Best Bungee Dock Lines (Stretchable Boat Dock Ties, Mooring Ropes)

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If you’re looking for bungee dock lines that can stand up to heavy-duty work without snapping or fraying, these nylon might be the ones for you. Nylon has characteristics that make it ideal for dock lines. It is incredibly strong, it is very stretchy, and it is very good at resisting the harmful effects of sunlight. They’re are tough, long-lasting, and affordable and sheathed in durable polyester, which stands up well to friction and UV exposure and is also famous for its resistance to chemicals, oils, and moisture. Suitable for heavy use, these stretchable boat dock ties are available in a variety of sizes and strengths, so whatever you need them for, you’ll be able to find the model that works great for your bass boat, pontoon, kayak, Jet Ski, SeaDoo, Yamaha WaveRunner or any personal water craft. Bungee are adequate for short term tie ups if it's not too windy. It is better not use them for overnight, windy or stormy conditions.

Marine Grade UV-resistant Boat Dock Ties

This bungee dock line will see you through camping, moving, and more. The boat dock tie is hidden inside the mooring rope and acts as a built-in snubber. For the vast majority of your projects, you won’t need more than an 18-inch. The set is made from heavy-duty natural rubber and coated in thick, braided material to boost longevity and add strength. The models is UV-resistant, so it won’t wear out in the sun. Why we love it: Perfect length for most boat of different size; UV-resistant material.

Stretchable Bungee Dock Lines

You never know when you’ll need a bit more help securing your items, but this kit has your back. Features a loop and slider at each end for easy attachment and quick docking. The set includes ABS-coated metal hooks and durable latex cores covered in double-braided neoprene, with an impressive break strength of 185 pounds. The model come in an organizer bag, so you can always have them on hand. Why we love it: Includes lots of extras; Massive break strength.

Universal Boat Dock Ties

The right boat dock tie for any task and the ideal length for nearly everything. You’ll get the most bang for your buck with this set of bungee lines in several sizes. This assortment of bungee dock line comes in handy for docking, securing camping equipment, and more. The durable, UV-resistant polyester model has a natural latex core, which is 50% tougher than most synthetic rubber products, and the vinyl-coated hooks protect your gear.

Boat Dock Ties Brands

The market is dominated by some manufacturers such as: Airhead, Jranter, SandShark, Obcursco, Abeauty, OBeauty, Extreme Max, Botepon, Orange Cycle Parts.

Boat Dock Tie [Airhead]

This bungee dock line is made from high-strength nylon rope that is waterproof and strong. It is also a sturdy and secure bungee made to withstand the pressure of strong wind and waves and absorbs shock. This boat ties to the dock with a bungee cord hidden inside the rope and acts as a built-in snubber. It absorbs shock to boats, cleats, piers, towers, and other hardware. Two foam floats protect the boat from chafing and sliding adjustment at both ends for quick docking.

Bungee Dock Line (Cord) [Botepon]

These boat dock ties are extra strong and easy to use and come in packs of two. They’re made to be healthy and sturdy, making them ideal for boats with a lot of weight in the front. You can use these bungee dock lines to tie up a cleat, piling, or dock post. They’re easy to use and don’t require you to pull the boat out of the water. The elastic is strong enough to absorb shock from boats but won’t bump them against the dock when using the regular rope.

Boat Dock Tie [Orange Cycle Parts]

Made of durable nylon, this boat tie features a rust-free design that will last in your boat for many years to come. This snap hook is spliced to one end and has a 10-in loop on the other end for attaching to dock cleats. It’s 7 ft long, and two-pack snap hooks are included in the package with each purchase. They’re also easy to connect to dock cleats without worrying about them being damaged by water. You can choose between two different sizes depending on how much grip you need.

Bungee Dock Line [Extreme Max]

This boat tie is made from high-quality materials (heavyweight black-colored plastic), making it durable while still allowing it to be easy to use. This dock line has a loop and slider at each end for easy attachment. You can choose between four different sizes of this dock line. If your boat is too small or doesn’t hold up well on its own, we recommend that you look into other options, such as an adjustable rope system. We also like that these docks are made from high-quality materials, so they don’t come off quickly after years of use.

Boat Dock Tie [Jranter]

These bungee dock cables are made from a heavy gauge of rope and sturdy plastic to resist damage and maintain durability. The bungee anchors are made of high-grade stainless steel. This bungee dock line is designed for small to medium size boats. You can stretch it from 4 ft to 5.5 ft. The sleeve tube is removable to make the loop attach to the cleat tightly. Two EVA foam floats protect the boat from chafing. You can easily tie off to the dock and don’t have to worry about your boat floating away from improper tie-off.


Is bungee dock line good to use for ocean boating?

If you're boating much in the ocean you also have tidal action to be concerned with. Bungee will abrade much faster than traditional dock lines.

What kind of rope is used for dock lines?

Dock lines most commonly come in three weave types: three-stand, braided and double braided but they must be made of nylon. Polypropylene degrades quickly in the sun, doesn't have the level of stretch needed, and has a low breaking strength.

What is the best material for dock line?

Nylon is the best choice for a dock line because it offers good resistance to the sun's rays, fuel and chemicals. It stretches 15 percent when loaded to about 20 percent of its breaking strength, providing shock absorbency. Dacron lines soon become too stiff, and polypropylene lines degrade rapidly in sunlight.

How to soften dock lines?

Soften stiff ropes in a solution of fresh water and fabric softener. Let them sit in it overnight, then rinse thoroughly, and dry away from direct sunlight. Prevent abrasion and wear with chafing protection, such as leather or plastic tubing, on any location where a line may rub on a dock, gunwale or hawse pipe.

How to clean dock lines?

We recommend to use serious marine cleaner. Soak the dock line in cleaner for a little bit and pull it out in 5-15 minutes.

How to stretch a dock line?

Properly placed dock lines should: keep your boat close to its finger, prevent forward and backward movement along the finger, prevent sideways movement away from the finger, and prevent a yaw motion where the boat's bow and stern tend to rotate in either direction. is a source where the post Bungee Dock Lines (Stretchable Boat Dock Ties, Mooring Ropes) appeared first.

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  1. Bungee Dock Lines are recommended for docking boats and PWC’s up to 4,000 pounds. Tensile strength is 2,150 pounds.

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