Why do I like to spend time boating

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do has always been to go boating with my family. Boating is something that allows my entire family to just forget about […]

Time Well Spent

The deafening roar of a river moving at an incomprehensible speed, or the feel of the wind graced with droplets of water hitting open eyes, or maybe the smooth, high […]

How Boating Helps Reset Your Life

I love motorboating because without it, I would be far too connected to the stresses of life. Reseting my life while on that little motor boat is a much needed […]

Why do I like to spend time in my motor boat

The sound of bullfrogs in the distance, the slight plop of a turtle jumping off its log, the whistle to begin the race, these are my favorite sounds. The beautiful […]

My Two Top Hobbies

Kayaking and boating are my two top hobbies. I enjoy them both for multiple reasons. Kayaking is more enjoyable for me because I can do it by myself and/or with […]

My Private Lake

I have always loved the water. My family have always enjoyed an annual float trip on the Meramec or the Current River. My Aunt and Uncle have a lake house […]

Why I Love Boating

Boating is the recreational activity of traveling by boat as well as a sports activity, the boats race one another on the water in order to win various prizes. There […]

My passion to paddling

Testing the waters is some-what a more literal phrase for those who lack a passion for adventure. But for those who are lucky enough to live surrounded by it, it’s […]

Life on the Water

When people ask if there is any place in the world I would want to live, I always say “somewhere in the mountains”. Whether it be the scenic lands in […]

How to make kayaking on a local river awesome

Imagine a beautiful, sunny summer day, no work to go to and being able to spend the whole day with family. Personally, that is my idea of the perfect day […]


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