6 Best Folding Marine Boat Deck Chairs and Tables

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Last Updated June 1, 2023
Folding Marine Boat Deck Chairs and Tables
Marine boat deck chairs are an essential part of boater life; from using them during long fishing expeditions or just lounging about when relaxing at anchor. It's a great way to enjoy the water and sun during the summer, or get out on the ice for some winter fun! From wooden chairs to simple plastic options that are easy to pack up and go in an instant, there are a variety of styles available to meet every need. We’ve made this list of great folding marine boat deck chairs you may want to consider for your next outdoor outing.

TOP Boating Chairs Comparison Table

NameWarrantymaterialmax weight
❑1. Marine Boat Deck Chair with Side Table (Flip Up) [Coleman]+ aluminum, textile 350 lbs
❑2. Marine Folding Boat Deck Chair [Wise]+ aluminum, vinyl 225 lbs
❑3. High-Back Canvas Marine Folding Boat Deck Chair [Seachoice]+ aluminum, textile 265 lbs
❑4. Folding Wooden Boat Deck Chair+ aluminum, textile 225 lbs
❑5. Strong Marine Boat Varnished Wood Table (Oak)+ wood (oak) -
❑6. Smart Marine Boat Folding Teak Table Top with Table+ wood (teak) -

1. The Best Marine Boat Deck Chair with Side Table (Flip Up) [Coleman]

Marine <span>Boat Deck Chair</span> with Side Table (Flip Up) [Coleman] Picture
  • Very easy to adjust reclining posture.
  • Easy to fold and store.
  • Doesn’t get too dirty.

2. The Best Marine Folding Boat Deck Chair [Wise]

Marine Folding <span>Boat Deck Chair</span> [Wise] Picture

3. The Best High-Back Canvas Marine Folding Boat Deck Chair [Seachoice]

High-Back Canvas Marine Folding <span>Boat Deck Chair</span> [Seachoice] Picture

4. The Best Folding Wooden Boat Deck Chair

Folding Wooden <span>Boat Deck Chair</span> Picture

5. The Best Strong Marine Boat Varnished Wood Table (Oak)

Strong Marine Boat Varnished Wood Table (Oak) Picture

6. The Best Smart Marine Boat Folding Teak Table Top with Table

Smart Marine Boat Folding Teak Table Top with Table Picture

What is a boating chair?

Deck chairs are a specialized type of chair that is designed to be used on boats for fishing or lounging. It's an alternative to sitting or standing while boating, and provides you with extra comfort during your boating adventure!

How do marine deck chairs work?

It's usually a folding model that's designed to use for the boat. It usually features a padded seat with armrests, as well as foot and backrests for some models for maximum comfort!

Most folding deck chairs for boats are made from durable materials like aluminum or steel so they can withstand all those bumps during your boat ride. And because boaters need their space, these chairs come in two sizes: regular size and oversized size!  

How to use marine folding chairs?

Folding models are great for boaters because they're compact, lightweight, and easy to install. Simply unfold the boat deck lounge chair from its folded position using your hands or a boating seat handle. You can also use any other part of the boat as leverage in order to extend it out fully!

Once unfolded, you should have that padded boating chair ready for all of those adventures on the water with just one handhold required securely at the backrest area so you won't topple over during rough waters! And don’t forget about storage - most models fold up into themselves when not in use (some even feature wheels) so they are super convenient for storing away until next time.

When done with your boating adventure, simply lift up one side of your boat deck chair and fold it till the next trip.

Folding vs Non-folding

Marine deck chairs come in two main categories: folding and non-folding. The good news is that they have improved greatly over the years, meaning there are more options available for boaters to consider when purchasing one!

Folding chairs offer a lot of conveniences as they usually fold up into themselves so you can store them away easily or take them with you on your next boating adventure. A downside to this type of chair is that they may be heavier than non-folding models.

Non-Folding chairs do not feature wheels but some still manage to collapse down which makes storage easy when not being used. The weight difference between these types is not very significant so you can choose based on your personal preference.

Types of marine boat deck chairs

Plastic Chair

Plastic models are the most inexpensive and easy to come by.

Folding Chair

Folding models are great for boaters that want to have easy access and storage capabilities, as they fold up into themselves when not in use (some even feature wheels). This means you can leave it on the dock or boat deck until your next boating adventure.

Portable Chair

It's a popular model that boaters like because it is lightweight. This makes transporting easy, as you can also store this yacht deck chair in your car or truck when not on the water.

High Back Chair

It’s a popular model because of its back support. It’s really great for long days on the water, as it helps to prevent fatigue by giving you the best possible comfort while boating.

