Best Electric Paddle Board SUP Pumps (Inflators-Deflators)

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Electric Paddle Board SUP Pumps
A sup pump is a critical piece of equipment for any sup enthusiast. It makes inflating and deflating your sup easier, safer, and faster. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to find the right one for you. We've compiled this guide with all of our favorite sup pumps and their specs so that you know which electric paddle board pump will work best for your needs!

What Is a SUP Pump?

A sup pump is a battery-powered, electric device that plugs into the board's valve and using pressurized air from an external source inflates your sup with great force in under 60 seconds! Inflating your sup can be done on land or water but it will always deflate when you release pressure at the end of use. This means you need to have enough pressure available (or another charge) for inflatable sup pumps without letting go. If not then the remaining pumped up sup will blow out like a balloon because there was nothing holding it down inside its hull. For this reason, we recommend only using electric SUP pumps if possible as they are much safer than manual ones unless you're in shallow.

How does a SUP pump work?

A sup pump works by sucking the air out of the sup board until it's under pressure. When you first attach it, there will be a leak that needs to be plugged in order for all the suction and compression to work properly.
  • Faster: electric sup pump inflates SUP faster, and you don’t need to bend down or lift it up.
  • Less stress on hands: You can use the electrical sup pump without any strain on your back, knees, wrists.
  • Safer: In case of power outage there is no chance to get trapped by airless stand up paddleboard in dark night because an electric sup pumps are powered via battery that lasts more hours then needed for full inflation process. So if a person forgot about batteries charging they will not be left stranded at all!
  • Efficient and Quieter.

What to Look for When Buying an Inflatable SUP Electric Pump

SUP Compatibility

It's important to find because it affects the fit and pressure for your sup. Check that the pump is designed for sup boards before buying! The quality of the board you are pushing also determines whether a regular air pump will work or not - so check this out as well when purchasing an electric sup pump.

Inflation stages and speed

It's important for some people as they may want to quickly inflate their sup from an empty state in minutes, not for a long time. Deflation can be useful when it comes time to pack up the SUP after use, which makes this feature one worth considering if you are limited on space while storing your sup between your trips.


Electric sup pumps range widely in price but more expensive models typically come with better features that make them easier to use such as automatic shutdown for safety purposes or convenient carry handles.


Deflation your paddleboard is the process of removing air from the sup. This can be done by hand or with a pump as well.

Automatic shutdown

It's a great fuction that is included in new models of paddleboard pumps.

Important tips for electric SUP pumps

  • Don’t overinflate your stand up paddle board. Overinflating your sup will make it more difficult to store and transport.
  • Use a landing mat or tarp for inflating you paddleboard to avoid punctures.
  • Lift the air valve first before connecting the electric sup pump.
  • Be careful when inflating several boards to prevent overheating the pump especially on a hot day. It’s best to deflate your sup and store it in the winter months, this will keep it from freezing. Double check that all boards are fully inflated before taking them out on the water for safety sake.

Inflatable SUP Pump Types

Quiet Electric Paddle Board SUP Pump

This portable model is powerful and quiet enough to use in the backyard, so you can leave it outdoors and enjoy the view without disturbing anyone else. WHAT WE LIKE: This SUP electric pump has three nozzles to choose from, allowing you to inflate/deflate different items on any occasion. It’s easy to use and is compatible with 12V DC and 110V AC power supplies. A car power adapter and home power adapter are included, making indoor and outdoor use possible. The pump is small and lightweight at a travel-friendly dimension.

Efficient Electric Paddle Board Pump

Simple To Use. This pump can be easily operated with a simple tap on the top or a hand crank. It can be set to one of 40 different deflations and even has an auto-off feature to prevent the cord from overheating. WHAT WE LIKE: This iSUP electric pump is easy to use. It can be used not only with stand up paddle boards, but also with large inflatables, airbeds, pools, boats, rafts, sofas, bathtubs, water beds, or swim rings.

Portable Electric Paddle Board SUP Pump (Inflator Deflator)

This is a multifunctional model. It comes with four nozzles and works on AC or DC power. WHAT WE LIKE: This electric paddle board SUP pump can be used to also inflate any types of boats. It comes with a car-powered 12V-DC cigarette for fast inflation and deflation. The pump is equipped with a strong quality motor to ensure fast results. The three interconnecting nozzles allow you to inflate most of the inflatable products.

Fast Electric Paddle Board Pump (Inflator-Deflator)

This pump can be used for any inflatables. The compressor has a dual-speed setting, and the pump comes with a built-in hose and hose clamp. WHAT WE LIKE: This electric SUP pump is portable and easy to use. It has three different nozzles, making it convenient to inflate or deflate various products. The unit also comes with a temperature controller that will automatically power off when the setting value's temperature gets too high.

Lightweight Electric Paddle Board SUP Pump

This model inflates air products quickly and easily, thanks to its unique design. It has 3 different nozzle sizes. WHAT WE LIKE: This portable iSUP electric pump is compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport. It comes with three different sizes of nozzles that can fit most types of paddle boards you need; the portable pump’s nozzles stay lock-secured without losing air.

