Why do I like to spend time boating

Posted by Author David Lee

Last Updated June 1, 2023

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do has always been to go boating with my family. Boating is something that allows my entire family to just forget about all the troubles in life for a short period of time and to just be still and be able to enjoy the time that we get to spend together. Boating also significantly reduces my stress level and allows me to just be happy. I have so many family memories from going boating that has brought my family closer together that we would not have if we were not able to go boating. Last year, my mom got diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and she was not allowed to really be in the sun for long, to stand for long periods of time, or to really do anything. Last year was a really rough year for my family and we didn’t get to take our boat out at all. My mom is so much better this year and we now appreciate our boat so much more then we did because we did not know what we really had until we did not get to use it. How much better does it get to spend your whole day outside enjoying the sunshine, the smell of outside, and the wind brushing through your hair. Although pretty much about boating is great, my favorite part of boating is going tubing. I can not even express how much I love tubing! I think it has something to do with the thrill of trying to not fall off the tube and using all your strength to stay on or when you do fall off, but you just have this rush of adrenaline and have a huge smile on your face. I love the opportunity to get to take my friends out on our boat and challenge each other to see who can stay on the longest (I really do not like to lose). I guess it is all about the fun and memories in the end though regardless of who wins staying on the longest. One of the other things that I love about boating is that it gives me the opportunity to go exploring. One time, my family and some of our friends took our boats out exploring on the Columbia river, and we ended up on a beach called rooster rock. It was so beautiful, so we decided to stop and lounge there for a while. Little did we know, while yes, roster rock is beautiful it is also an optional clothing beach. When we got there, there was this old man nude laying on the beach and we just thought that maybe he was just doing his thing and had a good laugh and went to a different area where we could not see him. We learned it was a clothing optional beach when we were all laying down with our eyes closed and our family friend’s daughter, aged 6, looks at us and says, “Uhhh, why is there an old naked couple walking towards us?” We learned our lesson, and all started busting up laughing but I am sure Brynlee will never forget that moment and neither will our families. Reasons like that are why I love boating so much. Family Laughter, Family Bonding, and shared experiences we will never forget.

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