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Wakeboard Towers

Boat wakeboard towers are innovative structures that have transformed the water sports experience, adding excitement and performance to boating adventures. These sleek, elevated frameworks, usually constructed from sturdy materials like aluminum or stainless steel, are specially designed to accommodate wakeboard enthusiasts. Key points about these towers include their ability to elevate the towrope, creating a higher point for riders to catch more air and execute stunning tricks. They also offer a stable platform for mounting light-speaker bars, and wakeboard tower racks for additional equipment, optimizing the boating atmosphere. Boat wakeboard towers are a must-have for serious wakeboarders, providing enhanced aerial capabilities and maximizing the fun factor on the water.

What is a ski/wakeboard tower?

A wakeboard tower is a frame that is mounted to the hull of an inboard boat. It can elevate the tow point that lets you wakeboard without constantly having to fight against the wake of the boat which is crucial to wakeboarding specifically. Wakeboarding will be much easier and more exciting!

What’s also great about wake towers is how easy they make installation – many people can install their own rather than hiring someone else to come out for an hour or two jobs like most other things on boats these days! Wakeboard Towers also provide storage of your gear underneath them, which is a great feature for wakeboarders or any other board sports enthusiast.

It’s also important to know that tower may be designed differently depending on the model, and you’ll want to make sure it matches your boat before buying one. If not, then it won’t work properly.

How do wake towers work?

Wakeboard boat towers are made to be mounted on a boat and to elevate the tow point which makes wakeboarding much easier and more exciting for wakeboarders!

The tower has two mounting points on either side of it that attach firmly to the hull, then you screw in bolts into these holes. The top section is what holds your wakeboards out over the water as well as providing storage below them. Some models even have space inside where you can store other gear like life jackets or ropes if needed.

If anything goes wrong with your boat wake tower, don’t worry – most problems happen because something was not tightened down properly when installing, so just make sure everything is tight before hitting any water.

How to use a wakeboard tower?

First, you’ll want to make sure that the wakeboard-ski tower matches your boat because as we mentioned before it’s important for the tow point to be elevated and properly angled so wakeboarding is easier.

Installation is usually quite easy – just attach two mounting points (side of the hull) then screw in bolts into these holes on the top section with storage beneath. It also might require a few cable ties but shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes at most!

As you wakeboard behind your boat, the wake of the motorboat pushes against your board and makes it difficult to stay in place. A universal wakeboard tower elevates the point where everyone can start their wakeboarding from which means they don’t have to deal with this constant.

The best metal for wake tower

The best metal for a wakeboard tower is usually aluminum. An aluminum pipe frame provides a wakeboarder with the perfect platform to wakeboard because it’s strong, lightweight and durable, impact-resistant. It’ll not bend, creak or break during extreme wakeboarding sessions, which makes it an excellent choice for water sport activity.

The right finish for wakeboard boat tower

The wake tower is the perfect accessory for wakeboarding behind your boat, but it’s important to make sure you’re getting one that matches your style. There are two types of finishes: Powder coat and galvanized steel which both have their pros and cons.

Powder-coated models

They’re designed with a protective finish applied to the metal frame so they don’t rust or corrode as easily as other metals when exposed to salt water over time. This makes them great in areas where there is more rainfall because powder-coating provides greater protection than just painting an area with paint alone! However, this level of corrosion resistance doesn’t come without consequences – most people find that a wakeboard boat tower made from powder coating feels stiffer.

Galvanized models

They’re often made from steel that has been galvanized which means it’s coated with a metal (Zinc or Iron) to protect the steel against corrosion. This is good because you don’t have to worry about your wakeboard/ski tower for boat corroding over time, but at the same time this comes with some problems as well – galvanizing can make wakeboard towers more expensive and heavier than other metals.

Types of wake tower for boat

Ski or wakeboard towers are appearing on all kinds of boats. You’ll find them on runabouts. You’ll even find them on pontoons. But no matter what kind of boat you have, if you’re considering a tower, there are certain things that you need to look for to make sure it’s going to be functional, safe, and hold up for the long term.

