Best Outboard Motor Stands (Trolleys, Dollies)

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Outboard motor stand with wheels, also known as an outboard engine trolley or carrier, is great to transport, maintaining, service, repairing, storing your boat motor. The nice thing about them is that they come in a wide range of sizes, so you can find one that’s perfect for you and your motor. Durable stands provide easy storing or moving and making your job easier. With adjustable features and secure straps, they ensure a snug fit and prevent any damage during transport. Easy to install and uninstall, collapsible, lightweight models provide a sturdy working area for motor service, repairs, maintenance, tune-ups, and modifications. These portable and folding stands are great for off-season storage.

Short Info about Motor Stands

The outboard motor stand helps out by providing a stable, out-of-the-way place to store your outboard motor when it’s not in use or needs to be repaired or transported. They’re designed for easy mobility and can be folded so they take up very little space when stored.

This means that you can put the outboard on them at home, load them onto the car while traveling from one destination to another, or put an outboard motor trolley stand with the engine inside of the boat trailer for storage before winterizing process starts.

Tip: It’s better to have more than one outboard motor trolley because this will help save time if you need to move motors between two boats. Plus, using multiple models allows maintaining some engines without running back.

Outboard motor dolly or carrier standardly includes a thick engine mounting block, vertical loop handle, extruded aluminum plate, durable tubular steel frame, and large hard foam-filled or rubber pneumatic wheels that have semi-precision bearings to help reduce friction and support the load.

Ergonomic soft-grip anti slid rubber handles make it easy and safe to tilt the stand and transport to the garage or marina or over adverse terrain.

The step-on brake system ensures this boat stand won’t move while you are working on it.

Assembly for these boat motor carts is usually required. Instructions and hardware for assembly are included, tools for assembly can be also included or sold separately.

For stable construction, it can be used carbon steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. It’s resistant to rust and corrosion materials repel oil and gas and is safe. These stands, also known as a two-wheeled boat motor dolly, are used to transport bulky items — not only outboard motors but also for a different commercial product.

How do boat motor stands work?

Outboard boat dolly or stand is a surface for placing the engene on it using rack.

They are designed with a manual crank that allows you to release the lock and move outrigger arms for any desired length needed. For example, shorter lengths allow easier maneuvering and storing of the engine inside your garage; longer ones – more stability when loading into a vehicle or trailer.

Some models feature 2 or 4 wheels which make it easy to transport around the yard but this can mean less stabilization during transport operations.

How to use outboard stand

Overall, the outboard engine stand should be placed on a flat, level surface. Then you need to release the lock and move outrigger arms for any desired length needed (shorter lengths allow easier maneuvering). The outboard engine needs to be attached with a rubber strap or tie-down system if necessary; never let it hang by its power cord!

There are two ways of securing the boat motor stand: brackets can be screwed into a vertical surface such as the wall in your garage or vehicle and hooks can be used when there is no suitable mounting place available. Please note that some models feature integrated locking devices which securely hold boats up against walls while not being too intrusive visually.

Types of outboard engine stands

Folding outboard motor stand

It’s the most popular out of all types because they are easy to transport and store. If you have a large outboard, it’s worth investing in one with a bigger footprint as this will provide better stability.

This folding outboard trolley is also available on 4 wheels instead of 2, which makes them easier to move around but less steady when holding the outboard.

If you often use this product in a variety of locations, it’s worth investing in one with an integrated locking device that will securely hold the outboard engine against any wall without being too intrusive visually.

Small outboard motor stand

It’s a popular and the most flexible type. It’s less expensive but not as stable as larger models.

Heavy duty outboard motor stand (up to 500 lbs)

Heavy duty outboard trolley is used for big motors to provide optimal stability but it can be heavy to transport by one person.

Outboard motor stand with wheels

The wheeled outboard trolley provides great maneuverability and stability during transportation operations but gives limited storage space inside garage or car trunk because they take up much less room than other types of outboard carts.

What is the best type of outboard stand?

There are boat motor stands for every budget and need. The most popular models feature a ratchet bar with a locking device to securely hold the outboard engine in place while not being too intrusive visually, outrigger arms which can be folded or removed when needed; rubber straps and tie-downs included, brackets allowing attaching stand on vertical surfaces such as wall inside your garage or vehicle.

The one that is best suited for you depends on the type of boat motor you have (or plan to buy), size of space available at home/garage, transportation requirements: shorter ones allow easier maneuvering but stability will decrease during transport operations.

