Spending Time Near Valcour Island, USA

Posted by Author David Lee

Last Updated June 1, 2023

It’s 6:30am, the sun is up and the birds are singing. I walk to the garage and get my push pole and net. On my way back I stop at the garden and dig up a few worms. I head to the beach, stepping in the cool water to push out my kayak. My dad is already there waiting. Mornings like this are the nicest on Lake Champlain – the water is so still, like glass. The only ripples are from our kayaks as we paddle out towards the lake surrounding Valcour Island, one of my favorite fishing spots. By kayak, Valcour, in the middle of the lake, is quite a distance from our beach so my arms get a workout paddling across the lake, the sun beating down on us already. Once we reach our destination, we throw out an anchor and cast out our lines. The peace and serenity on the lake this early is very relaxing. No boats or jetskis are out yet as most of the human population at the lake is still sleeping. Other than a bird in the sky or an occasional fish jumping out of the water, the lake is mostly tranquil. Dad and I sit, our kayaks far enough away so our lines don’t get tangled, yet close enough to be together. Sometimes we chat, sometimes we don’t. Some days we catch a lot of bass or lake trout, other days we don’t catch a thing. But that doesn’t really matter because we always throw them back anyway. What does matter is the quiet time to unwind, relax and just enjoy the view and each other’s company.

As the morning goes on, we see the lake begin to wake up. Boaters and jetskiers pass and as we hear the hum of their motors we know it is time to pack it up. The fish won’t be biting any longer so we turn our kayaks around and head back to the beach. Back at the house, the rest of the family is getting up and the noise and commotion of a family of five, plus guests begins. But I am ready for it as Dad and I had our time on the lake in the kayaks.

Although Lake Champlain certainly isn’t a busy lake, it does have its share of sailboats and motorboats. So the best time to enjoy the lake is in the early morning by kayak; whether fishing or just taking in the view, the peace, tranquility, and beauty of the lake is at its finest. And kayaking on it allows for a view of the lake that you just don’t get from the shore.

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