Fixed wakeboard tower

The model is mounted to the boat with the opportunity to disassemble for storing and provides a fixed level wakeboarding point every time. It can’t be folded for a time when it is not in use.

Collapsible wakeboard tower

This model is perfect for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of a permanent installation. It’s made of an aluminum pipe frame like other boat wake towers, but it folds up when not in use or can be taken apart which makes it much easier to store on your boat. These wake towers might also have an issue with weight and size since it’s designed that way – if you need more storage space then this is not the best option!

Universal boat wake tower

A universal wakeboard tower is great for wakeboarding behind any type of boat because it can be installed on both metal and wooden hulls. These products also come with a variety of mounting positions which means you can find one that matches your needs perfectly!

Folding wakeboard tower

This model is perfect for those who don’t have the room to store it on their boat because it folds up when not in use. They’re also made of aluminum pipe frame, so they provide great strength and durability which is crucial if you want your wakeboarding experience to be enjoyable!

What size of wakeboard tower do I need for my boat?

Wake or ski towers are typically chosen based on the size of the boat they will be installed onto. Before you pick the right model, make sure you properly measure its length and width in order to select one that suits your needs.

Width is measured from side to side and length measures the distance from one end of your tower to the other. When determining the width, you should measure from one side of your boat’s widest beam to the other. It is also important to measure the centerline length of your boat’s hull. You will need help to measure.

What is the best size of wake tower for wakeboarding behind my boat?

This is a common question that many people ask themselves when they’re ready to start wakeboarding and don’t know what size boat wake tower will work best for their needs. As the width of your tower increases, so does the height of your wakeboard because it provides more room for riders. This means that if you have tall riders in your group or plan on using bigger boards then a taller model would be perfect! The length should also match up with how wide the beam of your boat is – wider beams can support longer towers whereas narrower boats need shorter ones.

How do I benefit from a boat wake tower?

  • It makes it easier to wakeboard.
  • It adds an elevated tow point and modernizes a boat’s look.
  • It provides riders additional hang time and it’s easier to move around the boat.
  • It comes in different sizes for wakeboarding behind a variety of boats.
  • It protects from the sun in the case of using the tower’s sunshade.
  • It adds fun and functionality – provides a place for mounting light-speaker bars.
  • It provides a place for wakeboard racks.

What are the drawbacks of ski tower?

  1. Fiberglass boats require backer plates to help hold the towers in place.
  2. Some models are not shaking free.
  3. Trendier models sometimes have more joints in their frame than the premium models.
  4. Larger boats are more expensive to purchase and maintain, which may be an issue for some people. The wakeboard is not always visible from the boat because it’s raised too high – this means that you have to move.
  5. Some models do not include backer plates.

Is wakeboard tower worth it?

Ski tower for the boat is worth the investment for wakeboarding behind your boat because it can improve wakeboarding in many ways and make it easiest and more interesting.

It’s an excellent investment that can make wakeboarding easier, provide protection against the sun, and provide a place for speakers.

What is the best place for universal wakeboard tower on a boat?

The wakeboard tower should be installed at the stern of your boat, behind where it’s least likely to get hit.

Do you plan on installing the wakeboard boat tower yourself?

Some models come with an instructional DVD so you can do it yourself or have someone help you out! Anyway, all hardware that you need is included in the set.

Ski-Wakeboard tower installing

The wake tower installing process is not that difficult, it just takes a little bit of time and effort to finish the whole installation. Make sure you are following all instructions from the instruction manual or DVD in order for your tower install to go as smooth as possible!

For easy installation, please check all mounting hardware is included in the kit. Check for the top tube options, slide-to-adjust functionalities, recessed bolts, hidden screws, and the overall quality of the hull mounts.

If anything went wrong during this process, contact the manufacturer immediately so they can help solve the issue.

What is important when choosing a wake tower?