What is the best size of outboard motor stand?

It depends on the outboard engine’s length and width, as the outrigger arms need to be of an appropriate length.

There are models for every budget and need: from inexpensive small models with rubber straps and tie-downs included up to more expensive ones featuring integrated locking devices that securely hold engines. There is also the matter of space available at home/garage or transportation requirements: shorter outboard engine trolleys will provide better stability during transport operations but make it difficult to maneuver in tight spaces whereas longer models can cause trouble when loading engines into vehicles that are already full.

How do I benefit from a boat motor stand?

Boat motor stand will not only provide a convenient way to store the outboard engine but also save you from having to lift it manually every time you need access. The outboard motor can be loaded into your car or trailer while on the outboard dolly and this saves both time and energy. It is much more comfortable when working in tight spaces such as cramped garages or indoors, too!

This type of stand often features a ratchet locking device that securely holds outboard engines in place without being intrusive visually; brackets allow attaching them to vertical surfaces inside your garage/vehicle for easy storage; rubber straps and tie-downs included.

What are the drawbacks of an outboard motor stand?

  1. The boat motor stand should be placed on a flat, level surface.
  2. Some models have bulky designs and they are not easily transportable around your yard. This model can also become unstable during load.

Is the outboard stand worth it?

  • It’ll provide outrigger arms for the outboard engine and save you from having to lift it manually every time you need access.
  • It can be loaded into your car or trailer for fast transport that saves both time and energy.

Materials that outboard motor stands can come in

Outboard motor stands can be made from various materials, depending on their intended use and the preferences of the user. Some common materials used for outboard motor stands include:

  1. Steel: Steel is a durable and sturdy material that provides excellent stability for supporting outboard motors. It is often used for heavy-duty motor stands that need to withstand substantial weight.
  2. Aluminum: Aluminum is a lightweight material that offers good strength and corrosion resistance. Motor stands made from aluminum are often preferred for their portability and ease of handling.
  3. Plastic: Some motor stands are constructed using high-quality plastics, such as reinforced polypropylene or PVC. Plastic motor stands are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and can be easily assembled and disassembled.
  4. Wood: Wooden motor stands can be crafted from sturdy hardwoods like oak or birch. Wood offers a natural aesthetic and can be a cost-effective option. However, it may require regular maintenance to prevent water damage and decay.
  5. Composite: Motor stands may also be made from composite materials like fiberglass or carbon fiber. These materials offer a combination of strength, durability, and lightness, making them ideal for portable and high-performance motor stands.

Outboard motor stand assembling

Step 1: Gather the Necessary Tools and Parts

Before you begin assembling the outboard motor stand, make sure you have all the required tools and parts.

Step 2: Lay Out the Components

Unpack the outboard motor stand kit and lay out all the components on a flat and clean surface. Familiarize yourself with the different parts to ensure you understand how they fit together.

Step 3: Attach the Base

Start by attaching the base of the outboard motor stand. This is usually a sturdy metal frame with legs. Align the holes on the legs with the corresponding holes on the base and secure them using the provided bolts, nuts, and washers. Use the wrenches or socket set to tighten the connections securely.

Step 4: Add the Upright Support Arms

Next, attach the upright support arms to the base. These arms provide stability and support for the outboard motor. Insert them into the designated slots on the base and use the provided hardware to secure them in place. Follow the instructions included with your specific outboard motor stand kit for the exact assembly process.

Step 5: Install the Motor Mounting Bracket

Attach the motor mounting bracket to the upright support arms. This bracket is designed to hold the outboard motor securely in place. Position the bracket at the desired height, ensuring it is level and stable. Use the provided hardware to secure the bracket to the support arms, tightening all connections firmly.

Step 6: Check for Stability and Adjustments

Once the outboard motor stand is fully assembled, check for stability and make any necessary adjustments. Ensure that all bolts and connections are tightened properly. Test the stand’s stability by gently shaking it and ensuring there is no wobbling or shifting.

Step 7: Ready for Use

Your outboard motor stand is now assembled and ready for use. Place your outboard motor onto the motor mounting bracket, following the manufacturer’s instructions for proper installation. Remember to always exercise caution and follow safety guidelines when working with outboard motors.

How to choose an outboard motor stand or cart?

Before purchasing a carrier or dolly for your outboard motor consider what types of engines you’ll be moving and what the dolly is made of, among other factors.


