3 Best Trolling Outboard (Side) Motor Mount Brackets Review

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Last Updated June 1, 2021
Fishing or just canoeing involves paddling. But for long voyages, an electric motor can be equipped to navigate against the tide and for other difficult moments. Such motors are light and powerful enough even to move against the river flow. To secure it on your kayak you will need a suitable mount, the so-called transom. We offer you several removable outboard motor mount brackets options with different mounting options for kayaks and canoes. Among the options offered are both traditional wooden overhead transoms, which are made of moisture-resistant marine plywood, and models made of composites. Besides, the models have various mounting options:
  • clamp pliers for thin rigid sides (wooden, plastic and metal canoes);
  • special fittings (fastenings) that are glued to the pontoon of an inflatable boat - they are commonly installed on the stern.
There is also the option of a long strip fixed on the sides of the inflatable boat (pontoons). Explore the models proposed to make the right choice. All fasteners are easy to install and are robust, reliable and durable.
Outboard Motors review

TOP Motor Mount Brackets Comparison Table

❑1. Kayak Motor Mount Bracket Kit +aluminum + PVC
❑2. Big Marine Mount Bracket for Heavy-Duty 4-Stroke Motor [Marinetech]+aluminum
❑3. Standard Canoe Motor Mount Bracket [Old Town]+aluminum + wood

1. The Best Kayak Motor Mount Bracket Kit

Kayak Motor Mount Bracket Kit  Picture
  • Adjustable for different hull width.
  • Up to a 35 lbs motor supporting.
  • 2 years of warranty.

2. The Best Big Marine Mount Bracket for Heavy-Duty 4-Stroke Motor [Marinetech]

Big Marine Mount Bracket for Heavy-Duty 4-Stroke Motor [Marinetech] Picture

3. The Best Standard Canoe Motor Mount Bracket [Old Town]

Standard Canoe Motor Mount Bracket [Old Town] Picture

Motor Mount Bracket Models Pros and Cons

Overall, there are the most important things to consider when purchasing best trolling outboard (side) motor mount brackets. Pay attention to the following unique features:
  • product's quality;
  • price;
  • etc.


Choosing a trolling motor bracket for a boat, canoe or kayak the first thing you should bear in mind is what kind of fastening you need. There are different types of boats – inflatable, with a hard frame, with thin and thick sides etc. We have chosen a few different variants for inflatable boats and canoes with a hard frame. Please, familiarize with presented patterns on the site and make the right choice.


One of the important factors is the material a trolling motor bracket is made of. material affects maximum load which bracket can stand and its quality and durability. It should be taken into account that the bracket will work in terms of high humidity so it must be corrosion resistant. On our site, there are various models of brackets produced of different materials due to which you can easily make your choice.

Main peculiarities

Trolling motor brackets differ by their designs. There is a great number of various designs - tubular frames, rails with clips, angles etc. It should be stressed that frame choice depends on the type of boat or canoe the bracket will be installed on. We have investigated a huge number of holders models for trolling motors and selected the most reliable ones for different types of boats and kayaks. only thing you must do is to choose the most suitable model from the given options.

Best Branded Motor Mount Brackets

The market is dominated by some manufacturers such as: Marinetech, Old Town.


Let's go over some frequently asked questions about Motor Mount Brackets.

Q: I have a rubber boat without a holder for the motor. Can I choose bracket for my boat?

A: Yes, you can. There are holders for inflatable boats of different types. If the boat is sharp-nosed, the rail bracket with fastening on the sides is better suited. If the boat is small with a bold bow and stern, you’d better buy a frame bracket, which is installed on the stern.

Q: Are these Motor Mount Brackets good for any boat type?

A: Any Motor Mount Bracket is good for boat, canoe, kayak, etc. Check please our comparison table.

Q: What are good trolling outboard (side) motor mount brackets

A: Check please our Motor Mount Brackets Comparison Table.

Q: Where to buy cheap Motor Mount Brackets for sale

A: Take a look at this TOP Motor Mount Bracket Kits reviewed of 2021 and then press the «Check Price» button to check their price and availability.

Q: What is the best Motor Mount Bracket for money

A: The Kayak Motor Mount Bracket Kit is our Editor's Choice as the best model of Motor Mount Bracket for boat, canoe, kayak with its combination of performance, features, quality and price.

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  1. AquaOutdoors has some pretty good and top quality products. I have been using their mount bracket for a few years and I know I won’t have to replace any time soon. It’s great for my love of the water and my budget! I really recommend this to someone who is in the market for one.

  2. I go fishing quite frequently. I used to paddle too much, so I’ve often been exhausted. My years are going to take their toll. So I decided to purchase a small electric motor, but to attach it to my boat I had to purchase an extra motor mount bracket. I was reading the descriptions and choosing myself a side mount. Honestly, I’m very pleased with the product. mount is reliable and the motor is easily and quickly fitted to this mount. Fishing is now a nice water vacation for me. If you are the owner of a boat that was not originally designed to install a motor, I recommend buying a motor mount and using a light electric motor.

  3. I have a classic canoe with a rigid frame. This canoe isn’t designed to install a motor. But I was able to install a light electric motor thanks to canoe trolling outboard motor mount bracket. It’s convenient and easy to fasten. It holds the motor very firmly and securely. I recommend it to all. Fishing is now a sheer pleasure for me.

  4. Scott York says:

    My current boating set up includes the Sea Eagle Motormount and it’s fantastic! It is a great weight and sturdiness for the price and definitely isn’t a problem weight wise for me. I am not one of the strongest people but putting this on wasn’t out of my range.

  5. Helen Bradley says:

    My purchase was Double Block Motor Mount by Old Town. It does not require any permanently attached hardware and used to attach an electric trolling motor directly to the Old Town Predator kayak. The wooden base is very strong and mounts with one hand knob. It is not for other brands of canoes – Not for Old Town with metal or wood gunwales too.

  6. Eugen Britty says:

    Motor mount kit for inflatable kayaks by Sea Eagle holds up to a 34 lb thrust electric motor with a max motor weight of 15 lb Compatible with FastTrack and Explorer Series. Models older than 2013 need two D-Ring handles. Max capacity: 50kg/110.23lbs. It is special bracket for a motor.

  7. Top Quality co. canoe trolling motor mounting bracket is quite heavy-duty and made of solid ash hardwood and fits almost all types of canoes. It’s rugged, well designed and constructed. 28 inches long provides for a full range of propeller motion. Extends out to clamp at the 24″ inside span. Fits a full range of steering motion – allows you to affix gas or electric motor to any kayak.

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