The Camp on a Lake in Northern Vermont, USA

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Last Updated January 1, 2023

I love spending time outdoors in general. Adding the opportunity for the quiet gliding along a body of water in my kayak makes it even more special. I bring along a fishing pole and gear to spend hours relaxing and enjoying nature. Listening to the gentle rippling created by each dip of the paddle is therapeutic.

My great, great uncle, referred to as Sonny, has a camp on a lake in northern Vermont in a region referred to as “the Northeast Kingdom.” This section of Vermont is pristine and peaceful. Though the insects can very aggressive at certain times of the year.

This particular lake does have quite a few camps around it, but there are large sections that are completely undeveloped. The lake is very deep for Vermont lakes. It contains a variety of fish species and many Common Loons call this lake home. They have many protected nesting boxes at one end that we all stay away from.

My mom and dad started coming up to this camp before I was born. Early spring fishing is spectacular. They use a row boat or kayak to carry a line out to the center of the lake with a live bait fish on called a sucker. The weight on the line takes the bait fish and hook down to the depths of the lake. The person at shore with the pole places a little piece of tin foil on the end as a marker. The kayaker comes back to shore and then we wait. Once the tin foil starts to take off we get prepared. We let it go and wait again. The larger Lake Trout that we are after will come along and chomp that bait fish and then leave it to go past and get a running start to come back and devour it. The second hit will be much faster and harder. Then the line really goes out. That’s when you have the pole ready to set the hook! We refer to this as “set line fishing.” It’s only successful in the late spring.

My favorite part of weekends at camp is getting up early, when the lake is like glass, and heading out in my kayak. My mom generally takes her stand-up paddle board. Sometimes my brother joins us as well. The mist is still rising from the water and there’s no noises or motion around the lake. We can often hear the loons in the distance calling one another. Occasionally they will pop up in the water nearby my kayak and take a gander at me.

This past year’s visit introduced us to a new neighbor on the lake. A Bald Eagle calls the area home. We’ve been able to observe him or her sailing in the winds above the lake looking for a snack below.

It’s a great experience to be able to enjoy such a peaceful part of the world especially from the view of the kayak. This is truly an amazing place to see. is a source where the post The Camp on a Lake in Northern Vermont, USA appeared first.

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