Best Wakeboard Racks for Boat or PWC

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Wakeboard Racks for Boat
The goal of this article is not only to provide information about how wakeboards may or may not fit on different types of racks but also what the key features are when considering buying one, such as height options, being able to transport two boards at once, easy installation and quick release mechanisms so it's easier to remove your board from the rack while traveling. Tip: wakeboard holder can fit surfboard, wakeboard, wake surf, kneeboard, water skis, etc.

What is a wakeboard rack?

A wake surf rack for the tower is a tool that allows wakeboard enthusiasts to store their wakeboards in an organized manner. It can be installed on either the inside or outside of your boat, which means you don't have to sacrifice precious storage space for it.

How do wakeboard tower racks work?

Racks mount on side of your wakeboard tower and the wakeboards are placed vertically to the water. Wakesurf board tower racks are made to minimize the wear and tear on your boards while out on the water. Boards get dings from being left unattended on a boat or shoreline when not in use. Wake racks keep your boards safe above deck with rubber bumpers wherever you go, making it easy to take them when you need them next.

Wakeboard racks installing methods

  1. On wakeboard tower.
  2. On the edge of the PWC's (Waverunner, Sea Doo, Yamaha Jet Ski) board rack.
  3. On the edge of the boat that doen't has tower.

The type of gear for storing on wake racks

You can store any water gear on wake surf tower racks: surfboards, wakeboards, wakesurfs, kneeboards, water skis, etc. The type of ski and board for storing with wakeboard towers varies by preference according to an individual's needs. Some people choose to use two different types of wakeskates at once - they might have one brand mounted above another so they don't interfere with each other while riding them through the water or they may prefer their wakeboards stored separately from their wakeskates if there are too many bumps on top of the tower already. Wakeboard towers come equipped with multiple mounting points which help to hold equipment strongly.

How to use the wakeboard holder for boat?

To use it you need to put your equipment on the rack's fingers and tight with straps.

How much boards can wakesurf rack hold?

Single-board wakeboard tower rack can hold just one board at one time.

Double-wakeboard tower rack can hold two boards at one time.

Wakeboard holders types

Wakeboard tower racks

Wakeboard tower rack

If you have a small boat, the rack can be mounted right on the wakeboard tower, where it works great.

Jet ski wakeboard racks

Jet ski wakeboard rack

The wake racks for PWC (Yamaha Jet Ski, Waverunner, Sea-Doo) are remarkably easy to install-simply snap the rack on whichever side you choose. These racks can carry up to two surfboards, one wakeboard, or any combination of boards that suits your needs. The racks have a UV stabilized adjustable bungee cord that can be used comfortably for securing boards. No worries about equipment danger, including ski and wakeboards, thanks to the cushioned design. Protective EVA foam strips cover all points of contact between your gear and the wakeboard holder for the boat so it doesn’t get damaged during transport, and neither will your ski.

Wakeboard rack for boat without tower

Wakeboard rack for boat without tower

If you have a center console boat, fishing boat, or any type of boat without a tower, you can mount a wakesurf rack right on edge of the boat's board. In this case, a swivel wakeboard holder can be turned in a position to hold a board vertically to the water under a small angle.

Fixed vs swivel wakesurf tower racks

Fixed and swivel racks are different, but the mount is one key difference.

Swivel wakeboard racks have options that will hold wakeboards, water skis, kneeboards, or surfboards without a problem, and all of these mounts can be turned into a swivel rack with the purchase of a swivel mount. A lot of people like this type because it allows boards to be removed from inside the boat easily. You'll need to tilt the board in order for it to turn towards you instead of away from you as would happen with a fixed model. The only drawback is they do produce more wind noise when traveling at high speeds than standard fixed racks do. Racks feature an easy release mechanism that makes it simple for you.

Ideal for boat storage

Wakeboard racks allow you to store wakeboard, surfboard, wakesurf, kneeboard, water ski, paddleboard SUP when they're not in use. It's also a great opportunity to hold a boat clean of any different recreational equipment.