When it comes down to choosing a boat wake tower, you have two options: aluminum or fiberglass-made models. Both types will work great but there are some differences between them that you should know about before making your decision!

The wakeboard tower is traditionally made of aluminum but it can also be fiberglass. It’s important to know that using the aluminum model will generate more heat from the sun than using a fiberglass boat wake tower because metal heats up faster and stays hot for longer periods of time.

Aluminum wakeboard tower comes with a lot of benefits such as being easier to install, lighter in weight, durable against corrosion and rust and they generate less heat than other material models so this type of wake boat tower is perfect if you’re going out on lakes or during winter months where temperature can drop below.

Fiberglass wakeboard tower is easier to maintain – they don’t rust or corrode as steel metals do! On top of that, they insulate better in colder weather which is perfect if you’re using your wakeboard on lakes, rivers, oceans, and other bodies of water during winter months.

Steel wakeboard tower is cheaper but not as tough and long-lasting as the fiberglass model. They also require a lot of care because they can easily rust if not treated properly with sandblast or powder coating for anti-corrosive properties.

Frame Finish

There are two wakeboard tower frame finishes: powder-coated and brushed. Powder coating is more scratch-resistant, lasts longer but costs a little bit more than the other models.

Quality of construction

When it comes to wakeboard tower quality, the construction is most important. The ski towers for boats are made of aluminum or fiberglass and they have a lot of joints that may affect the wakeboarding experience so pay attention to this detail when picking out your wakeboard model.

Some wakeboard towers have more joints in their frame than other models, which makes them less durable for wakeboarding on bumpy waters.

Look for smooth welds. They call it a row of nickels on a weld where you can see the little overlapping flux all around the weld point. And if it’s powder-coated so much, the better. It’ll help stave off the effects of corrosion long term. Look for a nice anodized or powder-coated finish.

2.5-inch diameter tubing is a great benchmark to look for as are heavy-duty pivot pins.

Moreover, big manufacturers go so far as to static test with a pulling machine for two thousand hours to ensure the integrity of each and every tower that they build. So make sure your tower manufacturer has done some certified testing to ensure long-term integrity, there’s nothing more important than your crew safety.


First and foremost is safety. There are going to be people being pulled by these towers. They’ve got to be built right. They’ve got to be installed right. Number one is to make sure the tower is firmly secure to the boat. Through bolting is the only way to go.

Fastener Type

Stainless steel fasteners allow boat towers to be more resistant to corrosion and rust.

Tube Size

The standard size for tubes is 2.25 inch but it can vary a little depending on custom models.

Mounting Location

For added convenience, the boat ski or wakeboard tower can be side- or top-mounted depending on the shape of your boat’s gunwale. Universal design provides compatibility with bimini, wakeboard racks, speakers, lights, and more.


Collapsible models are a great option for those who don’t want the hassle of permanent installation. Their folding legs make them much easier to store on your boat. Collapsible wakeboard towers are usually smaller and can be stored on the boat.

Bimini Included

Some models of wake towers have sunshade (or bimini top) in the kit to protect riders from sun and wind. A bimini top offers great functionality, providing shade, keeping cool, looking good.


All wakeboard towers are fully adjustable to fit most boats. They also can be moved forwards and backward for minor adjustments.

Moreover, some models have mounts that swivel 360 degrees to make installation easy.


Design is also important when picking wake towers because not all wakeboards are the same. Some ski towers for boats might be more suitable for riders of different heights and weights due to their design.

There are also models with a custom design that follows the boat’s windshield.


Not all models are noise-free. But there are wakeboard towers that have rubber or foam mountings to reduce shaking and noise.

Ease of installation

Tower installing process in ease. All hardware is included in the set.

Some boat towers require additional holes for mounting screws and you need to be careful about not drilling too close to the boat hull – there needs to be at least half-inch of space between them.

Compatibility and accessories

Wakeboards are one of the most popular gears for water sports – they can provide hours-long entertainment on calm water but it’s important to check compatibility with your boat model.

