best jon boat covers are the ones that have been weather-treated. Most of those will be the heavy-duty polyester variety, as that acts as a shield against the sun’s UV rays and mildew. Marine-grade waterproof, tear-resistant, UV-resistant polyester that serves longer than cheap models. Acrylic coated polyester is a breathable fabric good both for long-term storage and travel. Marine canvas has a good degree of thickness and exhibits superior colorfastness. Tip: When you pull the cover over your jon boat, you are going to be placing quite a bit of stress on the seams and material. So look for one which comes with reinforced fabric at the stern and bow areas as this is where weak points can typically occur. The higher the denier rating, the better as this will make the cover more resistant to rips and tears.


Durable and long-lasting material can protect a boat from all the weather such as wind, sand storms, sun, and rain, etc. Tip: Quality aluminum boat cover should be able to withstand all weather conditions, so it is a wise idea to spend more money on top quality materials and thicker fabric with a higher denier rating.


There are some features that make some models very comfortable to use:
  • the extra roomy cut provides extra room for accessories such as bow rails, running lights, seats, etc.;
  • double stitch at all seams allow longer-lasting use;
  • large storage bag gives ease to store features;
  • tie-down straps are convenient for storage too;
  • elastic hem with sew-in elastic cord for a custom fit to different boat shapes.


Models are available in various sizes and colors. Choose from grey, blue, navy, hunter green, teal, black, cranberry, sand.


Look out for other models that claim to be water-resistant when they only offer partial protection. With good cover for jon boat, the inside is coated in PU rubber and a seam seal assures your boat remains dry after rainstorms.

Boat length

Models fit boat lengths from 11' up to 20'. To make right choise nedd just need to know you boat length.

Beam width

Most models fit beam widths 48"-86".

Set includes

Standart sets usually include a coil of webbing for a cut to length straps that go through the buckles and mesh storage bag.

Shock cords and straps

The model with sewn-in shock cords will also help to reduce wind lofting and can be secured tightly around your boat. Strapping the cover down securely will protect against rain and any critters who think your boat is a nice, warm place to live.

Air vents

Having air vents will reduce any moisture and damp gathering inside the boat and cover, so spend a little more time and buy a jon boat cover with air vents in it. Air vents will help prolong the life of your cover and protect the inside of your vessel. Air vents will also prevent the wind from flipping the cover-up, tearing it off, or ripping it.


Thanks to durable material, the jon boat cover should resist rips, tears, and holes during bad weather conditions. Heavy-duty models also should last for years.

Ease to use

Integrated buckles are combined with adjustable straps for both convenience and safety.

Weather protection

All-weather protection feature helps covers to be mildew resistant, UV resistant, and water repellent.

Easy store

The set usually includes a meshing carrying bag with convenient handles to store cover for jon boat inside it.

Trailering strap system

The best models come with trailered straps, so you can quickly and easily tie the cover down and better secure your Jon to your trailer.
  • Integrated buckle and strap system provides easy fitting.
  • Adjustable straps to quickly snap into place for safe trailering.
  • Straps are different for small and large boats.


Universal jon boat covers can be fitted for boats of different sizes. They are trailerable or non-trailerable. These models can also be used for Jon boats with outboard motors.

Covering an outboard motor

If you don’t have a separate cover for your outboard motor, the model with an outboard motor covering feature will work great. In fact, even if you do have an outboard engine cover, it’s better to pick a longer model so you can double-up on protection.

Inner support

When storing a boat, it is imperative to have supports inside the boat to help pitch up the cover and prevent water or snow from gathering. You also might not need support if you leave your seats in the upright position because this will work just as well.

Important tips to using for aluminum boat cover

  • Covers for jon boats are easy to remove if you need access to the inside of the craft but will stretch back over when not in use so they don't take up much room when not in use.
  • They're perfect for outdoor storage where there's no shelter from various weather conditions such as wind and snow.

How to care about jon boat covers?

Though models are made from polyester, polypropylene, or polyethylene, they can be easy to maintain. To wash these materials use either mild soap and water. However, be careful not to use a soap that is too abrasive. Harsh soaps can strip away the properties used on your cover and technically you don’t really have to use soap at all. One of the more practical features that aluminum boat covers come with is a storage bag. These bags are often made from the same materials as the actual boat cover to provide maximum protection and minimization of material wear and tear. Once the cover is stored in its bag, store it in a cool and dry location. The attached carry-bag is just as sturdy as the cover itself - but carelessly storing can lead to damage such as from animal scratches or pest infestation. Protect the product by keeping it away from sharp objects, chemicals, gasoline, or liquids. Wash with water and not detergent to remove oil stains. Hang cover up to dry and use a storage bag in between uses to keep dust off of it. Be sure your boat is clean before storing it under a cover for an extended period of time.

How do I wash my flat bottom boat cover?

You need just to use water and soap to wash the cover. You should remove the fabric from the frame and soak it in a bucket or dishpan filled with water mixed with soap for 15-20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. You can also use bleach to clean off dirtier parts of your jon boat cover. Make sure you're washing it away from dog’s and children's reach. They should be washed at least once every year, and more often if you find that it is getting dirty quickly or doesn't look as clean as usual after washing. You can also use a cleaner or restorers to remove water spots before storing them for the offseason.

Cover for jon boat storage tips

Once the cover is stored in its bag, store it in a cool and dry location. The attached carry-bag is just as sturdy as the cover itself - but carelessly storing can lead to damage such as from animal scratches or pest infestation. Protect the product by keeping it away from sharp objects, chemicals, gasoline, or liquids. Wash with water and not detergent to remove oil stains. Hang cover up to dry and use a storage bag in between uses to keep dust off of it. Be sure your boat is clean before storing it under a cover for an extended period of time.