Number of racks that you need

The number of wakeboard towers will depend on how many boards you have. It's usually up to four racks for every wakeboard tower.

Kneeboard wakeboard combo racks

Combo racks are great for storing wakeboards, surfboards, and other water sports equipment.

The most common way to use a rack is storing a wakeboard and surfboard on it together. They'll be placed in the most compact way.

How do I benefit from a wakesurf board tower rack?

There are some big benefits from using this type of storing equipment on a boat:

  • racks store wakeboards in a safe, secure way;
  • they are is easy and quick to install;
  • they're made from durable materials and won't rust or corrode over time.

These simple solutions help keep your water sports gear organized, which also makes it easier during storage and retrieval times.

What are the drawbacks of wakesurf rack for a tower?

The only drawback of wakesurf racks is that they don't offer strong protection to your wakeboards and surfboards when you're driving. You'll need a soft or hardcover for a board if you want them protected at all times.

Even though there are these downsides, wakeboard racks for boats still prove to be an excellent way for storing wakeboards and other water sports gear on the boat.

Is the wakeboard holder worth it?

Yes, wakeboard holders are worth it. All you have to do is make sure the rack that you're buying will fit on your boat’s tower and be able to hold all of your wakeboards or surfboards (depending on which board type you prefer) at once.

Wake rack can be a strong investment for any wakeboarding enthusiast who wants their gear within arm's reach whenever they need it. Wakeboarding towers provide an excellent way for storing wakeboards when not in use so that they won't get dinged up over time.

What materials do wakeboard rack for boat come in?

Wakeboard holders are made from a few different materials.

Aluminum wakeboard tower rack (it’s usually strong aircraft-grade aluminum) is the most common, but they also come in fiberglass and stainless steel for those who want a more durable option.

What is the best place for wakesurf rack on a boat?

The rack, as it's clear from the name, usually mounts on the wakeboard tower and holds a gear vertically to the water or at different angles.

This rack is typically the best storage option when looking for a place to store your wakeboards, but it’s important to make sure you buy one that fits in with the look of your boat and has enough space on the wakeboard tower before making a purchase.

If there isn't any space or if it doesn't match up aesthetically then this might not be the right way for storing them.

Wakeboard rack installing

Preparing the wakeboard holder is an easy process that takes only a few minutes to complete, but it can be tricky if you don't know what you're doing or are in too much of a hurry.

Find a location on the wakeboard tower where you want to mount your wakeboard rack. It will need enough space for all of them and should not be in an area that obstructs any other racks, which can make it hard to use if they are too close together.

Tip: The racks typically come with either four mounting gaskets or two mounting brackets depending on what type of rack you purchase. The most common way is using one bracket per side, but some people choose to put both mounts at once in order to have more stability.

Things to consider before buying a wakeboard holder for boat

Before purchasing this type of product, you need to consider the following things:

  • Where will I be mounting my wakeboard tower racks?
  • What type of wakeboard holders do I want to buy?
  • Is it worth buying racks with space for two wakeskates instead of one?

You should also check your wakeboards and make sure that they fit properly. You may not know this until you get a new board or if yours have changed shape over time which can affect how well your gear fits in the rack.


Heavy duty construction will provide years of enjoyment. Double polished to a mirror shine aircraft-grade aluminum is the most common material. Stainless steel tower racks have not so long-life span.

Aluminum models are lighter and heavy-duty. Stainless steel will be more durable, but aluminum has a longer life span.

Construction quality

When looking for wakeboard racks, it is crucial to pick a product made from quality materials. Best models need to deal with all weather elements, be resistant to water exposure and rust. The product features a UV-resistant coating to maintain its look and never fade.

Ski racks should bring a sense of elegance to your boat or other places where you install the rack.

Additionally, you’ll want to also make sure your rack is strong enough to handle wakeboards, as they can be heavy.

Swivel mechanism

Swivel mount tower racks can be mounted at almost any angle to level out the board rack with the boat. This kind of rack is available in vertical or horizontal bars and can be installed at nearly any angle.


