Best Boat Dock/Mooring Line Snubbers (Compensators)

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Boat Dock/Mooring Line Snubbers (Compensators)
We've been using mooring snubbers aboard our boats for many years, as they definitely help take the 'shock' off the dock lines and cleats. Easy to install, with just a regular dock line used, they are great to have aboard for when conditions get bouncy on the dock. They made of highly elastic rubber and can be used for motor or sailing boats.
What is a boat snubber? Well boat snubber is used for dock lines and mooring lines. What you do is you're going to take your 3/4 an inch of an inch to a half-inch rope, pull it through the one eyelet. Than take it down, you're gonna wrap it around the snubber four to five times bringing it all the way down to this other ends to continue the rope through. So if you can imagine going from your dock cleat to the cleat on your boat with this in between it. So if you're in a place that has high tidal issues or you're just looking for a quick disconnect and connect to the dock, try thу mooring snubber. The reason why we wrap it four to five times down the boat snubber is as this stretches due to the boat getting pulled out because of the tide or the change in the tide, this is going to release the rope down in. When the tide comes back in, the ropes going to get pulled back up it, pulling the boat back to the dock keeping this nice and tight and your boat close to the dock. Moring is a major issue in any boat in his life. You need good mooring lines and you need to keep them in good order. It's also important to use a good mooring snubbers to cushion deck fittings from violin snatching caused by wind or surf. A mooring compensator provides cushion suspension for mooring lines dock and deck cleats. It's usually made from rubber with excellent weather an ozone resistance. What makes the mooring compensator unique is a locking mechanism designed to fit different line diameters. The locking mechanism prevents the line from slipping increasing line lifespan and assuring efficient cushioning. The unique design makes fitting the line comfortable. The mooring snubbers (compensators) come in some different sizes so you can choose the best fit for your boat.

Line Snubbers Brands

The market is dominated by some manufacturers such as: Dock Edge, Taylor Made, Pactrade Marine, Five Oceans, Falcon.

Safety Boat Mooring Snubber/Compensator (10-12 mm) [Dock Edge]

For secure and cushioned mooring. Accepts line sizes 3/8" - 7/16" For a boat up to 20 feet

LineSaver Rubber Mooring Snubber (Compensator) [Taylor Made]

Locks line safely and securely. Self-locking internal system eliminates chafing. Compensates for sudden jolting and excess stretching.

5/8" Boat Dock Mooring Line Compensator/Snubber [Pactrade Marine]

Ideal for motor and sailing boats. It protects the boats, cleats and stanchions against the stress caused by wind, waves, and wakes. It keeps your boat stable when it is moored, and it is great for overnight trip. No tools required for installation.

Dock Boat Rubber Mooring Snubber (Compensator) [Five Oceans]

Keeps boats stable when moored ideal for motor and sailing boats. Reduces the shock load on the line. Compatible with line sizes 5/8-13/16 in (16 - 20 mm) Suitable for boats up to 65ft. Easy installation, no tools needed. Dimensions - 10-1/2 x 1-1/2 in.

Boat Dock Safety Snubber for Mooring Line (Compensator) [Falcon]

Ideal for 5/8 line. The line does not slip tight and prevent the snubber from functioning. is a source where the post Boat Dock/Mooring Line Snubbers (Compensators) appeared first.

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