Best SUP Paddle Board Cooler Bags

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SUP Paddle Board Cooler Bags
Paddleboarders are always looking for the best cooler to store their food, drinks, and other items. These coolers come in all shapes and sizes, but one of the most popular options is a paddle board cooler bag. A paddle board SUP deck bag can keep your food fresh on those long days out on the water when you need a snack or drink break. But which one should you choose? Read our guide to find out!

What is a paddle board cooler?

A paddle board cooler is a bag for your paddleboard that doubles as an insulated container to keep drinks cold. Paddle Board Coolers come in many sizes with different insulations available to suit any need.

Why a paddle board cooler can make your adventures better?

A paddle board cooler can keep your food and drinks cold while you're out paddling on the water. They are also stylish and can be personalized to match your tastes.

Hard-sided cooler VS soft-sided cooler for paddleboard

The main difference between hard-sided and soft-sided coolers is their comfort using. A hard-sided cooler also has advantages for some people because they are easier to fill than soft sides, but this isn't always necessary when you have in mind that you want an ice pack inside! Soft-sided bags are really good at keeping things insulated from the outside environment, which means if there's not much space inside (between items) it won't affect their effectiveness as much as a hard side would. For example: If you're carrying only one large water - it's better to use soft-sided models.

Storage capacity of the paddleboard cooler

One of the main factors to consider is storage capacity. The more volume a cooler has, the longer it will be able to keep your food and drinks cold. A cool bag with around 24 liters can hold up to 30 cans or 12 bottles.

How to choose a SUP cooler

Size and storage capacity

You want to choose the size so it is not too big or small for your needs. A good option would be an 18-quart cooler as this will hold enough food and drinks for a few days if necessary, yet still have room in case you need more space at some point.

Design and shape

The shape of the paddle board cooler should match that of your bag with deck attachment points coming out from each end. In other words, you don't want around one when all you have are square attachments on either side of the board which can make carrying them around cumbersome and unpractical! Measurement guides may also come in handy if purchasing online so ensure they are compatible before making your purchase final.

Insulation material

The better material is used for the cooler, the longer it can store your drinks or food cool. Do I want something that will be easy enough to carry around while paddling? If so then look for bags made from materials like neoprene because they're lightweight yet strong (and affordable!). You'll also feel more confident knowing that these types of coolers won't leak soggy.

Waterproof and water-resistant material

The waterproof model of SUP cooler can be more useful during your trip because it can store your stuff dry for a long time. A water-resistant model could be more suitable for general use.

Attachment straps and collapsible models

Collapsible paddleboard cooler bags are great for paddlers who do spend not much time on their trips. The cooler can be always unattached and collapsed for fast storing till the next trip.

Ice retention

Ice retention is the main factor to consider for paddlers that have long-lasting trips. So, the cheapest models can be not very good for these purposes. Pay attention to more expensive cooler models.

What is important when choosing a paddleboard cooler?

Overall, there are some factors:

  • The ice retention time.
  • A water-resistant model if you do not need to keep the cooler dry all the time
  • Attachment straps or collapsible models according to your specific use case.
  • What is more important for long trips: a small but cheaper paddle board cooler that does not last very long, or an expensive one with better ice retention and capacity? You should consider different options by needs and budget!

How the SUP cooler attaches to the paddle board?

To attach a bag cooler to your SUP board you need to use attachment straps that will fasten to the boards. The cooler bag should have webbing loops on the back of it that match with your board's attachment straps. Use them to attach these two, and they will create a secure connection for your enjoyment!

Why waterproof paddleboard coolers are good for bad weather?

A waterproof paddleboard cooler is a must for trips that involve multiple water crossings or getting the gear wet. You can’t risk having your ice melt and everything inside going to spoil, even more so when you are out on the ocean. Waterproof coolers come with extra insulation and seals making them a good investment over time! They have higher price tags depending on their quality but they're worth it because of how much easier they make long journeys where paddling means being in contact with seawater (or other liquid) all the time.

Also, additional rubber seal will keep any liquids from leaking into the cooler, which makes these models perfect for SUP boards.

How long can the SUP cooler insulate the contents?

There are many factors that will affect this. The insulation quality of the cooler bag, type of food and drinks inside it (water is better for keeping things cold), duration time outside in hot weather - all will influence how quickly the contents may warm up. The average temperature loss per day through a paddleboarder's soft-sided cooler, when kept at room temps, varies between about 0°F to 20°F depending on manufacturer specs.

The general rule according to some manufacturers is: "30 minutes out + 30 minutes back = one hour total." So if you spend an hour away from your SUP cooler, leaving it under direct sunlight, especially soft-sided model, don't expect anything left after two hours to still be cool.

Can’t I just buy a regular cooler?

SUP coolers are typically more durable than standard coolers, which means they last much longer before needing replacement or repair. If you take care of them properly, paddleboard coolers will keep all kinds of items cold while out on the water during long trips!

What size SUP cooler is best for paddleboard fishing?

A cooler with a volume of 20 quarts (18 liters) is great for anyone looking to fish. This will keep your bait worms and anything else you need cold when out on the water. It's also perfect for storing bottled drinks so they stay cool while fishing!

In which ways can the paddleboard cooler be carried along?

Use straps, handles, or loops at both ends of the cooler made for carrying by hand. Or take a big backpack. Carry-all strap backpack-style backpacks are great for this purpose too. You may also want an extra shoulder strap if there is not one already on the bag/cooler itself. Take care when picking out SUP coolers that have wide padded straps because they are more comfortable than thin nylon webbing versions which don't distribute weight evenly across body parts like shoulders and hips.

How do you attach a cooler to an inflatable SUP?

Attach the cooler to your paddleboard by using a strap or bungee cord. If there are no loops on the board, use an adhesive hook that attaches and detaches in minutes! It's like magic if you've never seen it before - try it out for yourself; we recommend getting the attachment device as well so you can remove/replace inflatable SUPs without having to tie knots every time.

TIP: Always attach straps at points of least tension (i.e., near ends) when possible because they will be more secure this way.

How do I determine how much food or drink my paddleboard cooler bag should hold?

This depends on two things- what kind of paddleboarding trip you're going on, and what type of cooler bag you're using. If the trip is a day-by-day paddle boarding excursion and your cooler is soft/stretchy, then some food will be enough for each person's lunch as well as snacks throughout the day.

If you have an inflatable board, or if your cooler is rigid and more like luggage than a typical ice chest style with plastic sides, then it will need to be larger in capacity so that there isn't too much weight on top when paddling. So keep this in mind when considering how long your trip is!

Some things to remember: don't leave perishable items in your cooler bag.


What Size Cooler for Paddle Board?

Q: Depending on the model, the most common paddle board cooler bags have a capacity of between 10 and 36 cans (from 10 to 30 liters). is a source where the post SUP Paddle Board Cooler Bags appeared first.

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