What boat cover support system is suitable for a jon boat?

The aluminum boat cover is a full-length product that can be used to protect your Jon boat from the elements. Jon boats are usually about 12 feet long and draw an average of around four inches so they typically require at least two tie-downs in order to secure them for transport. You should also know if you have any attachments on your Jon or other equipment that will affect how many tie-downs you need, such as a fishing rod holder near the bow (front) end of the hull. If there's anything else hanging off your Jon like storage boxes, trailering lights, or gas tanks, these may impact what type of suspension system is required too.

Do I need a boat cover support system for an aluminum boat?

A jon boat may not be large, but it does have its limitations in terms of weather and wind. A boater should consider using a cover support system to better secure the vessel while traveling in potentially treacherous conditions. Supporting a large jon boat cover might be necessary with certain models, such as a 20 ft jon boat cover. Your cover may come with elastic bands and webbing straps, but a support system for the boat will ensure it stays secure.

What is the best material for a flat bottom boat cover?

The most popular material for jon boat covers is UV-resistant polyester fabric. The durable material blocks 98% of the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays and protects your vessel from deteriorating in color or fading under the harsh glare of sunlight. Polyurethane-coated vinyl, such as those found in a camper shell, also does well to shield your jon boat from harmful conditions while still being easy to clean with soap and water when you're done boating. If you are looking for more protection than just blocking out UV light then consider using canvas backed by PVC tarpaulin which will defend against any moisture that may get underneath it during inclement weather. Cotton canvasses offer good coverage but can be difficult to manage on boats with a lot of foot traffic.

What jon boat cover type is right for me?

Jon boat covers come in three main types: polyurethane-coated vinyl, canvas-backed with PVC tarpaulin, and cotton canvasses. With each type, you will get a different level of protection for your vessel from the elements.

What is a good thickness for jon boat cover?

The durability of fabric can be quantified with denier, a measurement that describes the thickness of the fiber and its diameter. A minimum of 300 is recommended for long-distance travel, but 600 or 12-ounce textiles are much more durable.

Are canvas aluminum boat covers waterproof?

Yes, canvas models are waterproof. Furthermore, manufacturers offer an additional five-year manufacturer warranty aside from the one-year manufacturing warranty for fading or fraying.

How do I store my jon boat cover?

When storing your cover, make sure that you roll up your tarpaulin tightly so that no water gets under it and always dry off any debris before rolling it back down again. It is also important to keep this storage area well ventilated in order to prevent mildew from forming on the inside of the fabric. To get rid of bugs quickly, spray some insect repellent underneath your jon boat cover.

What does the D stand for in boat covers?

When it comes to polyester fabric, the “D” on a label stands for denier, which relates to its thickness. A 1200-denier polyester is twice as thick as 600-denier material, but your cover may have failed due to UV degradation rather than lack of strength. If so, just buying thicker material may not give you twice the service life because of the sun's effect on polymer chains.

What is the best denier for boat cover?

For marine grade products, fabrics rated in the range of 600 – 1200 denier are commonly used. The higher the fiber denier, the more durable and heavy-duty a fabric is; however, with these high-denier materials, you may experience more abrasion and will be paying more for them as well.

What does trailerable jon boat cover mean?

A heavy-duty elastic cord sewn into the cover combines with integrated tie-down straps to allow for a tight fit. The reinforced panels are placed on the bow, windshield, stern, and other points of high stress while the seams have double stitch for increased strength.

Do jon boat covers keep water out?

They need to be watertight but also allow air to circulate. Remaining moist can lead to mildew and mold, which is why boat coverings should allow enough airflow for the fabric to dry out.

Do flat bottom boat covers cover the motor?

Some models design to cover not only the boat but also the motor. They can be found in various lengths and sizes to protect against everything from sun damage to accidental scrapes. They're the ideal way to protect your boat while it is anchored in the water or sitting on dry land.

Should I travel with a boat cover?

Depending on the size of your boat, some models can be too big and bulky to travel with. If you're looking for a model that doesn't take up much space in storage or when being transported, consider purchasing a lightweight model.

Does my jon Boat need a cover?

A jon boat needs protection from sun damage as well as UV rays! Depending on where you live, there may also be regional laws requiring boats to have some form of covering over them while they are not in use. Larger jon boat covers provide more coverage and offer better protection against both heat waves and direct sunlight which lead to discoloration and fading. Are black boat covers hot? This is a common misconception. As jon boat covers are designed to help protect boats from the sun and heat, black colored models can't be hot for boat storage even under the sun.

Can I install my jonboat cover myself?

The majority of models can be installed with basic tools that you may already have at home. Some models come pre-packaged with the hardware necessary for installation.

How do I measure my jon boat to choose the right boat cover?

Measure your Jon Boat length (L) by measuring from the bow of the front deck all the way back past where it ends at the stern, including bumpers that may be placed there if they have not been cut off yet. Measure the width (W), with both sides extending equal distance outwards beyond its edges – this should include any footrests or handles located along either side as well. Use these measurements to determine what size cover for jon boat you'll need.

How long does flat bottom boat cover last?

It will last as long as you take care of it. When not in use it's important to store it out of the sun whenever possible. A jon boat cover that has been properly taken care of can last 7-12 years or more. is a source where the post 10-18ft Jon Boat Covers appeared first.

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