10 Best Universal Marine Ski/Wakeboard Towers Review

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Last Updated July 1, 2021
Universal Marine Ski/Wakeboard Towers
We explored more than 20 manufacturers all over the world in our research. There are some of them: Monster Tower, Big Air, Origin Towers, Reborn, WakeWorks, Air Boom, Barewest, Indy, Roswell, Skylon. All models from this TOP list are incredibly strong and rattle-free and fit all modern marine boats and pontoon boats (beams width more than 100"). They usually are highly polished finish and come with all mounting hardware and single bolt feet for easy installation and are protected with an anodized coating to prevent corrosion and provide a finish that looks great for years. For added convenience, the boat ski or wakeboard tower can be side- or top-mounted depending on the shape of your boat’s gunwale. Universal design provides compatibility with bimini, wakeboard racks, speakers, lights, and more. Their hinged construction allows the boat tower to fold down quickly without tools to the rear of the boat for low-profile storage. It usually will take 2-3 hours for installation for more simple constructions and 7-9 for constructions with more complicated design. Not recommended to pull tubes and other inflatables! They displace so large an area of water that the surface tension creates a drag force that well exceeds the safety limits for the towers. towers are only recommended for skiers, wakeboarders, knee boarders, and air-chair riders.

TOP Ski/Wakeboard Towers Comparison Table

NameWarrantymaterial fits beam width
❑1. Folding Universal High-Quality Wakeboard Tower (Polished and Anodized) [Monster Tower]+aluminum 60-102"
❑2. Folding Splurge Polished and Anodized Wakeboard Tower [Monster Tower]+aluminum 76-102"
❑3. Collapsible Universal Forward-Facing Marine Wakeboard Tower [Big Air]+aluminum 72-103"
❑4. Folding Cheap Collapsible Universal Marine Boat Wakeboard Tower [Big Air]+aluminum 62-103"
❑5. Wakeboard Tower for Boats 17' - 22' with Easy Installation [Origin Towers]+aluminum 68-98"
❑6. Collapsible Universal Boat Wake Tower with Bimini Top (Cover/Canopy) [Reborn]+aluminum 78-106"
❑7. Marine Wake Tower for Pontoon Boats [WakeWorks]+aluminum up to 102"
❑8. Vapor Marine Boat Wake Tower [Big Air]+aluminum 72-108"
❑9. Collapsible Polished and Anodized Wake Tower [Monster Tower]+aluminum 60-102"
❑10. Catapult Polished Wakeboard Tower and Flat Tower + Bimini Top (Cover/Canopy) [Reborn]+aluminum 78-106"

1. The Best Folding Universal High-Quality Wakeboard Tower (Polished and Anodized) [Monster Tower]

Folding Universal High-Quality Wakeboard Tower (Polished and Anodized) [Monster Tower] Picture
  • Fits boats of any length (60-102")
  • Quick releasing swivel tow point
  • Strong material (2.5” aircraft grade aluminum tubing)

2. The Best Folding Splurge Polished and Anodized Wakeboard Tower [Monster Tower]

Folding Splurge Polished and Anodized Wakeboard Tower [Monster Tower] Picture

3. The Best Collapsible Universal Forward-Facing Marine Wakeboard Tower [Big Air]

Collapsible Universal Forward-Facing Marine Wakeboard Tower [Big Air] Picture

4. The Best Folding Cheap Collapsible Universal Marine Boat Wakeboard Tower [Big Air]

Folding Cheap Collapsible Universal Marine Boat Wakeboard Tower [Big Air] Picture

5. The Best Wakeboard Tower for Boats 17' - 22' with Easy Installation [Origin Towers]

Wakeboard Tower for Boats 17' - 22' with Easy Installation [Origin Towers] Picture

6. The Best Collapsible Universal Boat Wake Tower with Bimini Top (Cover/Canopy) [Reborn]

Collapsible Universal Boat Wake Tower with Bimini Top (Cover/Canopy) [Reborn] Picture

7. The Best Marine Wake Tower for Pontoon Boats [WakeWorks]

Marine Wake Tower for Pontoon Boats [WakeWorks] Picture

8. The Best Vapor Marine Boat Wake Tower [Big Air]

Vapor Marine Boat Wake Tower [Big Air] Picture

9. The Best Collapsible Polished and Anodized Wake Tower [Monster Tower]

Collapsible Polished and Anodized Wake Tower [Monster Tower] Picture

10. The Best Catapult Polished Wakeboard Tower and Flat Tower + Bimini Top (Cover/Canopy) [Reborn]

Catapult Polished Wakeboard Tower and Flat Tower + Bimini Top (Cover/Canopy) [Reborn] Picture

Quality of the ski/wake tower's material

high-quality models are made of thick aluminum tubes. They are impact-resistant, and will not bend, creak or break during extreme wakeboarding sessions.