12V Electric SUP pumps VS BP20 Electric SUP pumps

12V electric sup pump: The most common type of sup pumps is the 12v electric sup pump. This is an affordable option for those who have got a car or vehicle that can power their SUP up quickly enough, and has no need for long hours of use.

BP20 electric sup pump: For those looking to inflate in minutes not hours then you will want a more powerful battery pack like the 20Amp version. These allow much lower pressure settings so your board does not end up with any unnecessary air pockets at all over time when deflated, as well as being able to be inflated from empty inside a couple minutes which means less chance for accidental cracking (or worse).

SUP Pumps Statistics

  • Price range: $30 to $200
  • Weight: 1 to 10 pounds
  • Volume displaced by pump while pumping: Up to 2 liters
  • Hose length: Up to 8 feet
  • Minimum inflation time: 2 minutes
  • Maximum inflation time: 10 minutes


How to use pump and inflate SUP correctly?

An electric sup pump is ideal for any inflatables such as iSUPs and can be used on any other material that has not been punctured, but will also work manually if needed. To use it plug in to 110V power source and follow these steps: Turn ON switch at base of charger; Connect clamp near end of hose (near nozzle) to valve stem orifice; Pull cord from handle only enough so water doesn't leak out while pumping up your sup boards - about two inches should do it! Check every few seconds by looking in center hole until pressure gauge reads desired PSI level.

What are the benefits of using an electric pump versus a manual pump for inflating a stand up paddle board?

How can I keep my iSUP pump from tipping over?

The easiest way to keep your paddle board sup pump upright is by placing the base of it on a large, flat rock or tree stump. You can also stand the sup pump up in a bucket filled with sand.

How often do I need to use an electric paddleboard pump?

You should have your sup pumped up before every single time you go on or off water because this helps keeps your sup from leaking. It also ensures that when you are paddling around, your sup is at its maximum capacity and not getting too low due to lack of inflation - which can make turning hard as well as cause some boards like iSUPs to sink!

Do I need an electric pump for inflatable SUP?

An electric pump is easier to use and more energy-efficient than a manual pump. It also does not require you to be outside of the sup in order to inflate it, which is why electric pumps are recommended if possible.

Why use an electric sup pump?

As mentioned above, there's really no better way to inflate your sup without using any effort other than pressing a button or dipping into shallow water at the side of the shoreline where waves can't reach you. If you're paddling out on open waters then we recommend getting an electric SUP pump because they are much easier and safer than doing with one hand while holding onto the sup with another. An electric sup pump makes things so much simpler!

Can I inflate my paddleboard with an electric pump?

Yes, any iSUP is suitable for an electric sup pump.

What pump do you need for a paddle board?

It`s better to use an electric sup pump with a high pressure air hose, they're easier than manual pumps and are safer too. They will make inflation so much more convenient! Pumping up things like iSUP boards is very safe when done by electricity as there's less risk of injury from over-pressurization or under-inflating if you don't have enough strength in one arm for example.

What will happen if I inflate my sup with a regular electric pump?

The sup board should be inflated to the desired PSI (pounds per square inch). If you're using a manual pump, it can take up to 15 minutes and 30 pumps. Using an electric sup pump is much easier: just let go of the trigger for about five seconds after reaching PSI! That's all there is to it. The good thing about this method is that there's no risk of over-inflating or under-pressurizing your sup paddleboard as long as you read the instructions on how high you need to fill it up till in order for inflation time not taking more than two minutes.

Are paddle board pumps universal?

No, the sup board should be inflated to the desired PSI (pounds per square inch). If you're using a manual pump, it can take up to 15 minutes and 30 pumps. Using an electric sup pump is much easier: just let go of the trigger for about five seconds after reaching PSI! That's all there is to it. The good thing about this method is that there's no risk of over-inflating or under-pressurizing your sup paddleboard as long as you read the instructions on how high you need to fill it up till in order for inflation time not taking more than two minutes.

Can I overinflate a paddleboard?

Yes, you can if using manual instead of electric sup pump. And in this case the risk of damaging the material is too high!

Can a pump help if my sup board has an air leak?

You can fix this by carefully re-pumping it and trying again after 15 minutes or so.

How much does an electric SUP paddleboard pump cost?

There are many different types of pumps out there but most average around $50-$200 depending on if they're used for iSUPs as well.

What is the recommend PSI you should use to inflate stand up paddle board?

Check the sup board for a sticker with this information.

How to fix paddle board pump?

To fix a sup board, make sure the suction cup is fully attached before placing the air compressor over top of it. Then turn ON switch at base of charger.

How long I need to pump up a paddle board?

Pumping a paddleboard takes some minutes till desired PSI level if you use electrical pump. And using manual model can increase pumping time in 2-3 times.

What is the difference between an air pump vs electric sup pump?

Air pumps are cheaper but they can be quite heavy with long set ups. Electric sup pumps are generally more expensive but also much faster to inflate which means one person can do all of the work in some minutes. is a source where the post Electric Paddle Board SUP Pumps appeared first.

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