Best Outboard Motor Covers

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Outboard Motor Covers

Outboard motor covers are essential protective accessories for boaters, safeguarding their engines from the elements and prolonging their lifespan. These covers shield outboard motors from UV rays, rain, dirt, and debris, preventing corrosion and maintaining peak performance. Key points include their durable materials, often featuring waterproof, UV-resistant fabrics, and reinforced stitching for longevity. Some covers come with additional features like adjustable straps for a snug fit, ventilation systems to prevent moisture buildup, and even integrated storage bags for convenience. Outboard motor covers are available in various sizes to fit different motor models, making them a practical investment for boat owners seeking to preserve the value and reliability of their engines, whether during transportation or storage.

Outboard Motor Covers Types

Several types of outboard motor covers are available, designed to cater to different needs and preferences. Here are some common types:

  1. Universal Covers: These covers are designed to fit a wide range of outboard motor sizes. They provide basic protection against elements like sun, rain, and dust but may not offer a custom fit.
  2. Custom-Fit Covers: Made specifically for a particular outboard motor model, these covers offer a precise fit, ensuring maximum protection and minimizing any loose or flapping material.
  3. Full-Coverage Covers: These covers envelop the entire outboard motor, offering comprehensive protection from all sides. They are particularly useful for long-term storage or during transportation.
  4. Half-Covers: These covers protect the top portion of the outboard motor, including the cowling and controls. They are easy to install and provide sufficient protection for short-term storage.
  5. Sunbrella Covers: Made from Sunbrella fabric, known for its exceptional UV resistance, these covers provide superior protection against sun damage, making them ideal for boats stored in sunny environments.
  6. Trailerable Covers: Specifically designed for use during transportation, these covers feature reinforced straps and a snug fit to prevent wind from getting under the cover while the boat is on the move.
  7. Waterproof Covers: These covers use waterproof materials to keep moisture out, preventing water damage during storage or when the boat is moored.
  8. Engine-Cowling Covers: Focusing primarily on protecting the engine cowling, these covers are often used when the boat is moored or docked for extended periods.
  9. Heavy-Duty Covers: Built with extra durable materials, these covers offer enhanced protection against abrasion, rough handling, and harsh weather conditions.

When choosing an outboard motor cover, consider the type of protection you need, the climate and environment where your boat will be stored, and whether you require a custom fit for optimal results.


Inboard-Outboard Engine Cover by Suzuki Outboard

has double fastening straps. UV Resistant model. Fading and squeaking in sunlight, rain, wind, UV rays preventing.

Full Inboard/Outboard Motor Cover fits Mercury or Honda Engines

and it has polyester canvas with an advanced coating technology assures maximum water resistance, UV protection and breathability. Elasticized hem and buckle fastening ensures a smooth snug fit. Designed and tailored to fit specific Outboard Motors Models to give a secure close fit.

Small Inboard/Outboard Motor Cover fits Yamaha Engines

and it is excellent for trailering and storage. Advanced coating technology assures maximum water resistance, UV protection, breathability.

Full Outboard Motor/Engine Cover

has non-Abrasive soft lining. Woven nylon cord to pull cover securely around engine. Reinforce top stitched seams.

Custom Fit Boat Motor Cover for Storage

is the model where marine canvas won’t fade, Color Bleed, or Stain. Durapel Coated For Max Water Repellency – UV and Mildew Resistant. Easy Slip-On Design Made to Fit Closely. 1 Year Warranty.

Waterproof Ventilated Boat Motor Cover by ProtX

has air vents, buckles, elastic, fashionable material. Double fastening straps. Heavy duty polyester on the outside covered with a water-repellent spray for ultimate protection and a PVC backing. UV Resistant model.

Waterproof Boat Full Outboard Engine/Motor Cover, Full Outboard Engine Cover by Flymei

is designed with drawstring and zip fastener, easy to install or remove it without tools. Oxford cloth + PVC coating, 100% waterproof. Preventing the motor from fading and squeaking in sunlight, rain, wind, UV rays, extend your motor service life.

Full Waterproof Outboard Cover for Boat Engine by Seamander

is made of marine-grade heavy-duty, waterproof polyester. Prevent fading and creaking on motor from exposure to sun, wind, rain, etc. Drawstring and zipper provides secure snug fit.

10-200 HP Outboard Engine/Motor Cover by Seamander

has waterproof Oxford fabric, breathable and durable. Perfect for boats that require separate outboard motor protection. Drawstring closure on bottom hem cinch the cover tightly to the motor.


How to remove water stains from outboard motor cover?

You can use special marine protectant with water repellent features.

What kind of paint is used to paint outboard motor cover?

You don’t need to paint the cover, just use special protectant sprays.

Boat Motor Covers Statistics

1. 96% of boat owners prefer to use an outboard motor covers.

2. The average boat owner spends $100-$300 on an outboard motor cover.

3. 55% of boat owners say they use their outboard motor cover all the time, while the other 45% only use it when they know they will be gone for more than a day.

4. 30% of boat owners say they believe that an outboard motor cover is necessary to protect their investment, while the other 70% see it as a nice to have but not a necessity.

5. The top three reasons why boat owners use an outboard motor cover are:

  1. To protect the engine from the sun and weather.
  2. To keep the engine clean.
  3. To prevent theft.

Other reasons include:

  • To protect against corrosion.
  • To reduce noise.
  • For peace of mind.

6. The top three companies that boat owners purchase their outboard motor covers from are:

  1. Yamaha,
  2. Honda ,
  3. Suzuki.

7. The average lifespan of an outboard motor cover is 2-5 years.

8. The most common complaint about outboard motor covers is that they are difficult to put on and take off.

Other complaints include:

  • They are not durable.
  • They are not waterproof.
  • They are too expensive.

9. The top features that boat owners look for when purchasing an outboard motor cover are:

  1. Durability.
  2. Waterproofing.
  3. Ease of use.
  4. Ventilation.
  5. Storage.

10. The majority of boat owners say they would recommend an outboard motor cover to a friend.

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  1. I have a Suzuki cover for my new engine and it is keeping it as good as new. We have been through a few horrible storms here including hail storms. This thing has kept dents off of my motor even though it was pretty bad. Just glad I spent the money on a good product that will last!

  2. I got the Eevelle outboard motor engine cover some time ago and it really fits my engine quite well. The last one I had was bunching in a bunch of different places and it makes me think that maybe I goofed and bought the wrong one. Oh well!

  3. Oceansouth Mercury Outboard Storage is excellent for trailering and storage, it is made of polyester canvas with an advanced coating technology and has protective soft felt inner lining to give a secure close fit. Fits like a glove and very good quality. Would certainly recommend.

  4. Waterproof Boat Motor Cover by Flymei is excellent for off-season storage or as a quick cover. It good for full outboard engine 6-15 HP and it can prevent the motor from fading and squeaking in sunlight, rain, wind, UV rays, extend your motor service life. The model has strong zip fastener, easy to install or remove it without tools.

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