Different wakeboard racks have different capacities, but most wakeboards will fit on a rack of about 20 inches.

The size and length of your wakeboard tower are important to know when purchasing the appropriate wakeboard holder for your boat.

A majority of models are made to be universal in their ability to handle board shapes, sizes, and widths up to 18-20 inches wide.

The better way is to store on a rack two boards - kneeboard and wakeboard at the same time.

Quick release mechanism

Quick release mechanism allows it easier and quicker to remove your boards when you want.

Most models have the option of securing boards in place using straps on top of the board or some other way. This will keep things from shifting around while transporting as well as making sure boards are not too close together if installed vertically.

Easy installation

No drilling is needed. Simply assemble the rack and bolt to the tower.

Easy removal

The rack’s quick release cam lever allows you to remove it from your wakeboard tower at any time without needing tools.


There are two main colors for racks - black or silver with shining polished.


Wake racks are great to keep boards from rattling.

Long forks will keep the boards well fitted in, and covered forks will prevent them from scratching your boards. The fastening cords or bungee cords tighten and secure the boards on the rack to avoid shocks and shaking while you’re cruising.


All models are made of special material that is designed to withstand the sun and keep your gear safe.


Most models of racks fit most universal towers and can be mounted at both vertical and horizontal tower bars at virtually any angle.

What is included in the set of wakesurf board tower racks?

The set is usually inludes a mirror and some install tools - stainless hardware + rubber bumber finger inserts for board protection + bungie cord to hold a board in tight.

Important tips to using for wakeboard rack

  • To avoid shaking your wakeboard gear while driving, use some padding material to keep it from rubbing against other objects or hitting it during sharp turns and sudden changes of direction.
  • Use board cover to protect it against direct sunlight esepecially when it's not in use for a long time.

How to care about wakeboard tower rack?

Without regular maintenance such as waxing/polishing the racks, they may become rusty over time but can be restored with soap and water if you're careful about choosing materials that are resistant to rust (such as stainless steel or anodized aluminum).

Wakeboard racks maintenance


During transportation, proper care of the racks will reduce wear and tear. You can also invest in some rack covers made of outdoor poly that can be fitted for any tower rack.

Seasonal Cleaning

The wake racks are made of anodized aluminum, so they will stand up to the weather well. The only maintenance needed is that it should be washed with mild soap and water at the end of every season, and rinsed when used in salt environments.

Tighten Hardware

Check clamps on racks and the quick release mechanism after 30 hours of use.

Wakeboard Racks Brands

The market is dominated by some manufacturers such as: Krypt Towers, Tengchang, Origin, Big Air, Monster Tower, TC-Home, Roswell.

Polished Aluminum Knee Board Wakeboard Combo Tower Rack (Wakeboarding Rack for Towers) [Krypt Towers]

Double Polished to a Mirror Shine Full size model. Can be mounted to any tower in nearly 360 degrees to level out the board rack horizontal with the boat. Holds 2 x Boards; Fits Clamp Tubing Sizes 1 3/4", 1 7/8", 2", 2 1/4", 2 3/8", 2 1/2".

Wakeboard Rack (Wakeboarding Tower Holder, Adjustable Angle Base to Level with Boat) [Krypt Towers]

Quality polished Aircraft Grade aluminum. Holds 2 x Wakeboards. Clamp Sizes: 1 3/4", 1 7/8", 2", 2 1/4", 2 3/8", 2 1/2".

Malibu Illusion X Wakeboard Tower Rack (Slalom Ski, Wakesurf, Kneeboard, Surfboard Combo Rack) [Krypt Towers]

Aircraft Grade 6061 CNC Machined Aluminum. No Drilling, Simply Assemble Model. All Types of Board Racks Available - Wakeboard, Surfboard, Wakesurf, Kneeboard, Slalom Ski, and Combo Racks.

Black Anodized Quick Release Wakeboard Tower Rack for Boat [Krypt Towers]

Quality polished anodized aluminum. The clamp rotates in 45 degree increments to mount to tower tubing at virtually any angle. Included is a quick release hand knob that can remove the rack from clamp in under 15 seconds.

