How to Balance on Wakesurf Balance Board and Do Tricks?

Posted by Author David Lee
How to Balance on Wakesurf Balance Board and Do Tricks?

Find your center of gravity in the middle by imagining a balance beam and dividing weight between the front and back foot for stability. Keep knees bent with feet shoulder-width apart when standing, then balance on it by rolling up and down.

The rider should put his weight on the balance board instead of leaning excessively. If one gets off-balanced they need to lean into their unbalanced side while keeping their head level and balance board stable.

First of all, you need to know how balance really works before trying any kind of balance tricks on surf training boards. When someone is standing balanced or sitting without moving, their center of gravity (COG) is right over their base of support; this creates stability. It’s only when they start to move off balance that problems arise: first by losing precision and then struggling with making corrections if weight distribution changes between the front foot and back foot. Beginners should always start with shorter rolling distances and work their way up. Those who try should use removable stoppers when trying new balance tricks or practicing rolling distances.

Tip: It can be used barefoot or with shoes, but it’s always better to use balance trainers for maximum balance. is a source where the post How to Balance on Wakesurf Balance Board and Do Tricks appeared first.

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