Best Best Portable Snorkel/Swim Jets (Underwater Scooters) for Pool or Sea

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Portable Swim Jets for Shallow Diving
Diving is a rather popular form of active leisure. However, without additional equipment, the speed of underwater movement is quite low. Beginners and experienced divers use unique devices called an portable snorkeling/diving swim jets or underwater scooter to solve this problem. This equipment enables you to improve the velocity of motion under water considerably and get many enjoyable feelings from diving. Simplified user-friendly extremely compact design of TOP underwater swim jets' for family water fun (gliding above water, snorkeling, scuba diving, freediving) and for quick simple use. With heavy-duty rubber hull and waterproof construction to prevent accidental flooding, operated via a single finger trigger (three speeds - one for testing and blowing debris under water (for explorers) and two speeds for a boosted swim). All components are resistant to corrosion and suitable for fresh and saltwater use. There is a battery power display at the middle of two handle grip, and positioned in front of your face that shows full power (3 lights), half power (2 lights) and low power (1 light). Provided with a floater to achieve zero buoyancy and the propellers are designed with a safe protective net to prevent fingers from accidental injury (well protected so fingers cant get caught). There is a universal interface compatible with almost sports cameras which can be mounted to record everything under water in a most direct view. Features include an auto shut when operating triggers are released with thermal switch function and water leakage sensors. A housing is waterproof and dirtproof and An ECO-friendly batteries provide long service life and significantly reduces charging time. lithium-ion rechargeable battery charges fully in less than 2 hours and is super portable for taking on trips and outings. So, several valuable criteria must be taken into account in order to choose the right equipment. Attention: swim jet can be dangerous for kids' hair!

Maximum Immersion Depth of Portable Snorkeling/Diving Swim Jets

The first and most important thing to be careful is the maximum allowable scooter immersion depth. Here it is important to understand how deep you plan to dive and choose a snorkeling/diving swim jet that has a small reserve designed for the required depth. We've done analysed many different models of underwater scooters from different manufacturers and selected the best options for you. We offer you models with various maximum diving depths of over 164 feet. This will allow you to gain from your favorite activity a lot of new emotions.

Traction Force

The traction force is one of the most important indicators. This is the parameter that shows the power the scooter is able to develop. The dimensions of the user here are important. The smaller the user's weight and size, the less effort it takes to sail. Underwater diving swim jet generally give out about 8 kg. That's enough to get you quickly underwater. We have chosen various models for you, however, which can make a greater effort. There are also two-propeller scooters that are marked by increased power. To make the best choice, take a look at the product range.

Maximum Speed of Underwater Movement

Each underwater snorkeling jet has its own unique technical features, and the maximum speed of movement is one of the most important indicators. Choosing the best speed is important. Too fast a scooter will cause additional problems for ordinary diving. And it will be pointless to have a too slow scooter. That's why we reviewed a big amount of underwater scooter designs and chosen some of the best models from 2.5 to 9 mph for you with different maximum speeds. Check the available models and choose the best option.

Swim Jets' Battery Life

Every swim jet is driven by battery. And battery life relies on the battery's capacity. We have selected some of the highest-quality designs from international producers that have quite high independence of work without recharging. All designs have contemporary batteries. The range comprises models with distinct autonomy, with a single charge ranging from 30 to two hours of ongoing operation. See the designs available and choose the proper one.

Portable Jet's Weight

The scooter's weight is very crucial. Modern scooters are produced of composite materials characterized by elevated strength and minimal weight for easy transportation. We carried out many reviews and chose the best snorkeling and diving swim jet models with a minimum weight of 3.5 kg. Naturally, much relies on battery power and capacity: the heavier the scooter is, the higher the battery's power and capacity. Hence, selecting the ideal ratio of strength and autonomy to weight is important.

Snorkeling Jets' Dimensions

It is also essential to consider its size when selecting an underwater scooter. Deciding for which purpose the scooter is being used is crucial. As a rule, small low-power models are used for diving that do not restrict the perspective and enable the underwater world to be fully enjoyed. Each diver, however, chooses a size according to individual demands, based on the objectives. In some instances, for quicker motion, you need a big and strong scooter and a big battery for long-term operation. Look at the range provided and choose the most appropriate swim jet for snorkeling or diving . The range includes a broad range of models, ranging from compact one-handed grip models to big two-handed grip models.

