3 Ways How to Clean and Prevent Corrosion on Wakeboard Tower Racks

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Wakeboard tower racks are a must-have for any water sports enthusiast. They hold wakeboards when they not in use during boating. But did you know that if neglected, these racks could lead to corrosion? Follow these tips on how to clean and prevent corrosion on wakeboard tower racks!

Cleaning your wakeboard tower racks

Use warm water and mild soap to remove any dirt or residue off your tower racks. Be sure to use a non-abrasive soapy solution and avoid using bleach, muriatic acid, soda or other harsh chemicals. Spraying the racks with hot water can help loosen up any gunk stuck on there.

Roller nautical grade nylon brush is great for deep cleaning your rack without harming the paint finish.

Preventing corrosion on wakeboard tower rack

Add an anti-corrosive agent/protector to prevent future corrosion from saltwater

There are anti-corrosion treatment products that work well as an anti-corrosion spray for wakeboard tower racks and other marine products . They use anti-fungal agent to protect your tower racks from corrosion.

Some products use a high tech nano technology that provides a durable protective barrier against the elements while it protects the underlying finish as well.

Tips to prevent and clean corrosion from happening to

To prevent corrosion from happening to your wakeboard tower racks, it’s important that you clean them regularly. After every use or once a week, take the time to spray anti-corrosion agent and wipe down all of the surfaces with a soft cloth. It is also wise to remove any excess water after you use these products in order to prevent rusting on the metals.

Tip: Always keep your wakeboard racks and other marine products out of direct sunlight, especially on hot days when temperatures are above 90 degrees Farenheit. UV rays can damage anything made of metal over time so be sure to take precautions when storing items made from aluminum or steel in the sun!

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