The frame of your dolly will likely be made of hard plastic, wood, aluminum, or steel. Plastic frames are affordable, but they can’t hold a lot of weight. Aluminum is a lightweight material that can hold a medium amount of weight and resist corrosion. Wood and steel can hold the most amount of weight, but wood is prone to warping and rotting over time, and steel can rust or corrode if it doesn’t have a protective coating.

These are some of the most popular materials that can be used for stand frames. One of the most popular is the aluminum frame.

The more expensive models offer distortion-free stainless steel frame that is also very durable and weather resistant. On the other hand, it can be heavier than aluminum.

Nylon plastic frame provides lightweight and is suitable for outboard motor stands that are going to be used on the water. In total, nylon plastic frame is 30% lighter than steel.

Quality of construction

The boat motor stands with bad quality construction will have problems.

It’s important that outrigger arms are strong enough to hold the weight of the outboard engine, brackets must be made out of durable material and mountings should not shear off quickly.

Stability is a concern when it comes to outboard engine stands, too: models which use rubber straps or tie-downs may become unstable during transport operations for example due to lack of safety precautions like integrated locking devices. The best stands feature a ratchet locking device that securely holds engines in place without being intrusive visually; bracket allows attaching them to vertical surfaces inside your garage/vehicle for easy storage.

Models of good quality offer distortion-free stainless steel frame that is also very durable and weather resistant. On the other hand, it can be heavier than aluminum.

Weight capacity of the motor stand

Boat motor stand will hold outboard engines and save you from having to lift it manually every time you need access. But the model with low weight capacity will not suit your needs.

For small outboard motors, the maximum load should be 200 pounds or no higher than 25 inches in length. The long-handle models are limited on capacity: they usually won’t exceed 400 lbs of holding power unless their handles can fully extend up to 29”.

Outboard motor carriers can hold anywhere from a couple of hundred pounds to over a thousand pounds. If you know you’ll be moving a heavy outboard motor, choose a dolly with a higher weight capacity.

As for the outboard stand with high weight capacity, the maximum loading should be 400 pounds or no higher than 35 inches in length.

Nylon plastic frame provides lightweight models which are ideal for outboards going to be used on water; this material is 30% lighter than steel. The adapters might not suit your needs if you have small outboards because nylon will only work up to 25″ long handle models but they make a perfect choice of stand frames when engine type exceeds over 20″ in overall length.

So on average models hold weight up to 315 lbs, but heavy-duty models can hold weight up to 500 lbs.

Platform size

If you plan on moving large outboard engines, choose a dolly with a larger platform to prevent cargo from hanging off the edge of the cart.

Easy Installation

The boat motor stand with wheels is capable of being assembled by hand within a few minutes. Assembly instructions are included in the packaging for simple installation and convenience.

Multi Purposed

Outboard stands are multi-purposed equipment and are used for:

  • transport,
  • maintaining or service,
  • repairing,
  • storing (use also motor cover).


Stand’s wheels make the motor transport more convenient. They’ll be made of solid plastic, solid rubber, or air inside of rubber, with each increasing in terms of durability. Larger wheels, regardless of their material, are easier to roll than smaller wheels.

Rubber wheels are usually big and durable (up to 8.8″). PVC wheels are tough too.

Ergonomic handle

The handle helps to push the stand at ease. A folding handle can be useful for convenient storing the stand.

Damping handles can be used for outboard engine stands with wheels, so it’s easier to move them around.

The handle can be made out of aluminum or plastic; the latter is more durable and has a special coating that prevents corrosion.

Some outboard boat stands offer ergonomic handles too: they are usually designed in such a way that you don’t have to put much effort into moving your outboard motor because all the weight will be lifted by this part of the stand.


The motor stand is easy to install and uninstall, collapsible, lightweight and have some great features:

  • Nylon plastic frame provides lightweight which is ideal for outboards going to be used on water.
  • Rubber wheels make outboard transport more convenient. PVC wheels are tough too.
  • Damping handle can be used with boat engine stand with wheels so they’re easier to move around.


Usually, screws and pins on the stand are made of 304 stainless steel, which makes them corrosion-resistant.

Galvanized nuts are not easy to rust and an outboard boat stand with a steel frame will need them to assemble.

Wooden board

The wooden board is an optional accessory that can be purchased separately to protect your outboard motor during transporting or storage. It can be used as a motor rack and protects the outboard engine from being scratched by the surface it is placed on and also absorbs vibration, so there are fewer chances for outboard motor damage.


