Best Outboard Engine (Outboard Motor) Locks

Posted by Author David Lee
Outboard Engine (Outboard Motor) Locks
These hi-security outboard locks fit most outboard motors and fasten on the engine's mount bolts preventing loosening of transom nuts. It's the best protection available against costly outboard motor theft. A free-spinning collar turns if attacked by gripping tools and can give maximum security in seconds and quick release or install. Constructed of high strength hardened stainless steel with anti-theft by drill protection; they are through-hardened and have weatherproof powder coating. They fit most outboards - clamp slot adjustable but lock mechanism to suit different bolt diameters. Usually, complete with security keys that cannot be duplicated. Includes noise dampeners to reduce rattle. is a source where the post Outboard Engine (Outboard Motor) Locks appeared first.

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