Safety When Using an Underwater Scooter

Safety is one of the key parameters. We selected highly safe portable diving/snorkeling swim jets for you. To give the structure tightness and elasticity, they are made of durable composite materials with a rubber coating on the surface. In addition, engine propellers are guarded by a special grill, which eliminates the possibility of the propeller accidentally catching the user's limbs or underwater inhabitants. All the underwater scooter models proposed are 100% safe. They are also made of non-toxic materials and are therefore not harmful to the environment. In case of water leakage or activation of triggers, the models are also equipped with an automatic shutdown mechanism.

Modern Design

For many users, underwater scooter design is important. We conducted reviews and selected scooter models with modern, pleasant design and streamlined shapes. Check out the options and choose the model you like best. Let's find out how to use and take care of swim jet on example of Bixpy model. In Bixpy model your swim jet is made up of two main parts, thruster and handheld power pack and a power pack comes in two different capacities. First — Scuba Edition pack, this pack is going to go for about 40 minutes of continuous full power motion, also has a slight negative buoyancy to it. Other — slightly smaller Snorkel Edition pack, this pack is going to go for about 25 minutes of continuous full power, and also has a positive buoyancy to it. Both of which are great for all of your diving and snorkel needs.

How to Connect the Snorkel Jet’s Thruster to the Power

1. Remove the connector caps and store in a safe place for future use. First thing you want to do is check for dirt and/or damages to the diving jet's connectors. You also want to make sure that little orange O-ring on your battery pack is in place. 2. Put some dielectric grease into and around the edges of snorkel jet's connector. If you're diving below 10 meters, or 30 feet, make sure both your main connector and your charging port are completely filled with the dielectric grease. 3. Place your thruster and power pack on a clean, flat surface. One thing to notice is the two small tabs on your connectors, these tabs will have to be aligned to the two notches that are on the thruster connector. One way to identify for yourself where your connector needs to be is by putting a small mark on one of the tabs. Align your connector pins together, if your connector tabs and notches are aligned, you'll be able to push the jet's connector all the way in. Once the connector is in place, rotate the connector lock just about 180 degrees until you feel a counter lock into place. Although you will not hear a click, you will feel a subtle locking click as the connectors mate. 4. Once you have your connectors mated, you can slide the front nose latch and lock in the rear spring latch for a tight and sturdy connection. first couple of matings are quite a bit tougher as you're trying to break in the O-rings, but it will get progressively easier to mate your connectors. Remember, if you're forcing it, you'll break it. No pliers, no heavy tools are needed. If your connectors are not mated properly, and the water gets into the connectors, there is a chance that that water could potentially short the system and burn out the motor or the battery. If you suspect that water is in your connector, stop running the motor immediately. Take apart the thruster and the power pack, and clean everything with rubbing alcohol. Let it dry completely, and then put it back together and run your diving jet's motor as normal.

How to operate your Snorkel/Swim Jet

To operate your diving swim jet, hold down your trigger mechanism for about three seconds until you hear a beep and see the LED status lights turning on. Once your LED lights are on, your snorkel jet system is on standby and waiting for you to engage the thruster. At this point, hitting the trigger and holding it down one more time will start the swimming jet's motor. A second click will get you going in second speed and a third click will get you in full thrust. If you don't engage the system for about 10 seconds, and have the trigger released, the snorkel jet's system will turn off and you'll need to start it again by holding the trigger down for those initial three seconds. motor will only run as long as you're holding your scooter's trigger. Letting the trigger go will immediately stop the motor. When using the swim jet , the best position to point the outlet is toward the midsection of your torso. You can hold the jet with one hand or use two hands to hold the jet, your preference.

Swim/Snorkel Jet's Maintenance and Store

Your jets require very little maintenance. After every use clean them with clean, fresh water and store them in a dry place. Never store your jet with a completely drained battery, you should charge your battery every 90 days to ensure function. Abandoned batteries may shut down and become unusable. Charging is simple, plug your power plug into the wall, you will see a green light on your power adapter. Once you plug your charger into your drained battery, the green light will turn red, indicating that your battery is now charging. It will take about 90 minutes to charge your lower edition battery and about two hours to charge your higher edition battery. Once the batteries are charged the light will turn back to green. Always use the charger that came with your power pack. And remember, the charger is not waterproof. Remember to read your user manual and follow the care and safety instructions. Have fun with your diving jet, and we'll see you on the water. is a source where the post Portable Swim Jets for Shallow Diving appeared first.

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  1. Originally, I bought a super cheap swim jet and while it did work, it kind of quit out on me within a few months. Now, I have the Geneinno swim jet and it has been going strong for almost a year now. It is so easy to use and transport. There are no weird flaws or gimmicks to this jet.

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