Best Center Console Boat T-Top Shade Extensions

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Center Console Boat T-Top Shade Extensions

A boat shade extension is a valuable addition to any vessel, offering essential protection from the sun’s harsh rays while enhancing onboard comfort and safety. With a well-designed shade extension, boaters can enjoy extended hours on the water, shielded from UV radiation, reducing the risk of sunburn and heat-related discomfort. This feature not only promotes a more enjoyable boating experience but also supports health and safety for passengers and crew. The versatility of a boat shade extension is worth noting, providing coverage for various areas on the boat, such as the cockpit, deck, or seating areas. Quality materials, easy installation, and adjustable designs ensure a seamless upgrade, making it a practical investment for boaters seeking enhanced enjoyment and protection during their maritime adventures.

What is a T-Top boat shade extension and how does it work?

A bow T-Top boat shade extension is a great way to keep the hot sun out of your bodies and eyes because sun exposure without protection can cause skin cancer, wrinkles and other signs of aging. The bow T-top boat canopy can also be used as protection for other items such as cameras, food and drinks, and fishing gear. A boat T-top extension is a practical addition to your existing boat bow top, as it provides you with additional space and features that will make boating much more versatile in different circumstances.

How big does the bow top extend?

This depends on how long you want it to reach. Typically these extensions are made with two pieces that attach together in order to create an L shape or straight line if desired. These measurements will vary depending what size bow top you have installed from manufacturer specifications so measure before purchasing any materials!

Types of T-Top extensions for boats

There are versatile, breathable, water repellent, and mildew resistant bow T-top boat canopy extensions that are installed on the bow of your boat and extend outwards to provide shade for you. These can be made from either aluminum or fabric depending on what is more popular with manufacturers.

Another type of extension is a bow T-top boat cover which sits over top of the bow section only, rather than wrapping around it like a traditional canvas would. The bow T-Top covers don’t usually have an option to attach onto another piece so they will need to be attached via other means such as straps or bungee cords, this makes them less versatile in terms of customising but much easier to install!

Bow T-Top extensions are good for a boat that doesn’t have a lot of bow space.

Stern T-Top extensions are good for boaters who want to protect the stern part of the boat.

For some kit non-corrosive high strength fiberglass telescoping poles, straps, and a storage bag are all included.

How to use the T-Top extension?

T-Top extensions are perfect for bow T-tops, and they’re surprisingly easy to use. When you order one of these great accessories it will come with a long pole that attaches at the front or back of your boat’s bow. You’ll need another person but once this is in place you can push it out to create more shade over your bow T-top area!

What are the benefits to adding a bow T-Top extension?

  • It will give you shade from the sun and keep bugs away, as well as keeping your boat cool!
  • They offer more privacy than traditional canvas coverings which can feel like an open invitation for people to come aboard your vessel without permission.
  • Lastly, a great addition if you don’t want anyone sitting up in bow section when it is too hot outside or they just want some shade! Requiring less weight on the bow rail also helps with stability issues.
  • A bow T-Top extension can also cut down on glare in the boat which is good for reading or watching TV. It’s much more comfortable to be under a shade than out in the sun!

What are the drawbacks of T-Top extension?

A bow T-Top extension offers all sorts of benefits but does come with some drawbacks too. The main drawback of bow T-Top extensions is that they are not as comfortable for your boat. It will feel like the bow section has been undercut by a few inches, and no matter how you adjust it, it just doesn’t have the same feeling. There is also less room under the shade because there’s more fabric so people can get in their way when walking through or trying to access storage below deck without hitting their head on anything. They’re also slightly more prone to leaking than canvas covers if water gets trapped between them and the hull, which makes drying out wet cushions even trickier!

How to choose a bow T-Top shade extension?

Boat Size

Boat Size is a main consideration when choosing bow T-Top shade extensions. Bow T-Top boat shades are available in different lengths, but they will only be able to cover the bow area of your sailboat if it’s a certain size or less. The bow T-Top extension size will depend on your boat’s length. Generally, bow extensions are about half as long as the boat itself and should cover just over halfway down the bow section for a good fit.

Open Vs Closed Bow

This is really more of a personal preference than anything else but you’ll need to decide which style suits your needs better before ordering a shade extension kit–open bow or closed bow? Open bow boats require an open top extended while closed bow boats have built-in bows that don’t need any additional work done to them.


Longevity is one factor that should be considered when choosing the bow extension design – will it have a solid enclosure? Open bow boats are more prone to water damage so they need an open top extension that can keep the sun off while closed bow boats generally don’t require any type of enclosure.


Fabric option is the main factor to consider when deciding bow design. Canvas material can be a great option for open bow boats, but it is not without its disadvantages – canvas will require some care in order to keep the bow looking as new and shipshape as possible while also maintaining optimal sun protection.