Wakeboard Tower Rack (Kneeboard Combo Rack) for Boat [Tengchang]

Clamp fit most universal towers, fits 1 3/4", 1 7/8", 2", 2 1/4", 2 3/8", 2 1/2" tubing. The bat shaped plate holds the forks for two wakeboards. Bungee cord safety strap to secure boards, fits both vertical and horizontal tower bars at virtually any angle.

Kneeboard/Wakeboard Combo Rack for Boat [Origin]

Fits 1 3/4",1 7/8", 2",2 1/4", 2 1/2",2 3/8". Easy installation; bungee cord included. Suitable for any angle of tower tube from horizontal to vertical.

Hydro Wakeboard Tower Combo Rack (Holds 1 Kneeboard and 1 Wakebaord) [Big Air]

Fits 2", 2. 25", and 2. 5" tubing sizes. Holds 1 wakeboard and 1 kneeboard. Fully adjustable; rubber inserts to protect your high end wakeboards.

Wakesurf Rack for Tower (Surfboard Rack for Boat) Holds 2 x Wakesurf Boards [Krypt Towers]

Clamp Sizes: 1 3/4", 1 7/8", 2", 2 1/4", 2 3/8", 2 1/2". Easy installation and attaches to round tubing towers. Secures 2 Surfboards/Wakesurf Boards, Bungie strap to hold boards secure.

Wakeboard/Surfboard Combo Rack for Boat with Universal Inserts [Monster Tower]

Fits any tower with a 1-5/8” to 2-1/2” diameter (plastic universal inserts included). A cloth-coated, UV-resistant elastic shock cord holds boards in place. Easy removal.

Wakeboard Tower Rack with Mirror (Boat/Board Holder, Bracket) [TC-Home]

Fits 2" or 2. 25" or 2. 5" tubing. Fits both vertical and horizontal tower bars at virtually any angle. Soft rubber inserts for secure tight board protection.

Strapless Clamping Wake/Surf Board Racks [Roswell]

With gravity on its side it's never been easier to use a board rack. Just put any board into the independently adjustable telescopic arms to secure anything from a wide 23 and surfboard down to a small kids wakeboard. It also features dual density board protection to safely secure any board up to a maximum thickness of two and three-quarters of an inch. The vertical board orientation also means virtually no board chatter in the rack while you're going down the water. And one of the best parts about it is your wet boards will now drip outside of the boat.

Universal Wakeboard Racks [Monster Tower]

There are models silver or in black, brushed anodized or black anodized. Anodized gives you superior corrosion resistance. They are made of 6063-T6 aluminum. What makes these racks universal, as you can order it with universal inserts. It comes standard in 2.5-inch. If you have standart wakeboard tower, 2.5-inch is all you need. But if you have another-sized diameter, outside diameter tower, there are another different size. Inserts come in a pack. So you can make it fit from 1-5/8-inch all the way up to 2.5-inch. So that's what makes these wakeboard racks very universal. These racks are super adjustable as well, so you can adjust the angle of clamp so your forks are always parallel with the water and your boards are looking nice and level however you want them to angle, typically parallel with the water. They also have a quick release on it. So you can pull your rack right off when you're backing into the garage, docking up with somebody. You don't want your racks hanging out. Pulling in a boat slip. You can pull it right off and then pop it right back on. You don't have to use any tools. Your clamp stays right in the same place. We've got our rubber inserts on racks. They protect your board. These racks also has an adjustable. You can adjust the clamp to where your forks are always perpendicular to the water, so your racks are always perpendicular with the water. This allows you to mount this rack on a curved pipe, angled pipe, whatever you need to mount it on. Both of these come with these rubber bumpers inside them to protect your boards. You've got a two and three-quarter inch gap here for your surfboards. You've got an inch and a quarter gap for your wake board. And then you've got bungee cords here to hold them in. These bungee cords are replaceable. We've got replaceable molded rubber inserts. You got two different settings on these bungee cords to hold your boards in at whatever tightness is best, works best for you and your wakeboard boat. Keeps them nice and snug in there. Then you've got a bungee cord with two different options to hook it on to keep your board secured.