There are some hugely practical, freeing up floor space, keeping your gear from getting damaged, and adding storage space accessories that can be installed to the tower: racks and rope hooks, speakers and lights, mirrors, T-Top storage bags, and of course Bimini tops.

Anti-weather properties

It is important to know wakeboard towers’ materials because some might not be suitable for certain weather conditions.

Fiberglass boat towers are better in cold water, steel wakeboards are fragile but cheaper and aluminum wakeboards with a harder surface finish are also a good option if you want your wakeboard to last longer.

A lot of models come with stainless-steel hardware which can reduce corrosion and rust during long-time storage.

Style of mounting feet

Another important detail worth mentioning is the wakeboard tower’s mounting feet – it can affect the ride experience.

It is better to have wider, softer, and more stable footings which will reduce the shaking of the wake tower while riding.

If you want your tower to be as close as possible to the water surface then go for wakeboards with a shorter height because they are less likely to shake during windy weather conditions or rough waters.

On top of that, they insulate better in colder weather which is perfect if you’re using your wakeboard during the winter months.

Finally make sure that all parts fit tightly together so no water seeps inside!

How does wakeboard boat tower’s material affects their longevity?

Wakeboard towers are meant to be durable and strong. However, it is important to know how the material affects their longevity:

  • Fiberglass wakeboard towers work best in cold waters – they’re resistant to corrosion but need more maintenance than steel wakeboards.
  • Steel wakeboard towers are cheaper but not as tough and long-lasting as fiberglass models. They also require a lot of care because they can easily rust if not treated properly with sandblast or powder coating for anti-corrosive properties.
  • Aluminum wakeboard towers might be preferable for people who want their wakeboard to last longer – aluminum isn’t corroded by salt water so you don’t have to treat your board every year like some other materials do

How to care about wakeboard towers?

It is important to regularly clean boat towers to avoid any bacteria and other microorganisms from growing.

You can use a pressure washer, which is easy and fast – it should be done every two weeks for aluminum wakeboards or once per month for steel wakeboards with a powder coating finish

Aluminum models require more care because they’re prone to corrosion: get regular sandblasting (every year) or apply an anti-corrosive spray paint coat to prevent rusting of metal parts.

In colder water conditions you might need extra steps like applying wax treatments on the fiberglass tower’s surface or adding an outer protective layer (such as cover). This will help the board last longer under harsh weather conditions.

Wake tower maintenance

Wakeboard tower should also be regularly serviced to make sure that there are no leaks that will cause damage to the boat.

Check mounting feet regularly for any loose connections and tighten them if needed.

Check wake board’s attachment points – they can loosen with time, so you might need boat tower repair over time. Make sure all bolts are tightened properly before use as some models require it because of shaking during windy weather conditions or rough waters.

It is recommended not to lean against wakeboards when mounting from the backside in order to avoid the rocking effect on them.

Align hardware connectors tightly together while installing them and do not overtighten screws – this way they won’t come off easily.

Important tips to choosing for wakeboard boat tower

  • It requires a lot more weight and pressure to bend aluminum so you need heavier-duty mounting rails than fiberglass for boat wake towers on wooden boats.
  • Some models have an optional sunshade that blocks harmful UV rays from beating down on riders while they’re in tow – this is especially helpful in sunny areas!
  • Your tower will come with instructions that are easy to understand but still make sure you read over them so you know what screws go where.
  • Wakeboards themselves can also help protect against damage by hanging below the wakeboard rack or inside a wakeboard’s storage lockers when not being.
  • They also protect from sun exposure with their built-in shade as well as provide places for speakers.
  • They can be used during all seasons and can be stored inside or outside your boat.


Folding Splurge Polished and Anodized Wakeboard Tower by Monster Tower

Fits boats 76-102 beam width. Innovative forward-facing design. Exceptional strength and corrosion resistance. Integrated navigation light on the swivel tow point, dual top supports. 5 years of warranty

Collapsible Universal Forward-Facing Marine Wakeboard Tower by Big Air

Corrosion-resistant aluminum tubing. Can be folded single-handedly to below the height of your windshield. Mounting hardware and backing plates are included.

