How to inflate boat mooring buoy properly?

Posted by Author David Lee

To inflate a boat mooring buoy properly, you can follow these steps:

  1. Remove the plastic screw or cap from the valve on the buoy
  2. If you are using a gas station or portable air compressor, set the gauge to around 2 PSI
  3. If you are using a hand pump, ensure it is suitable for inflating the buoy
  4. Press the air pistol or pump against the metal valve on the buoy
  5. Begin blowing air into the buoy, being careful not to over-inflate it
  6. Continue inflating until the walls of the buoy are fully expanded
  7. Once the buoy is properly inflated, replace the plastic screw or cap on the valve

It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions specific to the type of buoy you are inflating, as different buoys may have slightly different inflation methods. Additionally, be mindful not to over-inflate the buoy, as this can cause damage. is a source where the post How to inflate boat mooring buoy properly appeared first.

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