Best Pontoon Boat Trailer Tires or Wheels

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Pontoon Boat Trailer Tires or Wheels

How To Fix a Flat Tire on a Boat Trailer

If you trailer your boat there's a decent chance you'll end up on the side of the road with a flat tire at some point. So what do you do? The first thing you do is ensure that your boat and trailer are off the road in a safe spot. Now if you don't have a spare tire you're going to need trailer assist but if you do have a spare tire and the right tools you can change your own tire. Even though the vessel still attached to the vehicle and the vehicle's emergency brake is on, it's still a good idea for added safety to chock the opposite wheel of the one you're changing. What you need to do is to loosen up lug nuts. The reason why you do it while it's still on the ground is because the wheel is still touching the ground and it won't spin around while you loosen the lug nuts. Now you are ready to jack up the trailer. You want to set the jack up as close to the wheel as possible. And putting a block of wood underneath it is a good idea especially if there's some soft ground. While you're jacking keep an eye on the wheel it's going to have to go up high enough off the ground so that you can put the fully inflated spare on. Now that we've loosened the lug nuts we can take the wheel off. Now you’ve got your fully inflated spare, you're going to put this on and do the whole thing in reverse. So we put our lug nuts on finger tight for now. The lug nuts are on finger tight now I can lower the trailer back to the ground and tighten up those lug nuts. When you tighten the lug nuts you want to follow what we call a star pattern meaning you don't just go all the way around. You skip a lug and this way you don't pull the wheel off center and it tightens uniformly against the drum. Keep working your way around in this pattern a couple of times until all the lugs are secured. So you see having a spare tire and the right tools will get you back on the road in no time now. is a source where the post Pontoon Boat Trailer Tires or Wheels appeared first.

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