Why I Love Boating

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Last Updated March 1, 2023

Boating is the recreational activity of traveling by boat as well as a sports activity, the boats race one another on the water in order to win various prizes. There are three categories of sport.

First is the human-powered boat racing which includes- Canoe racing, Rowing or Kayaking, and Dragon boat racing. Next is the Sailed powered boat racing which includes Yacht racing and finally, the motor-powered boat racing which features the inshore powerboat racing, offshore powerboat racing, XCAT, drag boat racing, Hydroplane racing, Jet sprint boat racing, and the swamp buggy racing.

To be able to go boating you need to have the following devices, the first is a Kayak. For beginners it’s best to start with the recreational kayak that costs about 200 to 1500 dollars the equivalent of 72,000 to 540,000 naira, they are used in slow-moving rivers, lakes, or calm oceans. touring kayak is not as stable and longer than the recreational kayaks they cost 800 to 1800 dollars which is equal to 288,000 to about 648,000 nairas they are used in open waters and the ocean. Last is the white water kayaks which cost 700 to 1,800 dollars equivalent to 252,000 to 540,000 nairas, they are short, round and designed to maneuver fast waters and dodge obstacles they have small cockpits that make it easier to remain in the boat. next requirement is a Personal Flotation Device (PFD) or a life vest, its best to get a kayaking PFD as they are more suited to for kayaking. You will also need a paddles, they come in different sizes depending on the type of kayak you choose, It is very important to acquire the T-TOP Canopies for Center Console, float bags, spray skirt, plus a helmet and throw rope if your going white water Kayaking. You might also need the visual distress signals to signal for help these can be used both in the day time and at night in the Ocean. It is also a good idea to have sound-making devices including horns and bells that can be used to signal for help when in open water.

I love boating events a lot, I love the scenery, the way the wind blows across the sails as the boats move through the water it looked magnificent. My favorite boating activity was the Canoe racing which featured Kayaks, I always got excited whenever I watched the event on the telly. athletes usually seat in the direction of the race and use double-bladed paddles to propel themselves in water, a contrast to canoe racing which involves the athletes kneeling on one knee with the other leg placed forward and foot positioned flat on the floorboard, they make use of a single rudder and the J-stroke. I always wanted to participate in the sports but never got the chance too, I have never gone boating but due to the fact that it’s quite an expensive hobby, my family couldn’t afford it. In my country such recreational activities are inaccessible and the economic state of the country, as well as that of my family, hasn’t made it any easier. Even though I had never been on a boat before it hasn’t stopped my love for the sport. I still dream of going on a boat ride and one day I believe I will even if it seems like a pipe dream.

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  1. I love kayaking with my family too very much. Especially now, during very hot summer days. I adore water!

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