Care and storage

Carefully wash both sides at least once per week depending on usage. Be sure that you take care of your t-top after every single use – clean off dirt and debris on top as well as inside (or underneath). If possible, store in a cool place away from direct sunlight which will help extend lifespan.

Important tips for T-Top shade extension

  • Check the bow of your boat for any leaks before purchasing a t-top. Water damage can be an issue with open bow boats and canvas coverings, so keep it dry or use some sort of enclosure to prevent water from penetrating.
  • Avoid storing the t-top when it is not in use. Use a cover or store in your garage to protect from sun damage, dust, and dirt.
  • Always remove bow rails before installing bow extensions which will help avoid any scratches on top of boat hulls during the installation process and provide more stability for bow extensions that can be suspended off the side rail if needed.

Other reasons to use T-Top shade extension

  • T-top Shade extension provides a large amount of space for additional seating areas which will make the boat much more versatile in different circumstances with guests on board.
  • These kits are made of durable and high-quality materials designed to withstand intense UV radiation and the harsh marine environment for many years due to fluorocarbon finish.
  • They also won’t fade and provide superior strength, abrasion resistance, and dimensional stability.
  • They are light to carry and also quick and easy to install. Height can be adjusted for comfortable seating or standing.
  • For some models, many colors are available.
  • They can be used in different positions in order to escape the heat at different times of the day (front, bow, back).


Bimini Extension (Airflow Boat Shade) by Oceansouth

is specifically designed for UV-protection and to handle harsh marine environments. Blocks 98% UV, reflects up to 75% of UV heat. Fits many size boats and easy to put up. Height can be adjusted for comfortable seating or standing. Fits securely into rod holder mounts. Excellent tear and abrasion resistance.

T-Top Extension (Stern Shade) by Oceansouth

has lot of sizes. Simple to install to extend the shade area. Supplied with 2 heavy duty stainless steel telescopic poles.

T-Top Bow Shade by Oceansouth

has side and Front webbing loops and buckles allow flexibility. Easy folding for compact storage. Easy to adjust to any boat.

Boat Stern Shade Kit/Extension for T-Top & Cabin Boat by Oceansouth

has three color models. Simple to install to extend the shade area. Excellent tear and abrasion resistance.

Black T-Top Bow Shade by Oceansouth

has flexibility of attachment. Folds easily for compact storage.

T-top Boat Sun Shade by Boat Shade Solutions

The model is quick and easy and to install and light to carry and it has some different colors to choose from. High-quality materials designed to withstand intense UV radiation and the harsh marine environment for many years. Fits most T-Tops and similar boat canopy styles. Adaptable to different positions (front, bow, and back).

Universal T-Top Shade Kit by Taylor Made Products

These T-Top shades are specifically designed for UV protection and to handle harsh marine environments. Elasticity allows it to fit many-size boats, which gives it a custom-fit appearance. Bonded with an outer UV reflective coating – At 20% stretch, it offers an effective UV block of 98% and it reflects up to 75% of UV heat. Extremely breathable and whisper quiet while underway and it can handle speeds up to 30 knots.

T-Top Bow Shade by Taylor Made Products

The model is designed to match rigorous quality standards. It’s expertly made from premium materials. High quality at an affordable price.


How do I measure the boat shade size for my boat?

Measure the bow side of the boat from front to back, then measure the top bow rail (usually the post between bow and driver’s seat). If your bow shade is in inches: Bow Shade Width + Top Bow Rail Length = Total Boat Size. If this measurement exceeds this size we recommend purchasing a longer extension kit.

What is the best material to use for boat shades?

Acrylic, vinyl and marine grade polyester are all good options for bow T-Top shade.

How to clean a T-Top shade extension?

To clean the bow T-Top shade, use a mild soap and water. To remove grease or fingerprints from boat bow shade vinyl, rub with rubbing alcohol on the spot until desired results are achieved.

How fast can I drive with my T-Top extension?

The speed limit for bow T-Top shade extension is a maximum of 55 mph.

Why do I need a T-Top shade extension for my boat?

The boat bow T-Top shade extension will provide a more enjoyable, safe boating experience for you and your passengers. It will shield them from UV rays that cause sunburns, skin cancer and cataracts.

Can I put a T-Top shade extension on any boat?

Yes, you can put a bow T-Top shade extension on any boat. Your bow is the front of your boat and it will be covered by a bow T-Top shade extension.

Do I need to uninstall the t-top shade during bad weather conditions?

No, the t-top shade extension can be installed and removed at will without any need for uninstallation.

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  1. T-top Boat Sun Shade by Boat Shade Solutions installs within minutes. Kit includes neccessary poles and stores easily in its own bag. The model is available in 3 sizes.

  2. After bow T-Top shade extension was introduced in 2000 by Boat Bow Co., there has been a steady increase of popularity. According to their website, they have sold over 40,000 bow T-Top shades since the introduction date.

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