Easy mounting

For easy installation, please check all mounting hardware is included in the kit. Check for the top tube options, slide-to-adjust functionalities, recessed bolts, hidden screws, and the overall quality of the hull mounts.

Attention! Check boat dimension!

Check the tower you're buying fits the boat's width and length.

What type of model, collapsible or fixed, to choose for easy storage

If you keep the boat in a dry dock or standard garage - make sure you get a collapsible model for easy uninstallation.

What accessories can be mounted to wakeboard tower

There some hugely practical, freeing up floor space, keeping your gear from getting damaged, and adding storage space accessories can be installed to tower: Racks and Rope Hooks, Speakers, Lights and Mirrors, T-Top storage bags and of course Bimini tops.

What to Look For in a Wakeboard Tower

Ski or wakeboard towers are appearing on all kinds of boats. They're not relegated to dedicated towboats and wakeboard boats anymore. You'll find them on runabouts. You'll even find them on pontoons. But no matter what kind of boat you want, if you're considering a wakeboard tower, there are certain things that you need to look for to make sure it's going to be functional, safe, and hold up for the longterm. Here are a few of those points. Get our information. We spoke to the experts at Marine Accessories Corporation. They're the people that make Monster Towers, and they had a lot to say about the construction and installation of towers aboard boats.

Safety When Using Wakebord Towers

First and foremost is safety. There's going to be people being pulled by these towers. They've got to be built right. They've got to be installed right. Number one is to make sure the tower is firmly secure to the boat. Through bolting is the only way to go.

Tower Construction: Smooth Welds

Number two, look for smooth welds. They call it a row of nickels on a weld where you can see the little overlapping flux all around the well point. And if it's powder coated so much, the better. It'll help stave off the effects of corrosion long term. A bimini top offers great functionality, providing shade, keeping cool, looking good, and some like those by Monster Tower can even carry a tow two be top them saving space in the boat. Naturally you'll want a tow point, speakers and racks. Back to construction. 2.5 inch diameter tubing is a great benchmark to look for as are heavy duty pivot pins. But that's not all. Monster Towers goes so far as to static test with a pull machine to two thousand hours to ensure the integrity of each and every tower that they build. So when you're looking for a tower, make sure it's securely bolted. Look for good smooth welds. Look for a nice anodized or powder coated finished. And make sure your tower manufacturer has done some certified testing to ensure the long-term integrity, there's nothing more important than your crew safety.

How to Install a Boat Wakeboard Tower (Monster Tower Sample)