Padded Chair

It's the most comfortable model because of its ability to support the body in a comfortable position all day long.

Cushioned chair

It's the most expensive model. It has a high back and a lot of padding which provides very comfortable support to your whole body, especially when boating for many hours.

Cup holder option

Chairs with cup holders allow boating boaters to put their drinks in a secure spot.

The boater will not have to worry about spilling drinks while boating and enjoying their time on the water with family. 

This option is available for both back high chairs, padded chairs as well as cushioned chair models.

Double-wide chair

It's a boater's dream. It can accommodate up to 500 pounds of weight without any trouble and provide the ultimate comfortable sitting experience for boaters who are not as slim or small in size.

Moreover, double-wide boated chairs also have cup holders option available on them which makes it even more desirable choice.

6-positions chair

This model allows you to find seating position that is most comfortable according to your taste and choose some positions to boater - switching from seating to sleeping or sunbathing.

Chairs for fishing

This model allows spending time on the water with maximum comfort, they're usually so durable that it carries the weight of up to 250 pounds and has wide space for fishing. Such a boat deck chair can be used by boaters who love the sea, birds, or fish.

In addition, this model includes a backrest in order to have some protection from sun rays while spending time on the water as well as a footrest that provides additional comfort during a boater's stay on the boat.

Fishing chairs are also equipped with pockets where you can put your favorite beverage - beer bottle or any other drink without spilling anything over your clothes.

Chairs for lounging

Boaters love chairs for lounging due to their low weight and durability which is necessary during heavy winds or water currents. The best advantage is flexibility - there are a wide variety of colors and designs available so everyone will find something suitable for them!

How do I benefit from boating chairs?

  • The main benefit that a marine deck chair has is the ability to support the boater's body in a comfortable position, especially on long trips. 

  • They're lightweight and easy to pack so boaters don't need to bother with it

  • Their design makes choosing easy - chair has a wide variety of colors available so each boater will find something that suits them best.

  • The favorite advantage among boaters is flexibility in the seating position when using them.

What are the drawbacks of boat deck chairs?

  1. One of the drawbacks marine deck chairs have is that they can't be used when boating in choppy waters.

  2. Some models aren't always easy to store as some boaters complain about them taking too much space.

  3. The quality may vary so picking a cheap model will not always be the right choice.

Is boating chair worth it?

The boat deck lounge chair can help with boating in different ways. For example, a boater can sit for hours on a chair without getting exhausted. They are so easy to store away when not being used.

  • A yacht deck chair is worth it especially if the boat has more than one boater as they are very comfortable.

  • It offers great comfort but some people find them too expensive.

Things to consider before buying a boating chair


An aluminum frame chair is more expensive than a plastic one. Powder-coated models are very popular because they last longer and do not need much maintenance, but those who like the boater to be surrounded by wood can buy the wooden models with aluminum frames.

The metal chair is most durable and long-lasting than plastic models that can degrade over time, but the disadvantage is the high price, weight, and maintenance cost.

The heavy-duty chair is the most durable model and usually, it's made of steel or aluminum with rustproof powder-coating.

Canvas chair is cheap and lightweight, but it needs to be stored in a dry place because canvas can degrade when exposed to moisture and direct sunlight. This model will not last long if used on a daily basis or near water with high salt content.

The bamboo chair has the merits of being lightweight and super versatile because it can be used as a folding model. But this model will need to be stored dry place too if you don't want the bamboo to degrade over time when exposed to moisture which is why most manufacturers coat their bamboo models with polyurethane.

A wooden chair will be good for boaters who prefer durable and long-lasting models.


Boating chairs are a great investment for boaters because they can be used to create a comfortable space in the sun or shade on the boat deck. But if you don't take care of them right away, your boating chair will get dirty and may start looking old quickly. Store it when not in use in a dry place so rain or moisture won't damage it over time. 


A good model is that will provide comfort and good back support. Most chairs nowadays have a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds so they'll be comfortable even if you're a large person. 

Most models give users ample room to relax without feeling cramped and uncomfortable because of their open design.

You can also buy boating cushions that attach either using hooks or velcro around the backrest of a chair.

Weight Capacity

This is the main factor to consider when buying boat deck chairs. It can be a good idea to buy one that has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, but it's not necessary for all boaters. Lightweight models are suitable for people who want their boating chair light and easy-to-move.


Marine folding chairs are designed to be used on boaters and they're made of heavy-duty materials that can withstand the harsh environment often found in boaters, so it's wise to invest in durable models.