Swivel WakeSurf Racks [Monster Tower]

There are swivel wakeboard/surfboard racks. If the rack a 2.5-inch clamp, It will only fit 2.5-inch. So it works great with the MTK tower or any of our MT1, MT2, or MTE towers. Or if you have a 2.5-inch tower, it will work for you. It is adjustable so you can adjust the angle of these forks. You just pull the band and the whole piece rotates in and out of the boat. So it is very simple and it's designed so that, therefore, it is bullet-proof. You've got the bungee cord, put your boards in and secure them, rubber bumpers to protect your board. This is a serious piece of hardware for your wakeboard tower. Great swivel racks. These are made of 6063 T6 aluminum, and they're available in the brushed anodized finish you see here, and we've got black anodized finish as well. And anodized gets you superior corrosion resistance. These racks are universal, because you can get them with universal inserts. It's a pack of these inserts that go from inch and five-eights all the way up to two and a half inch. So, no matter what size tower you have, these clamps will fit them. This also has a quick release clamp on it. You just hit that there, pull this off. There you go. Your clamp is still attached to the tower, where you can pull your rack right off. If you're trailering or pulling into a boat slip, or docking up, you need to pull your racks off, it's quick and easy. And you put the rack right back on, where you had it. So if you need to get those boards in the rack without having to lean outside the boat, just pull the pin, swivel it in, put your board in and swivel it back out. Or if you're docking up with other friends and you don't want those forks sticking out, hit their tower or their boat, you can rotate them in, or pulling into your boat slip, pulling into the garage, you can just rotate. That's the beauty of the swivel rack.


What type of boards or skis can wakeboad tower rack store?

Wakeboard holders can be used to store the water gear:

  • surfboards,
  • wakeboards,
  • wakeskates/wakesurfs,
  • wake skis,
  • paddleboards (SUPs or iSUPs).

How many racks do I need?

Standard models of wakeboard racks for boats have two forks and can hold two boards, for example - wakeboard and surfboard. Or only one gear like water ski, becuase the ski is not compact.

The most simple models have only one fork and hold one type of board only.

Does the rack need to come off the tower?

Wakeboard tower racks are fast and easy to install. It's attached using the included hardware (screws) that fits the shape of your wake tower.

You need to put the racks off the wakeboard tower for storing during off-seasons only.

What is the construction of the wakeboard rack?

The wakeboard rack is made of strong, durable powder-coated steel that will not rust.

It has two forks with mounting hardware included for easy installation and it can hold a wakeboard or water ski in each fork (or iSUPs). The holders are adjustable to fit the width of your tower.

Are the forks covered in rubber to protect the boards?

Yes, they are. The wakeboards will be safe from damage while on the rack and are held in place securely. The wakeboard holders have rubber grips that hold your board firmly to prevent any sliding or slipping down the forks, even if they're wet. This feature keeps boards away from other objects while stored.

Is the bungee cord integrated into the rack?

The wakeboard rack uses a bungee cord that attaches to your tower. So the wakeboards will be safe from damage while on the rack and are held in place securely.

Does the wakesurf tower rack adjustable?

If the model has a swivel mechanism, you can turn it to you fot easy acseess to your boards in very short time.

How do I know my boards will fit a wakesurf board tower rack?

The wake rack is designed to fit all wakeboard towers, irrespective of size. The board's binding holes should be aligned with the fork slots on either side for a secure storage solution. The rack’s bungee system will stretch to fit two boards or set of skis.

What if I need to remove wakesurf board tower rack for storage?

Wakesurf racks for tower can be removed from tower by loosening the bolts holding it in place. is a source where the post Wakeboard Racks for Boat appeared first.

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  1. Krypt Towers Wakeboard Tower Rack is made of aircraft grade machined aluminum for all types of board – Wakeboard, Surfboard, Wakesurf, Kneeboard, etc, except the option for a slalom ski – does not fit a slalom ski.

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