Why do I like to spend time in my motor boat

Posted by Author David Lee

Last Updated June 1, 2023

The sound of bullfrogs in the distance, the slight plop of a turtle jumping off its log, the
whistle to begin the race, these are my favorite sounds. The beautiful rivers and lakes we practice
on, the smile of my partner though the misty morning air, the tiny whirlpools made by a paddle,
these are my favorite sights. The feeling of the paddle in my hand as I push past my limit, the
feeling of comradery at the pep rally, the feeling of victory when we cross the finish line, these
are my favorite memories. I don’t simply canoe for the fun of it. I canoe for the friendships, the
family, the wildlife, the success, and so much more. I have never been as close to people outside
of home as I have on the river making new friends on my team and others. Besides, nothing feels
as good as finishing a race and seeing how fast you made the five mile sprint or simply standing
on land after 15 hard miles. I like to spend my time canoeing because it has brought me closer to
life itself and has made me who I am today. We didn’t just build a team, we built a family and
when we brought that family to the regatta each year we joined other families in one big
community of support, of power, and confidence. I’ll never forget the day hundreds of us Girl
Scouts sat in a room and cheered ecstatically for Women’s Canoe 2020 in the Olympics.
I never knew that I could love water so much. Part of why I like to spend time in a canoe
is to explore. I’ve paddled around lakes filled with floating flowers that caught my eyes while the
fish swam far beneath. I liked seeing the turtles sunbathing while I pushed the weeds behind us.
A lake has a sort of elegance when you can see all of it as clear as day. The surface sparkles and
ripples with graceful bugs that dance across the tension. I’ve also been able to see the beauty of
the ocean as I glided across the water of the bay. The wind made the trek quite difficult, but
seeing swans at sunset is breathtaking. We watched the goslings grow as we practiced through
the season and watched life happen at the tips of our oars. Lastly, we experienced the ever
changing Susquehanna River in New York. Each year the depth of the river changes along with
its wildlife. Some years it moves so fast that we can only take in the sight of the birds and the
overhanging trees where other years the river is low enough for us to see the rocky bottom with
fish and more. I like to canoe for the relaxing and beauty as well as everything else.
Lastly, I like to canoe for myself. I feel like I belong in a small boat floating across the
world. It fills me with happiness and calm while also invigorating me to do better each and every
race. My paddle gives me power and my partner brings out my potential. I can never wait until I
can next get on a canoe and I even plan to try kayaking for a change in the future. I’ve learned so
much from canoeing and I’ve gained more confidence than I ever imagined I would from a
simple activity. This is why I like to spend my time in a canoe.

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