Tip: What kind of weather conditions will it be exposed to? Remember that salt water is very corrosive.


It's important for boat deck lounge chairs to be the right size, and typically this is a matter of personal preference. Some boaters like model big so that they can stretch out in it while others prefer something smaller because it doesn't take up as much space on board.

Style or Design

It's a good idea to get boating chairs that match the boaters' style or design. Boats with more modern-looking furnishings may look better with boat deck lounge chairs in matching colors, while those who prefer models that have an old-fashioned flair might want something made from wood or canvas.

Tip: The length of time you expect your chair to last depends on how often you use it. How important its appearance is for you? (If looks matter then it's better to consider getting models in bright colors).

Ease to Carry

Some boat deck chairs come with handles on the back of a strap for carrying, which can be helpful if you're boating solo.

Tip: Get the model that is easy to carry - if they don't have handles, then make sure the material is light enough to pick up without difficulty.

Be sure not to buy marine deck chairs that aren't foldable too large to store in your boat's storage space.


Remember about weather conditions your chair will be exposed to because for casual boating, you'll need a high-quality model that can withstand different weather conditions.

Tip: It's better to have a marine deck chair for every person on the boat, and each one needs to be secured when not in use with straps or bungee cord.

Tip: Be sure to consider the type of chair you want as well as where and when it will be used. Consider how much exposure your boat deck chairs will have in terms of water - if they're going on fishing trips then make sure they are primarily made up from waterproof materials such as nylon or canvas, so it won't get wet and heavy during use.

Stain Resistance

The type of fabric you choose will depend on what boating activities your chairs are used for. For example, if the marine folding chair is going to be sitting under the rain - make sure that it's made from waterproof fabrics.

Tip: Consider using a polyester material as this can resist spills and stains better than other types of materials.


You need to clean your boat deck chairs regularly to prevent bacteria from growing. This is particularly important if you use boating chairs outdoors, as they are exposed to the elements and dirt more often.

Tip: Use a mild soap solution or an all-purpose cleaner on boating chair fabrics with light stains (e.g., mud). For heavy-duty cleaning jobs - such as removing grease or oil spills - mix up baking soda with water in a spray bottle and then shake well before spraying on the fabric to remove stubborn substances that might not come out otherwise.


You need to dry your marine boat chairs after using them under harsh weather conditions.

Tip: To dry boating chairs, try to place them under not scorching sun. 


Boating chairs come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find one that fits the boater decor or your personal style. 

Some models are designed to be used as a boating lounge chair, with armrests and head pillows. Some - have built-in back support such as adjustable reclining backs for comfort in multiple positions.

In order to keep your yacht deck chair looking its best over time, it's important that you take steps to protect the fabric from water damage and dirt particles that can cause mold growth due to trapped moisture underneath the fabric mesh. 

Tip: Don't cover lightweight boater seats with a beach blanket when not using them outdoors on rainy days because towels absorb rainwater and sweat quickly leaving behind dampness/moisture.


Boat deck chairs are designed to be compact and lightweight for portability - making them perfect boating companions! 

A boating chair has been created by combining two essential pieces: one that provides back support (usually made from foam) and another which functions as a seat cushion. The backrest can be found at varying angles, ranging from vertical to horizontal so it's possible to use it while sitting in different positions.


Sturdy and durable frames are made with composite anti-skid smooth leg tips to protect the boat deck, do not mark it, and give added support. They are usually constructed of injection molded solid aluminum handled with an exquisite finish or special wood. Some models allow you to swivel your feet on your front legs keep folding boat deck chairs from sinking in soft soil. And the breathable fabric of seats and backrests is resistant to mold due to humidity and is made of textiles which is breathable and makes you feel comfortable especially in summer. Their superior quality and high endurance materials withstanding harsh seawater environment.


Backrests can be adjusted in some models of marine boat chairs and reclined from 100 to 136 degrees make you lie more comfortably. Besides, it can also be locked in a certain position and ensure its stability after adjustment. 


These boat deck chairs can be also suitable for various places - not only for your boat but also for poolside, garden, patio, yard, etc. For most products, manufacturers usually give a warranty on frames and upholstery.

How to care about boating chair

To care about your marine deck chair use some simple tips. 

  • Store it in a dry place when it's not in use.

  • Clean it with mild soap and water, avoiding direct contact with fabric or foam surfaces that may cause discoloration.

  • Try to dry it naturally; avoid using any heat sources (such as hot sun or hair dryers).

Boating chairs statistics

  • Boating chairs are one of the most popular boating accessories, with more than 60% of buyers choosing to purchase them when they buy their first boat.

