Best Boat Manual and Electric Marine Toilets (Portable Boat Toilet Systems)

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Are you looking for the best marine toilets that make their visiting on your boat or yacht comfortable? Or maybe you’re interested primarily in a toilet that’s easy to keep clean on your boat. When it comes to sheer versatility, we recommend a manual portable boat toilet that can be easily taken in and out of your boat. From other side, electric marine toilet can have a flexible design that makes it suitable for boat or yacht of different types.

Connection to Waste Tank

Will your marine toilet be connected to your waste disposal tank? This is a common setup for boats, but it means you have to use a stationary toilet and be active with your waste tank management. Other portable toilets used enclosed chemical systems. They tend to be smaller, but you can put them in more places and a waste tank isn’t needed to use them. The best option may depend on how you use your boat, so consider this carefully.


Not every boat has enough space for any type of toilet. Measure your toilet closet carefully before making a buying decision. Remember that pedals, tanks and bowl rims can all jut out and there needs to be room for these components, along with any important accessories like water sprayers. You can usually find a model that works for your space, but it’s important to pay attention.

Toilet's Height

Look for standard or comfort level heights for the toilet. If you have any physical disabilities or space limitations that make the toilet harder to use, it’s more important to look for a higher bowl, up to 19 inches. Low profile toilets can save on room, but they are less comfortable and smaller overall.

Flushing Mechanism

Boat marine toilets typically use pedals or levels for flushing. However, those pedals and levers can come in many different designs and positions, all with their own benefits. We like side-mounted pedals a lot, since they are easy to use but harder to accidentally flush than front-mounted pedals. Some of this, however, is up to personal preference.


Dual-flushing refers to toilets that offer one smaller flush for liquid waste and a larger flush for solid waste, to help conserve water. Picks like our Aqua-Magic models include a great dual flush lever that allows you to pick the flush amount, a great feature when you can find it.

Why Portable Boat Toilets are Good for Trips?

Portable toilets do take some extra maintenance when using and have to be carefully dumped at the right places via hand. However, their versatility makes them fitting for multi-stage trips where you can take your toilet with you instead of buying multiple versions.

Marine Toilets Brands

The market is dominated by some manufacturers such as: Jabsco, Campo, TMC.

Electric Marine Toilet by Jabsco

combines many of our favorite features in one model with a fully ceramic design, dual-flush pedal, and a comfortable seat. Not only will it last the life of your boat, but it’ll also do a great job the whole time. The base is sturdy for a more durable installation, while the rim is designed to prevent spills while still giving you the at-home feeling that this line specializes. The toilet is made of special material, which is great for durability and means you can clean as thoroughly as you want without worrying about damage. There’s also a dual-flush pedal that’s sensitive enough to tell if you pressed either partially or fully down to control the flushing.

Boat Electric Marine Toilet with Fresh or Raw Water Rinse by Jabsco

is a model with a particularly high-seated design and a unique lever for fast dual flushing. Choose this model for an ideal upgrade to an older toilet. While similar to our first model in our TOP, this model is a different, whiter shade and has a different construction. While our first model has a broad foot pedal in front, this model has an easily accessible lever in back that saves on space around the base. There’s also a welcome dual-flush system where pulling the lever back partially only does a minor flush, great for water saving. As with our first pick, this model has texture and design that are made for easy cleaning. It can also be fit with a hand sprayer for convenience if necessary. The height is one of the highest on our list and well-suited for easy sitting even in tight spaces.

Marine Portable Boat Toilet (Boat Toilet System) by Jabsco

A model like this has a simple installation and very easy to clean, but without the cheap feeling that some boat toilets can have. It’s a great choice for those missing their toilets from home. Don’t let the minimalistic design of this toilet fool you: That’s one of its best advantages in small boats with limited space. Not only does it save on space, but the large seat on the bowl ensures your comfort. Meanwhile, the pure ceramic bowl is very easy to keep clean and gives that authentic at-home experience. The simple design has other advantages, too: this toilet is very easy to install in the average boats, and the smoothly slanted excels at swift gravity flushing. Low maintenance and high quality rarely have such a good combination in this market.

Portable Boat Toilet (Boat Toilet System) by Campo

has one of the best designs we’ve seen, plus dual-flush water efficiency. This manufacturer offers some of the best-designed boat toilets, and this model clearly shows why their models are so comfortable, with a seat bowl that’s specifically designed to feel more like the toilet at home, plus a comfort-level profile with taller seating. The textured lid helps shed water more easily, too – but the plastic materials are lightweight for boats already have enough heavy appliances. This toilet also excels at water management. The flush pedal is broad and located directly in front of the toilet for easier use, and has a dual-flush mechanism for half or full flushes. The model is also compatible with a hand sprayer for cleanliness if you prefer.

Portable Boat Toilet (Portable Boat Toilet System) by Campo

With this model, there’s no need to worry about installation or limited placement options. This toilet can go with you from boat to RV to camping, and back again. This toilet is there for you both in and out of your boat; a portable model that allows you to place the toilet wherever you want. It uses a built-in 5.3-gallon tank with a combination of toilet chemicals and water that doesn’t require a connection to the boat's waste tank to use.


Can You Put a Regular Toilet In a Boat?

Not usually. Marine toilet spaces are often too limited to install a regular toilet. Additionally, regular house toilets are designed to be connected directly to both a source of water and a sewer system, things that boats don’t have. And regular toilets tend to weigh a lot more than marine toilets.

How Does a Marine Toilet Work?

There are a variety of marine toilets that have their own ways of working. However, traditionally the marine toilet is set above the waste tank and designed to flush directly into that tank, which can then be emptied later by the owner. Most of these toilets use their own water tanks for flushing, and many can be fitting with an extra water spray that can help save on water usage over the long-term.

Which Marine Toilet Height is the Most Comfortable?

Generally the “comfort” label is applied to extra high toilets that are 17 to 19 inches high to the bowl. If you see that a toilet is a “standard” height, that means it’s around 15 inches. There’s no absolute perfect height for everyone - people have different heights and weights, after all. But higher toilets are easier for people to get on and off, especially if they have older joints or injuries, which is why they’re a popular choice.

How Do I Keep My RV Toilet From Smelling?

Try to avoid gravity flush toilets that flush directly into the waste tank, since this tends to release a lot more odor. Dump your tank at regular intervals to keep it clean, and always add the right toilet chemicals to your tank as the manual instructs. These steps can help in controlling odors. A little scent cover-up using Poo-Pourri or a similar product is usually a good idea, too. is a source where the post Boat Manual/Electric Marine Toilets appeared first.

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  1. Electric marine toilet are great for long travel on a boat. Electric marine toilet by Jabsco is good toilet for a real sized human. You can choose 12-Volt or 24-Volt model as you need. A flexible design makes it suitable for overboard or holding tank discharge. Corrosion-resistant materials throughout permit fresh or salt water service. It can be mounted 3′ (1M) above or below the waterline with appropriate plumbing. Easy install. Value for money. Arrived quickly and did the job it was designed for.

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