How to Row a Boat/Canoe

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How to Row a Boat/Canoe

Give yourself a push away from the dock. Put your oar in the oar lock on both sides. When you’re rowing in a rowboat, you will row backward, meaning your back is faced where you’re going to be going. That’s how the boat is designed.

point of the boat, or the bow, needs to be cutting the water, and you should be pushing like a barge with the end of the boat that’s straight like this. So, when you row, you’re using your whole body, so you lean forward, put your oars in the water, and then you pull and lean all the way backward. That’s how you move. So, the more you pull with your abs, the faster you will go. If you pull with the same strength on your right side as on your left side, you should go straight. If you need to turn, you can either drag a paddle, or you can paddle with one.

So, if I paddle with the left paddle, just do that one, I’m only paddling with one, I will eventually turn into a circle. But, this is very slow, because I’m only using one oar? If I want to spin a little bit faster, then you can use both paddles, and you would spin by holding with one and pushing with the other, and because they’re both doing two different actions, they’re going to spin you a lot faster.

So instead, you go like this, and you spin a lot faster. Eventually, you’ll get used to using the oars as an extension of your hands, much like a fish uses their side fins to stabilize themselves in the water.

It’s very important that you become comfortable with navigating in a your boat, no matter — rigid or blow up canoe or boat. When you dock back to shore, so let’s send it around again, roll back using your abs leaning forward and backward. Try that to look over your shoulder once in a while, and see where you’re going. Aim the bow, the pointed part of the boat towards the dock, and then swing fast. Lift one oar up, take it out. Use the other art to kind of push yourself up to the dock. Put the other paddle in the boat and take it out, and then you’re going to hook back up. Then you hook up to the vertical pillars. They go around the pole and attach it right back.

So, I’m going towards the side that the knot is, around this lebar, crossing over in front, and attaching this clip back onto the rope, and then you’re done.

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