My Two Top Hobbies

Posted by Author David Lee

Last Updated June 1, 2023

Kayaking and boating are my two top hobbies. I enjoy them both for multiple reasons. Kayaking is more enjoyable for me because I can do it by myself and/or with other people. Whenever I go by myself, it is super relaxing and I can hangout on the water and have time to think. Going kayaking with other people is nice because it is just another way to be social while being outside getting some sun. I enjoy being on the water, so when I go kayaking I can jump in and out of my boat whenever I feel like it. It is also physically challenging to bring the kayak on the shore using dolly and then get into your kayak in the water, so I like that part of it. Going to the lake wears me out at the end of the day and I like the feeling of have being outside all day. It also creates many memories and you can experience different parts of the lakes and rivers. Not only is it challenging to get in your kayak once you jump out, but you always get exercise by rowing and exercising is a really big part of my life. I love the feeling of being sore the next day or knowing my body did something productive. Even the heat and sweating out all of the negative toxins in my body makes it enjoyable and fun. Overall, I just love the outdoors and kayaking is something I would choose over boating.

Boating is enjoyable as well though. I love being on a boat because of the rocking and the social view of it. Whenever I go boating, I am always with my family and/or my friends. It is a very good way of having a social day and having fun with doing it. I enjoy cooking out and fishing. Boating gives me both of those. We always cookout while we boat and there are always different events to do on the lake. We go tubbing, water skiing or use hybrids fishing platforms for fishing. It is overall a good way to spend your days getting to know your surroundings. It is also relaxing to go boating because of how the boat rocks. I like going on house boats as well as fishing boats. House boats are incredible because I love sleeping on the water. It is very peaceful and it is also thrilling being on the water at night. Fishing boats are fun because they’re smaller and so they are for more during the day lake trips. I love spending time with just one or two of my friends on fishing boats because you really get the time to get to know them. Boating and kayaking are two things that I’ve grown up enjoying. outdoors is my favorite way of socializing and being able to be outdoors overall makes me feel healthier. If I stay trapped inside for too long I feel gross and want to go outside even if it is for the sun. I enjoy these two activities because they’re both relaxing, and they’re both ways for me to spend time with my family and my friends. is a source where the post My Two Top Hobbies appeared first.

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