The motor can be fastened on a stand by rubber straps and tie-downs (for cheaper models), or by integrated locking devices (for pricy models).

Important tips to using for outboard motor stand

  • Read instructions before assembling.
  • If you are using outboard motor stands with tires, make sure to inflate them properly.
  • Make sure that the outboard is attached securely to the outboard stand.

How to care about boat motor stands?

  • Inspect any loose knots or straps before use.
  • Check for damage on the outboard motor stand.
  • Check wheels one in some months and oil them if needed.


How do you store a small outboard motor?

Outboard engine stand is a great way to store your outboard motor. It allows you to store it in a vertical position which is the most convenient way for engine service and makes outboard motor out of reach from pets, children or any dirt. Stand can be made out of steel, nylon or aluminum frame; the latter two are more lightweight but they might not offer enough protection against corrosion if left outside without cover.

How do you transport an outboard?

Outboard stand can be used to transport outboards because it’s easy-to out of the way and you don’t have to carry outboard by hand. For transporting, just put your outboard on a boat stand with wheels: if your outboard is too long for this part, then use tie-downs or straps that will secure outboard in place securely while moving around. Do not forget about rubber feet which prevent damaging of any surfaces due to sliding or rolling of an outstand with wheeled outboards as well as make transportation more convenient. Use foam pads under each foot so there are less chances for scratches on floor.

Do you store outboard motors up or down?

Don’t store the motor tilted up. When you park the boat for the winter, trim or tilt down the motor. This will prevent water from seeping in and damaging your equipment.

Can you transport a 4 stroke outboard on its side?

Transporting outboard motors on their side is not recommended. This might cause outboard motor stand to break, tilt or move when you are moving it around and can also lead to scratches of the outboard engine if outboard boat stands with tires will be used.

Can I leave my outboard outside in winter?

Outboard motor must be removed from water and stored in a dry place so it won’t suffer corrosion. If you are storing your outboard for winter, put it on outboard engine stands with rubber feet to protect any surfaces that might get scratched when sliding or rolling.

Do outboard motors need to be stored upright?

Only outboard stands with rubber feet that are designed to hold outboards in a vertical position should be used for winter storage. Outboard motors must not be stored on their side or upside down: this will cause it break, tilt and lead to scratches due to vibrations while transporting it around. Also make sure outboard is securely fastened to boat motor stand: this will prevent it from sliding or rolling.

Why do I need an outboard motor dolly?

An outboard motor dolly offers several benefits. It allows you to easily move and transport your outboard motor without straining your back or risking damage to the motor. It also provides a stable and secure storage solution, keeping your motor off the ground and away from potential hazards.

How do I choose the right outboard motor dolly?

When choosing an outboard motor dolly, consider the weight and dimensions of your motor. Ensure that the dolly you select has a weight capacity suitable for your motor’s weight. Look for adjustable features that can accommodate different motor sizes and designs. Additionally, consider the quality of construction and durability of the dolly.

Can I use an outboard motor dolly for different motor brands and models?

Yes, most outboard motor dollies are designed to be versatile and can accommodate various motor brands and models. However, it’s essential to check the specifications of the dolly to ensure it is compatible with your specific outboard motor.

How do I use an outboard motor dolly?

Using an outboard motor dolly is usually straightforward. First, ensure that the dolly is assembled correctly and securely. Then, lower the adjustable supports to the appropriate height for your outboard motor. Carefully position the motor onto the dolly, making sure it fits snugly and securely. Finally, use the dolly’s handle or tow bar to move or store the motor as needed.

Are outboard motor dollies portable?

Yes, most outboard motor dollies are designed to be portable. They are often equipped with wheels that allow for easy transportation, both within your garage or workshop and outdoors. Some models may also have folding or collapsible features to further enhance portability and storage convenience.

Where can I purchase an outboard motor dolly?

Outboard motor dollies can be purchased from various sources. You can check with boating supply stores, marine equipment retailers, and online marketplaces. It’s advisable to read customer reviews and compare prices and features before making a purchase decision.

Can I use an outboard motor dolly for other purposes?

While the primary purpose of an outboard motor dolly is to transport and store outboard motors, some people have found alternative uses for them. For example, you can use the dolly to move other heavy objects or equipment within your garage or workshop. However, it’s important to note that using the dolly for purposes other than its intended use may affect its durability and stability. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations.