Spread out the parts and be sure everything required is present. Then gather the tools. You'll need a reversible electric drill, drill bits from one eight, one fourth, five sixteenths, three eighths, and on half inch in size. You'll also need a chamfer router bit or a step drill to bevel the gel coat edge at the bolt holes. You'll need a socket wrench with 13 millimeters, 17 millimeter and 19 millimeter sockets. You can substitute a half inch socket for 13 millimeter and a three quarter inch socket for a 19 millimeter. You'll also need masking tape, pencil and tape measure. Determine which mounting configuration is best for your boat. A top mounted tower's ideal if there's adequate hole with and enough mounting surface area on the deck. We chose a side mount due to its narrow beam and scant surface mounting area. Assemble the boat tower tubing on a tarp for protection. Screw the heim joints into the two bases about halfway. Assemble the base mounts and swivels. Loosely fasten the base mounts to the ski/wakeboard tower. Mask the mounting area to protect the gel coat during installation with a couple of helpers, lift the tower into place and roughly determine the mounting position. Mark the ideal position and repeat that on each side. You want to double check this by measuring the distance from the forward mounting blocks to the stern. That's to check for symmetry. Many boats aren't symmetrical regardless of appearance. If they are out of square too much adjustments will be difficult. Lift the boat tower into place and make a final position check. Remove a mounting base and use it for a template for drilling the bolt holes. Mark the perimeter of the block and the holes. Now check behind the whole surface and clear out any flotation foam. Cut backing boards at least 18 inches long and at least three inches wide from half inch plywood. Plywood backing boards are secured inside the deck to help distribute the stress from the wakeboard tower while towing. It will help prevent gel coat cracks too. Glue them in using 3M 5200 Adhesive or sea life adhesive. We use plexus for its fast curing time, but it's not necessary for a sound installation. We clamped our backing boards in place by screwing through the snap holes. Alternatively, you could drill one eighth inch pilot holes for the bolt holes and clamp the block in with one inch screws. To drill the holes, begin with a one eighth inch bit and set the drill to reverse. Drill through the gel coat and the fiberglass before drilling in forward. Progress through the larger bits until you get to the final size. Use a chamfer router but or a step drill to bevel the Gel coat by hand. This will further protect against gel coat cracks that could run from beneath the tower mounting bases. Before tightening the blocks, grease the nuts to keep them from seizing should you need to remove them later. If the boat tower will fold forward for storage, the large part of the mounting base should be affed for a full range of motion. If the tower will fold af, be sure to reverse them. Secure the base swivels, but just finger tight to assist in determining the block positions on the hull. So let's fit her in place. After firmly mounting the front blocks to the tower, raise it up to position the aft base blocks. Repeat the drill process. Now tighten all the base mounts and swivel, adjusting the swivels to a vertical position. Bolt the aft heim joints to the aft swivel mounts. This part can be tricky and require lots of trial and error adjustment of the heim joints. Adjust the wakeboard tower by screwing the heim joints in or out until the fit is smooth and releasing the aft heim joints requires only a little assistance from a buddy to lift the tower, removing its weight from the joint so you can raise and lower the boat tower without tools install the quick release knob. Attach the tether to the swivel bolt, then screw the knob to the heim joint. Once the tower's in place, there are four more holes to drill at the top joints. First, measure the boat tower diagonally from the forward access port in the tubing. Repeat the measurement from the other side. measurements should match and indicate the tower is symmetrical or square. If they don't match, push on the top measuring point of the long measurement to adjust it. heel of your palm or a rubber mallet should do the trick. When square, use 10 millimeter bit provided to begin the first hole. Just drill enough to form a divot in the metal. Switch to an eighth inch drill bit and drill through. This will make it perfectly centered guide for the entire hole, preventing the 10 millimeter bit from walking aside. Repeat this process on the remaining corners. Then bolt it all together. Next, thread the stern light wire through the stern light base, then through the spool and finally through the threaded mounting base. Use a fish tape to pull the wire through the tubing to the bottom of the base. Be sure to thread the wire through the grommets and leave enough slack for the wakeboard tower to fold. Then, screw the all around navigation light into the tower through the nylon tow rope collar. finishing touch is placing the rubber caps into the access ports on the top of the tower. We didn't immediately get to enjoy the fun new tower, but grabbed a quick ride on a new ZUP board a week or so later. When the boat ski/wakeboard tower is properly installed, you can lower it with the help of a friend. Have him or her hold the tower up, pushing aft slightly while you loosen and remove the quick release knobs. So it's about a seven, maybe an eight hour job or you could take out some of the camera time that, but Steve, it's a job that anybody could do. You read the directions, a drill, a screwdriver, a couple of wrenches, couple Allen wrenches. It's not even big tools. And a couple of friends. Friends help position things while you mark the bases.

Best Branded Ski/Wakeboard Towers

The market is dominated by some manufacturers such as: Monster Tower, Big Air, Origin Towers, Reborn, WakeWorks.


Let's go over some frequently asked questions about ski/wakeboard towers.

What Universal Marine Ski/Wakeboard Towers are Good?

Where to Buy Cheap Universal Marine Ski/Wakeboard Towers?

Take a look at this TOP ski/wakeboard towers reviewed of 2021 and then press the «Check Price» button to check their price and availability.

What is the Budget Ski/Wakeboard Tower for Sale?

The Folding Universal High-Quality Wakeboard Tower (Polished and Anodized) [Monster Tower] is our Editor's Choice as the best model of ski/wakeboard towers with its combination of performance, features, quality and price.

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  1. I bought the MTE Wakeboard Tower a few months ago and have zero complaints with it thus far. It was super easy to set up and fit my boat perfectly. It makes boating a heck of a lot more fun now.

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