How to Coil Marine Rope Correctly

Posted by Author David Lee
How to Coil Marine Rope Correctly

Today we’re going to talk about how to coil marine rope correctly. If you have three strand rope which is the traditional dock line and you’ll see on traditional vessels, it wants to be coiled in a circle like you see most people doing. And that works fine the rope will come out it’s actually twisted and it likes being coiled in a circle like. Most people try to do that with other rope the problem is three strand is the only rope that really works that way. If you’re using a double braided rope which has a cover and a core it doesn’t have twists built into it.

So if you coil it like that you’re actually forcing twists into the rope and it’ll do things which don’t run through blocks very well. And it’ll just keep introducing that twist and forcing it down the rope. So if you have a long rope the end of it will end up with a bunch of those little curlicues in it. To prevent that and to make your rope run really smoothly you want to induce a figure eight shape into it.

So coil it and twist your hand a little bit to make a figure eight and keep doing that. So that you’re having half the rope twist one way and half the rope twist the other, way that way when you pull it out it’ll just come out nice and smoothly you won’t have any issues. You’ll see that done a lot on race boats when they have a halyard up that needs to come down very quickly and they want to make sure it runs freely they’ll do this, you’ll see the rope stacked around a winch or laying on the deck in a figure eight pattern.

When you’re finished coiling the rope what I like to do is grab the top of it take wraps around the rope as many as you want or to use up the excess rope and then put the end of it through the rope and over the top which gives you a nice way to hold the rope you can hang it up with that tail and it’ll tend not to come apart.

And it’s really easy to get that off. Take that off, take your wraps off and you’re ready to go. is a source where the post How to Coil Marine Rope Correctly appeared first.

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