Best Plastic Portable Marine Boat Outboard Fuel Tanks

Posted by Author David Lee
We have fuel tanks for our review, fuel line and some male and female connectors. And a couple different products here, we're really excited about these products as these are our best selling products and our one-of-a-kind products, because of different reasons. The first is that they are made from a high-density material. The second is the gouge is something that we provide with all our tanks, where most of our competitors don't provide that. And then the third is that we have multiple different combinations with our tanks, our fuel lines and our male and female connectors. We have a three gallon six gallon and 12 gallon tank and all these combinations work with all these different tanks. But to demonstrate how these combinations work and which other ones that we have, we're gonna take the three guide just because it's smaller and it's easier to maneuver, but something really important - you don't want to go out into the ocean without having an extra tank. Super important, so you want to make sure that you get one of the five ocean gallon tanks - the three six or twelve whichever one you prefer you want to make sure that you get it. So let's go over some of the combinations that we have. The first combo that we have is a 3/8 male connector, we also have a 5/16, it comes with the male connector and a hose clamp. Now something interesting that you want to know - when you connect these male connectors is do you want to buy a plumbing tape to be able to wrap it or some type of sealant, when you place it and you screw it in to the vent. So once you screw it in you connect your hose, it's a universal, you attach your hose clamp tighten it and it should work once you've run your holes into your actual motor. The second combination that we have is the same thing a male universal connector with the hose clamp and one of fuel lines. So you want to take your hose clamp type it to the hose and then attach the hose to the your male connector and then tighten it with a screwdriver. So that it's nice and snug, I'm not gonna demonstrate that you're gonna be here for a while I were to do that. So you want to tighten it up nice and snug and you're good to go. And then the last and the most important combo that we provide is a Yamaha, Mercury or Johnson male connector which is suitable for any other brands out there. You want to do the same thing provide a sealant, screw it in nice and tight. And then we have the male and we have the female connector with the hose clamp, we didn't go into doing them separately. You would take the end of your female connector, simply push it through into your male connector and then you have your connection now. What's so interesting about these particular connections with Yamaha, Mercury or Johnson, just the name of some of the few brands, is that once you connect the male connector to our tanks they become an original for whatever brand you're using. Therefore, what that means is that once you connect a female to the male and you have another tank that may be a Yamaha or Mercury or Johnson or any other brand, you can simply detach this connection and connected to that original tank, because they do become original. So that's something very interesting to note about our combinations which others don't provide that, they're simple, they're easy installation process and they work with multiple different brands which is huge. is a source where the post Marine Boat Outboard Fuel Tanks appeared first.

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