How to Install Boat Ladder

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How to Install Boat Ladder

Step 1

First, figure out where you want it to go and the height of the ladder. For the boat ladder to be installed, you must plot up drill points and other markings. The markers are erased easily with a soft, erasing pencil or easily displaced by covering them in adhesive tape. This prevents any further scratching of the boat’s surface.

Step 2

When marking out your area for the boat ladder, make sure the overall width is well away from the boat’s motor and draw an outline.

Step 3

You may need to reposition a boat ladder if it is installed over holes in the transom that you don’t want to drill.

Step 4

We need to determine the minimum height of the ladder. Keeping within the general shape of the ladder, position it with two rungs below sea level.

Step 5

Make a small hole at the location where you want to mount it. The hole should be large enough for a nail or screw, but not so wide that the bracket will fall out when turned over.

Install brackets by inserting them into one of these holes and tapping them in with a rubber mallet; make sure they are sitting fully within their respective holes before turning the bracket right-side up again.

Step 6

Choose the right drill bit: the bit needs to be at least as wide as the bolt’s fastener. It also needs to suit the material:

  • Use PVC/timber bits for fiberglass
  • Use metal bits for metal

Cords can pose a safety hazard in the event of an accident. Use a cordless drill instead for safety measures, and take care to wear protective goggles when drilling holes near water.

Step 7

Next, fill the screw holes with boat sealant and mount the bracket using bolts or a locking nut.

If using a sealant, be sure to follow the drying instructions. They will give you an estimation of when it can be used again. is a source where the post How to Install Boat Ladder appeared first.

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