What to Do if Water is Collecting on Top of Kayak Cover

Posted by Author David Lee

If water is collecting on the top of your kayak cover, it could potentially lead to issues like mold growth or water seeping into the kayak. Here are some steps you can take to prevent this:

  1. Use Support Poles or Straps: If your cover is sagging in the middle, it’s likely that water will pool there. To prevent this, you can use support poles or straps to create a peak on the cover, allowing the water to run off.
  2. Tighten the Cover: Ensure the cover is secure and tight on the kayak. A loose cover may sag and allow water to collect.
  3. Check for Damage: Inspect the cover for any damage or wear that could be causing water to collect or seep through. If there are any holes or tears, you might need to repair or replace the cover.
  4. Apply Water Repellent Spray: If your cover is not adequately repelling water, consider applying a water-repellent spray. This can help water bead up and roll off the cover, rather than pooling.
  5. Proper Storage: Use kayak storage racks or, if possible, store your covered kayak in a dry, sheltered area, like a garage or shed. This can protect it from heavy rain and reduce the likelihood of water pooling on the cover.

Remember, regular maintenance and inspection of your kayak cover can help extend its lifespan and protect your kayak from damage.

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