What is Automatic Pontoon Boat Cover System

Posted by Author David Lee

Last Updated July 1, 2021

An Automatic Pontoon Boat Cover System means never having to cover and uncover your pontoon again. With the push of a button you’re on the water anytime you want. It takes you away from the stress and chaos of the day. From the comfort of your cottage you press a button on a key fob to lift the cover to one of three convenient and totally functional positions. You have full coverage from the sun or rain.

The cover easily adjusts to any amount of shade or fits comfortably to cover the back half of your pontoon boat. With the press of a button you can adjust boat cover system to any position that you want and you’re enjoying your time on the water hassle-free. Pontoon boat cover system makes it easy to protect your investment saving you time and money. You’re on the water anytime you want. And when you’re finished just press the button and your pontoon boat is covered and protected – all in less than a minute.

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