Folding Cheap Collapsible Universal Marine Boat Wakeboard Tower by Big Air

Lightweight and strong, and it was designed to reduce flex and noise. Can be easily collapsed to below windshield height. Mounting hardware and backing plates are included.

Wakeboard Tower for Boats 17′ – 22′ with Easy Installation by Origin Towers

Provides durability and ease of installation. 5 years of warranty. Fits boats with a beam of 68-98″ width.

Collapsible Universal Boat Wake Tower with Bimini Top (Cover/Canopy) by Reborn

Has the canopy that deflects harmful UV rays. It’s guaranteed not to fade or shrink. 5 years of warranty. Seamless aircraft grade aluminum. Fits boats 78-106″ beam width.

Marine Wake Tower for Pontoon Boats by WakeWorks

Fits any pontoon boat (102″ wide or less). Strong aluminum material. Easy lighting rig or speaker system or wakeboarding racks attachment.

Vapor Marine Boat Wake Tower by Big Air

Fits boats 72-108″ width. It can be folded by one person quickly and easily. Universal mounts.

Collapsible Polished and Anodized Wake Tower by Monster Tower

Has additional strength and accessory mounting area. Fits boats 60”-102” beam width. It’s fully collapsible and completely silent. Model comes with a tower bimini. Strong aircraft aluminum tubing.


What is the best type of ski-wakeboard tower?

The best boat wake tower is the one that fits your needs. It can be made of different materials or have a specific feature like built-in speakers. Most importantly, it should fit your boat’s height and weight capacity!

In most cases, they’re mounted on top of the waterline so make sure you measure from the bottom before ordering – this way they’ll match the exact measurements for mounting bolts.

Some models carry additional features such as sunshades which provide protection against harmful UV rays while in tow or speaker mounts for music enjoyment while riding waves.

Does a wakeboard tower make a difference?

It’s a great upgrade for any boat with a lot of benefits and one of them is that the ski tower makes it easier to wakeboard.

How do I choose a wake tower for boat?

When selecting the right model, it’s important to have accurate measurements of your boat’s beamwidth and choose a tower suited to the type of boat. Fix the width and keep it handy when shopping.

How much does it cost to install a boat wake tower?

The average boat tower installation cost is between $1000 to $2000 for most sizes.

Is it harder to wakeboard without a tower?

Although it’s possible to wakeboard without a tower, using it provides wakeboarding easier.

What is the best wakeboard for beginners?

All models that you can find on the market work great for beginners or professional riders. So it’s your personal choice.

Are wake towers collapsible?

Regular models are not collapsible. Some models, however, have an option to be disassembled which is great if you want to store the tower inside your boat when not in use or transport it from one place to another.

Are wake towers universal?

Different boat wake towers are designed for different types of boats and wakeboards, so in most cases, it’s a better idea to get the one that matches your boat type.

Aluminum is more durable than fiberglass because it requires heavier duty mounting rails – this way they won’t come off easily with pressure or weight.

Sunshades also provide protection against harmful UV rays while wakeboarding.

Some wake towers come with built-in speakers for riders’ enjoyment.

How hard is it to install a ski tower for a boat?

It’s not hard to install a wakeboard tower but it requires a lot of time and patience.

All models are different, so you need to be careful about the design that will fit your boat type best.

The hardest part is finding the right height for installation bolts – make sure they’re less than half-inch shorter or taller than the wake tower’s measurement.

It is important to have accurate measurements of your wakeboard’s beamwidth before selecting a tower suited for the boat type best.

Do wakeboard towers fold down?

There are some models that can be folded when not in use, so you don’t need to disassembly them. is a source where the post Wakeboard Towers appeared first.

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  1. I bought the MTE Wakeboard Tower a few months ago and have zero complaints with it thus far. It was super easy to set up and fit my boat perfectly. It makes boating a heck of a lot more fun now.

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