  • Manufacturers use more and more new fabrics such as neoprene which offer greater cushion and adding innovative features like backrests that let boaters recline even further.

Best branded boating chairs

The market is dominated by some manufacturers such as: Coleman, Wise, Seachoice.

Stylish Boating Chair [Coleman]

These modern and stylish, UV treated and mildew resistant marine folding boat deck chairs are excellent for boat decks or docks and can ensure a relaxing seat and have easy-to-use and easy-to-store design. They are serving the well-being of our customers during fishing or boating and usually come with complete assembly and don’t need any extra installation, which saves great effort and time for you. Their design comes with complete assembly and doesn’t need any extra installation, which saves great effort and time for you. Most boat deck chairs have a tall back and roomy bottom for easy lounging and also can be folded easily to stow away when not in use. Lightweight and convenient model, built to last. Boat deck chairs from the most reputable brands in outdoor equipment is lightweight, weighing only some pounds. It has full seat support, ensuring the most comfort possible. Pros: Folds completely flat for more convenient storage. It comes with a carry bag. It is offered with a one year limited warranty Cons: It sits low to the ground The carry bag strap isn’t comfortable to use.

Boating Chair With a Comfortable Back Mesh [Wise]

This is probably the hottest marine deck chair to ever hit the online world. With more than 50,000 units sold, this chair features an armrest securely wrapped with soft and comfortable foam. Pros: Heavy-duty steel frame; The breathable mesh back and seat makes it more comfortable; It comes with a cup holder and an armrest; The carry bag it comes with makes it easy to store and transport. Cons: The chair sits very low on the ground; It doesn’t recline much.

Don’t buy cheap folding boat deck chair

If you buy cheap products, you will end up buying twice. There are some very cheap boating chairs on the market, but these are the ones made from poor quality material and components, and they can break down after a few months. Buy more quality model as it will be worth price that you pay.


Let's go over some frequently asked questions about boating chairs.

Why do I need a deck chair?

Marine deck chairs are indispensable boating accessories. They provide comfort and convenience while boaters explore the water, sunbathe or just take a break from paddling. Deck chairs can be also used to store items that need to stay dry too so they’re perfect for picnics on the shoreline of your favorite lake or river spot.

Boats with deck space might already have built-in seating options such as benches within their hulls but these types of seats often won't offer enough storage space when boating enthusiasts bring along coolers filled with food, drinks, and other supplies they would like to keep out of direct sunlight. 

How Stable Is A Boat Chair?

It's going to be easier to balance on than a regular chair because it has multiple stable points of contact with the boat. This means that boaters can stand up from their deck chairs for longer periods and not worry about being unsteady or falling over as much. 

Should I get a non-foldable or foldable boat chair?

Of course, boating chairs come in a variety of styles and designs. Some boaters prefer to have foldable models that can be stored away when not in use but others enjoy having non-foldable versions they can take with them on their adventures and set up wherever they want.

What size of boating chair is best?

It depends on boater size, boating preferences, and the chair's material. There are double-wide chairs to suit big boaters. They're usually durable enough to handle boaters up to around 350 pounds.

What folding marine boat deck chairs and tables are good?

Check please our boating chairs comparison table to find appropriate products for pontoon boat, sailboat, yacht, etc.

Where to Buy Cheap Folding Marine Boat Deck Chairs and Tables?

Take a look at this TOP boating chairs reviewed of 2023 and then press the «Check Price» button to check their price and availability.

What is the budget folding boat deck chair for sale?

The Marine Boat Deck Chair with Side Table (Flip Up) [Coleman] is our Editor's Choice as the best model of boating chairs for pontoon boat, sailboat, yacht with its combination of performance, features, quality and price.

Thesandshore.com is a source where the post about boating chairs appeared first and was written by David Lee, an expert on marine eqipment. He has been boating for over 20 years and currently lives in Florida with his wife and children.

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  1. Coleman folding chair is good model from this list, almost perfect – strong and lightweight.. Sturdy and comfy. Nice supportive chair for elder people to easily get in and out off. Side table is great for kids too. It has flip-up design with cup holder and relaxed angled seat, cushioned back, and padded armrests.Supports up to 225 lb. Aluminum frame for easy transport. Great folded dimensions – 79 cm x 53 cm x 19 cm. I love Coleman products!

  2. Boat Folding Desk Chair by Achla Co. is perfect with a round dining table. It’s made from eco-friendly Eucalyptus Grandis wood with a natural oil finish. It also has brass hardware, natural-look polyvinyl seat; the back is soft and comfortable. Curved arm and backrests and three style options give this model additional comfort.

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