3 Best Fishing Push Poles for Boat

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Last Updated June 1, 2023
Fishing Push Poles for Boat
Push pole makes boat transportation easy to and from the water and make them possible to store inside the hull of your fishing kayak or boat. It helps when anchoring in shallow water and deeper water. Some models of push poles can be transformed into boat brush, paddle, boat hook, landing net, and much more.

TOP Push Poles Comparison Table

NameWarrantyLength Weight
❑1. Non-slip Strong Telescopic Push Pole [Superstick]+6-12 ft 3.25 lbs
❑2. Fishing Stiffy Push Pole for Boat [Banded Holdings]+10 ft 3.65 lbs
❑3. Ultralight Stiffy Push Pole [YakAttack]+8 ft 1.8 lbs

1. The Best Non-slip Strong Telescopic Push Pole [Superstick]

Non-slip Strong Telescopic Push Pole [Superstick] Picture

2. The Best Fishing Stiffy Push Pole for Boat [Banded Holdings]

 Fishing Stiffy Push Pole for Boat [Banded Holdings] Picture

3. The Best Ultralight Stiffy Push Pole [YakAttack]

Ultralight Stiffy Push Pole [YakAttack] Picture

3 Tips About How to Trailer Your Boat with a Fishing Kayak Push Pole Attached

There are three important factors that you have to remember when you're traveling with a push pole. One, you want the foot of your kayak push pole up there toward your tailgate on your truck because if you have the point up there and you make a hard right turn, or you back up and torque the boat around jackknifing it, trying to put it into a ramp or a parking space. You're going to drive the pointed end of your telescopic push pole into either your tail light or your tailgate and do a lot of damage. So always travel with the foot of the fiberglass push pole forward and the pointy end, the pointed part of the push pole, toward the back. The second thing that you need to do when you're traveling with a carbon marine push pole is you need to put a flag on the back of your push pole. You need to have it back there so anyone tailgating understands that there's an aluminum push pole that sticks out the back of your boat four or five feet. And two, you need to have it safety when you're parked in a marina parking lot, or you're outside a restaurant or a hotel or wherever you're traveling, because people will walk into your carbon fiber push pole if you don't have a red or an orange flag on the end of your fishing push pole toward the back of the boat. Three, what I like to do is I like to have a couple of extra zip ties, and I like to fasten them to the actual kayak push pole holders on the boat and cinch them up so if I'm driving down a bumpy road, like I'm out here right now on LA 23 in Louisiana, I'm not going to have the worry of bouncing my push pole out of the fiberglass push pole holders, and the thing hitting the ground and I lose it forever or break it. Those are the three tips that will really help you travel safely when you've got a telescopic push pole attached to your boat. I hope this helps you the way it helps me and keeps us safe on the road.

Using Aluminum Fiberglass or Carbon Stiffy Push Pole for Shallow Water Fishing

When it comes inshore, shallow water fishing, knowing when to pole, or knowing when to troll, is very important. I like to use my troll motor as much as possible, in every situation, except for when I get into really shallow water, with high grass. I believe that you can use a trolling motor in any situation, and not spook the fish, but there are certain situations where you don't want to use a trolling motor, because you might tear up the grass. Turtle grass is one of the most important parts of the ecosystem. Inshore anglers need to be very careful in protecting the turtle grass, because that's really what keeps this whole place intact. By paying close attention to whether your trolling motor is hitting the bottom, or hitting the grass, you can adjust the motor to make sure that you're not hitting any grass, or tearing up any of the turtle grass, in any way. I use my trolling motor exclusively in any area where there's a flatter bottom, sand or rock, any kind of hard bottom that has enough depth, so my trolling motor blades don't hit the bottom. A trolling motors is totally quiet and won't spook the fish. This is even quieter than polling in those situations, because you don't have anything contacting the bottom, whatsoever. A push-pull in that situation is hitting the bottom, kicking up mud, or grinding across a hard bottom. That makes noise to the fish, and they can hear that from a long ways off. Often we'll get great tailing action, bonefish, redfish, other fish that are up there, and it's so shallow that they're actually tailing into that turtle grass. This is the perfect time to use the carbon marine push pole. Using the aluminum push pole, you can get up and much shallower water, without tearing up any grass. You can glide across that grass, and make less noise than you would with your trolling motor actually hitting that grass. Then when you're finished fishing there, you can pole off the flat until you get deep enough water to use the trolling motor. Then take the boat even further off the flat, until you get in deep enough water to use the big motor, and then jump up on the plane. Knowing how to use both a troll motor effectively, and a carbon fiber push pole, will give you the best advantage in each situation.

Best branded push poles

The market is dominated by some manufacturers such as: Superstick, Banded Holdings, YakAttack.

Telescopic Push Pole [Superstick]

Removable duck foot allows transforming into a paddle, gig, boat hook, net, boat brush, etc. Includes spike tip end cover and durable storage clips. Ultralight Super strong patented push pole with telescopic design allows the push pole to extend and lock in place between 6ft to 12ft weight including duck foot is only 3. 25 lbs.

Fiberglass Push Pole [Banded Holdings]

Highest quality fiberglass. Durable model.

Carbon Marine Push Pole [YakAttack]

Made from specially formed carbon and UV stabilized. Extremely durable model.

Don’t buy cheap push pole for boat

If you buy cheap products, you will end up buying twice. There are some very cheap push poles on the market, but these are the ones made from poor quality material and components, and they can break down after a few months. Buy more quality model as it will be worth price that you pay.


Let's go over some frequently asked questions about push poles.

What fishing push poles for boat are good?

Check please our push poles comparison table.

Where to Buy Cheap Fishing Push Poles for Boat?

Take a look at this TOP push poles reviewed of 2023 and then press the «Check Price» button to check their price and availability.

What is the budget push pole for boat for sale?

The Non-slip Strong Telescopic Push Pole [Superstick] is our Editor's Choice as the best model of push poles with its combination of performance, features, quality and price.

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  1. Superstick Push Poles have some float-ability and they are made of aircraft-grade fiberglass and good for freshwater or saltwater. I have used these for years and have never had an issue. Remember to store it in a horizontal position or so the duck foot is somewhat facing downward. Overall – great model.

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