How much weight can an outboard motor dolly typically handle?

The weight capacity of an outboard motor dolly can vary depending on the model and design. Most dollies can handle a range of weights, from around 200 pounds (90 kilograms) to 500 pounds (227 kilograms) or more. It’s crucial to check the specifications of the dolly to ensure it can safely support the weight of your outboard motor.

Are outboard motor dollies suitable for both indoor and outdoor use?

Yes, outboard motor dollies are generally suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, if you plan to store or use the dolly outdoors for extended periods, consider the material and construction of the dolly. Look for corrosion-resistant materials or protective coatings to ensure durability and longevity in outdoor environments.

Do outboard motor dollies come with any warranty?

The warranty coverage for outboard motor dollies can vary between manufacturers. Some may offer a limited warranty that covers defects in materials or workmanship for a specific period. It’s recommended to check the warranty information provided by the manufacturer before making a purchase. Additionally, be sure to follow any maintenance and usage guidelines outlined by the manufacturer to maintain warranty coverage.

Can I assemble an outboard motor dolly myself?

Most outboard motor dollies come with assembly instructions that allow for easy setup. As long as you carefully follow the instructions provided, you should be able to assemble the dolly yourself. However, if you are unsure or uncomfortable with assembly, it’s advisable to seek assistance from someone with experience or contact the manufacturer for guidance. is a source where the post Outboard Motor Stands appeared first.

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  1. I am so glad that they make specialized stands like this for the motors. My grandpa used to just carry it himself or throw it on any old dolly he had. I witnessed some really bad dents and scratches being put into some nice motors but he never seemed to care. As long as it ran that’s all that mattered!

  2. So far everywhere posted just basic hand trucks with an additional board attachment for hanging an outboard motor. Well, they are just a basic stands but I’m wandering why that just a little or even not existed at all a hand trucks with the wheels on both sides for easily loading /unloading motors.
    In addition, very limited motor carriers that helped boaters to easily attach/remove motor to/from transom.

  3. In my opinion, I would recommend the Garelick outboard motor carrier for your endeavors. It seems to be really durable on my end and I haven’t had any complaints about its hardware or wheels yet. Very good product for a very good price.

  4. Please help to find a motor stand/hand truck/trolley with the additional wheels located on the handle sides which will help to load/unload motor during its transportation. As I mentioned earlier, all “10 best motor stands” mentioned in this article are just stands and no more. How motor could be loaded/unloaded to/from truck using mentioned best stands/trolleys? Unfortunately I seen them only on European websites.

  5. Nikolas Aveduvi says:

    The Magliner hand truck – the best dolly ever, I also bought the extended handle and the stair gliders. Made my move very easy. Best money ever spent. For ease when storing or moving my motor. Really strong aluminum tube frame and semi-pneumatic rubber-tired wheels. Strong, durable and portable model. You won’t regret it.

  6. B.B.Holder says:

    I purchased the stand by Magliner. My initial impression was that it was flimsy and the stand was priced way over what it was worth. It does support my 60lb motor when stationary. One thought – I would have preferred hinged braces.

  7. Amanda Jason says:

    Outboard carrier by LeadAllWay has two 8″ wheels, which makes the outboard boat motor stand transport more convenient. It also has good quality and long-lasting heavy-duty steel tube frame, as well as durable rubber tire, tubes are distortion-free. Designed with ergonomic handles to push the outboard boat motor stand at ease.

    1. Thanks for model description!

  8. Outboard Motor Dolly Stand with Large Tires by Sternmaster Marine Tools is durable and dependable, making your job easier while looking professional. It has a step-on brake system that ensures this stand won’t move while you are working on it. This dolly accomodates small clamp-on outboards up to approx 30-45hp, fits through a standard-sized doorway and large foam-filled tires roll over any debris in your way.

  9. I have LEADALLWAY Outboard Boat Motor Stand, and I must say, I’m quite impressed with the quality of the product. Unlike some of the reviews I read, I didn’t encounter any missing parts or misaligned holes during assembly. The stand seems sturdy and capable of handling my Honda outboard motor easily. However, the instructions could be clearer, and the screws are a bit soft. So, my advice would be to assemble it carefully and not tighten any nuts until everything is in place. Overall, I’m satisfied with the purchase and can’t wait to mount my motor on it for easy transport 🔥🔥🔥

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