9 Best Wood & Fiberglass Skimboards (Decks) for Sale

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Last Updated June 1, 2023
Wood/Fiberglass Skimboards for Beginners and Professionals
Looking for a skimboard shop to choose the best model for you? All decks in our chart have perfect maneuverability – making it easier for you to turn swiftly as you get more pivot. There are popular materials for skimmer boards production:
  • enduring plywood with an epoxy coating to prevent water damage and breakage,
  • fiberglass with carbon reinforced at the nose and tail.
Decks have built-in grip pads and a special bottom layer that provides excellent grip when wet. Notice: 30″ decks are usually for riders up to 80 lbs, 35″ — around 80-150 lbs, and 40″ more than 150 lbs. After conducting research and reviews, we selected some of the most convenient and high-quality skimboards for various situations and conditions that meet the most stringent requirements for you. Check the range proposed and make the right choice.

TOP Skimboards Comparison Table

NameWarrantyMaterial Waxed
❑1. Small Cheap Wood Skimboard for Beginners with XPE Traction Pad+wood +
❑2. Wave Skimboard (Rubber Top, No Wax Needed)+wood +
❑3. Foam Skimboard for Kids & Adults (No Wax Needed)+foam +
❑4. Pro Skimmer Board (Neon Deck)+wood better to use wax
❑5. Adults and Kids Skimboard Surf+wood +
❑6. Large Pro Skimboard (Homemade Analog)+wood +
❑7. Carbon Fiber Skimboard from Beginner to Advanced+fiberglass + carbon +
❑8. Professional Cool Skimboard with Rubber Top +foam +
❑9. Skimboard Package (Deck for Beginners)+fiberglass + carbon wax included in kit

1. The Best Small Cheap Wood Skimboard for Beginners with XPE Traction Pad

Small Cheap Wood Skimboard for Beginners with XPE Traction Pad Picture

2. The Best Wave Skimboard (Rubber Top, No Wax Needed)

Wave Skimboard (Rubber Top, No Wax Needed) Picture

3. The Best Foam Skimboard for Kids & Adults (No Wax Needed)

Foam Skimboard for Kids & Adults (No Wax Needed) Picture

4. The Best Pro Skimmer Board (Neon Deck)

Pro Skimmer Board (Neon Deck) Picture

5. The Best Adults and Kids Skimboard Surf

Adults and Kids Skimboard Surf Picture

6. The Best Large Pro Skimboard (Homemade Analog)

Large Pro Skimboard (Homemade Analog) Picture

7. The Best Carbon Fiber Skimboard from Beginner to Advanced

Carbon Fiber Skimboard from Beginner to Advanced Picture

8. The Best Professional Cool Skimboard with Rubber Top

Professional Cool Skimboard with Rubber Top  Picture

9. The Best Skimboard Package (Deck for Beginners)

Skimboard Package (Deck for Beginners) Picture

How to Choose the Right Skimboard

Wooden Skimboards are Good for Beginners

A cheap, wooden, resin coated, the board is not going to get you anywhere in skimboarding, except learning to drop and step onto the board – if you’re lucky. It's a good choice for beginners.

Carbon Skimboards

There are lot’s of options when choosing a skimboard, but by far the best decision you can make is getting a Carbon Skimboard from a credible skimboard manufacturer. Choose a board that has plenty of surface area, and is the right size for you. If you can’t afford a Carbon board, then save up and purchase it. Carbon boards are important in improving your skimboarding skills. These are more stiff and lighter in weight. Stiffness is important because it reduces flex in the board, which reduces drag and ultimately help you slide out further and longer. Carbon boards are also very durable and last much longer.

Lightweight Skimboards

Having a lightweight board means more responsive turns and loftier airs. But super lightweight isn't as important until you are at a very advanced level in your skimming.

Why Carbon Skimboard is the Choice for Professionals

If you absolutely cannot afford a carbon board and don’t want to wait until you can, then there are other material options. But keep in mind, it will be very possible you may be going back online to buy a carbon board because your skills have outgrown the cheaper option, or the cheaper board has already broken down in a matter of months. I personally get a new board about every 4 months. Although the bottom and rails seem to be in great condition, and may still be in very usable condition for someone who is not at an advanced level, I notice the stiffness and pop slowly disappear in the board and am ready for the responsiveness and stiffness of a new board.

Technical data of skimboards

question of their cushioning is important when running skimboards on sea coasts, as all the blows fall on a person's back and backbone. And if these blows are not cushioned by a skimboard, back pain and other more serious problems will arise rather quickly. Also, if the swimmer's feet are in cold water for a long time, it is quite harmful, so a skimboard must create minimum heat insulation that prevents the risk of serious diseases (especially pelvic inflammation). Also remember that it is important to have a correct posture of your back during long-term activities, which not only increases the level of comfort when running skimboards but also minimizes the risks of injury or back disease.

Beginner Mistakes in Skimboarding

When I started skimboarding, I started from the very bottom. I used a cheap $40 wooden board from a tourist souvenir shop, Threw the board upside down and way out in front of me and wondered why I didn’t go anywhere... but let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about what TO do, and help you skim out further, reach waves faster, and start skimming waves back to shore.

3 Main Beginner Mistakes:

  1. Don’t throw the board and chase it
  2. Don’t JUMP on the board with both feet at the same time or front foot first
  3. Don’t approach the board from the side

Best branded skimboards

The market is dominated by some manufacturers.

Don’t buy cheap beginner skimboard

If you buy cheap products, you will end up buying twice. There are some very cheap skimboards on the market, but these are the ones made from poor quality material and components, and they can break down after a few months. Buy more quality model as it will be worth price that you pay.


Let's go over some frequently asked questions about skimboards.

What wood/fiberglass skimboards for beginners and professionals are good?

Check please our skimboards comparison table.

Where to Buy Cheap Wood & Fiberglass Skimboards (Decks) for Sale?

Take a look at this TOP skimboards reviewed of 2023 and then press the «Check Price» button to check their price and availability.

What is the budget beginner skimboard for sale?

The Small Cheap Wood Skimboard for Beginners with XPE Traction Pad is our Editor's Choice as the best model of skimboards with its combination of performance, features, quality and price.

Thesandshore.com is a source where the post about skimboards appeared first and was written by David Lee, an expert on marine eqipment. He has been boating for over 20 years and currently lives in Florida with his wife and children.

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  1. BPS skimboard is by far my favorite board out of this list. I have been swimming for years now and I need a durable and reliable skimboard that is comfortable while I practice almost every day. This is super comfortable on my arms and allows me to get a good workout on my legs.

  2. I am a huge fan of the BPS skimboards and everything else mady by the company. Their company really knows how to make quality gear. My old board might seem a little beat up but it’s still kicking even after many years of relentless use. I highly recommend anything by their brand.

  3. Driftsun Wood Skim Board is 30-40 inch with XPE Traction Pad. It is wood on the bottom and a foam on the top. Lightweight durable model and ideal for all skill levels. Hard protective waterproof poly-lacker coating. This is the ideal training board to hone your skills and boost confidence on the water. Gorgeous board. It glides very nicely in the water. Definitely worth the price.

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