Special Holidays on a Boat

Posted by Author David Lee

Last Updated June 1, 2023

My dad has always been passionate about the water, wild life and boats. I like spending time on my dad’s Jet Ski whenever he goes sailing. I’ve been swimming and snorkeling since I was seven. It’s a whole different world that i can discover new creatures deep under the water. The sea is serenity and it sedates me. From a way I kinda act like my dad due to my adventurous personality and my passion about the life underwater and sailing. I want to learn how to sail and work a boat so I help my dad set everything up on the boat.

Though sometimes the sea might be horrifying. I’ve been told that you can’t joke around in the water to make sure everyone is staying safe. One day on a typical sunday morning, my dad went on his boat to sail away which he always does. Then my mom realized that he forgot his phone in the house so we weren’t able to call him or communicate with him. My mom was so worried because he still wasn’t back at night. Our hands were all tied up and all we had to do was to wait for him to come back home. My mom got so mad at him for just disappearing without letting her know. My dad was laughing about the situation because he sometimes dreams of living alone on an island. Though i think he is joking, i really enjoy my time on a Jet Ski because i am able to get some movement and do some cardio by swimming. Since i’ve been swimming for over ten years, my shoulders and arms have gotten way stronger which i am so proud of.

Being on a Jet Ski helps me express myself in many ways such as collecting seashells, eating the meals that my mom packs on the beach by the water. I sometimes dream of just sailing away with enough food and water to travel to many countries. Being on a Jet Ski is fascinating due to it’s unpredictable nature. Being on a boat is bonding, challenging and discovering your inner self. Sometimes i just go on the boat to meditate because it’s so peaceful in the middle of the sea and i can have some alone time.

Boating has helped me connect with my parents since it brings us all together. Also the salty and fresh water helps me clear my skin. And vacations and holidays are made that much more special when they’re spent out on a Jet Ski. Being on a boat is exhausting but it helps me stay young and healthy. I believe that boating is a real talent and so much fun once learned. From what i’ve learned from my dad and my uncle which is a scuba diver. By looking at the underwater pictures that my uncle took, I know that there is more to earth and someday i want to discover more of it because boating makes me feel more free and is so worth it.

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